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Grindr: The No. 1 gay dating app in the entire world

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Launched in 2009, Grindr is the world’s largest gay dating app which offers geo-targeting dating services for gay men.  We can almost guarantee that every gay guy you know has downloaded Grindr on their smart phone.  Because it’s a hookup app for gay men, users keep coming back again and again to look for new hook-ups.


* Geo-targeting function is phenomenal.  It shows you the distance between you and another member.  Once you switch on “Send Location”, this app knows where your future dates are in proximity to you.

* Highlight targeted filters function makes finding dates easier and faster.

* You won’t find any unnecessary features, which means Grindr keeps it simple!


* Basic account: free

* Premium membership: $5 per month


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* It’s premium membership is very affordable.

* You can report any suspicious profiles to Grindr and you’ll receive a quick response from their staff members.

* You can link your real social media pages to your Grindr account.

* It is very easy to sign up and begin dating other gay men.


* It had some privacy-related issues from 2014 to 2016 (leaking members’ exact locations).

* You have to put up with its pop-up ads.  (Well, a popular gay dating app like this can’t avoid ads).

Almost every gay man that you’ve met has used Grindr.  Or at least he tried it before.

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Users’ comments:

“Grindr doesn’t have any bells or whistles.  I get exactly what I need here.  It’s a perfect gay dating app to find hook-ups.  I always choose ‘Right Now’ in the ‘Looking For’ section because I’m not looking for Mr. Right – I’m looking for Mr. Right Now.” (Nick, London)

“I have met some very good friends via Grindr.  We hooked up and then became friends.  Amazing experiences!” (William, Perth)

“Awesome app with great features.  Exactly what I’m looking for!  At the moment, I’m not looking for someone who can go to see my mom with me, so I’m very relaxed and laid-back!” (Luke, New York City)

Experts’ comments:

“Because thousands of men are reading our blog, some have asked us how to meet gay men online.  Therefore, we have recommended Grindr to our readers and they love it!” (Curt Coch, Founder of iDateAdvice – Top dating advice blog)

“Grindr is the ultimate online dating platform where gay men can meet each other and have fun.” (Jade Seashell, relationship adviser and columnist)


As the most popular gay dating app on the market, Grindr has millions of users worldwide.  If you are looking for a long-term partner, maybe this is not the best app for you because most men on Grindr are looking for casual hook-ups/flings.  Therefore, it is only recommended if you are looking for a casual relationship with someone new and do something exciting together.  The best feature is its geo-targeting function which allows you to meet someone near you right now!  But be aware: Since it’s incredibly easy to sign up on Grindr (photo is not required when a user signs up and you don’t even have to verify your email address), you never know who is genuinely interested in dating you and who is out there just to collect your naked photos for free.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. Dennis White says

    What can I say about Grindr? This is the best app, which I have ever used! Gring connects users from all over the world who are looking for their love. The main goal of the portal is to connect the hearts of people in love with each other. And you will find love no matter what your orientation, appearance and age are. The application has wonderful moderation system, that’s why you will not find perverts, bots, or different types of advertisements over here. The support team works around the clock and can help you at any time and for any matter. As any modern application it has paid features that will help you quickly find your soul mate. It’s you who decided whether it is worth subscribing for additional features or not. By the way it has a trial premium period, so you can enjoy the best functions for free.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the detailed feedback!


  2. Darrell says

    Back when this gay dating app first came out it was the best app out on the market, there was no competition and never any issues. But now, everything has changed. The application was notable for its ease of installation and use. It is not clear the desire of developers to make it a regular, not interesting, and even banal program. As soon as, the mandatory requirements appear for registering an account (especially with reference to mails, phone numbers, addresses, passports, and so on), the desire to continue using the app completely disappears. I’m so sick and tired of all these registration rules at every step, memorizing the mail and passwords… Yeah, and almost all experienced users understand that such changes will lead to some “unpleasant” consequences, usually in the nearest future. I can say that this is the another developer’s thirst for money.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hey Darrell,

      Thank you for the insight!


  3. Raymundo R. says

    I can not say about all the users, but lately I have heard a lot of negative reviews about the application, and more and more people are refusing to use it! I As for me, for the last couple of months, I also began to use the program 20 times less often than before… I think that we have nothing to pay for. The developers make software more complicated with every new version. That’s why the program is super buggy, freezes and falls all the time (both at IOS and Android).

  4. Sean Ching says

    Dear developers, you would be better engaged in the functionality, quality, stability and productivity improvements of Grindr, rather than in ridiculous movements that mimic vigorous activity in the direction of development. Stop trying to add some additional functions and features, just work on what you already have! And it turns out that with each update, we have a stupidly modernized semi-finished product.

  5. Charles says

    Great program, I bought an iPhone for the sake of the availability of different gay dating apps. Of course, it’s sad that there are a lot of profile pictures with different animals, celebrities. I would forbid moderators to allow any images, except for a photo with a face.

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