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Hooking Up Dating App Review (Chat and Meet)

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Hooking Up dating app is a casual dating platform for sexy singles to chat and meet each other instantly. If you are looking for a casual hook-up without any strings attached, definitely check this out.


• Location-based system introduces hot singles nearby to you.
• Registration is simple and easy – it only takes one second.
Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app has incorporated the advantages of various social platforms, e.g. OKCupid, Zoosk, Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Therefore, you know you are in good hands.
• Live videos help you to showcase your lifestyle in the community.
• Request date in real time.
• Release a request for dating and wait for members of the opposite sex.
• Hooking Up dating app recommends the most suitable local sexy singles to you.
• Greet other users in groups.Hooking-Up-Dating-App


$4.99 for 300 dating coins;
$7.99 for 30 days;
$14.99 for 90 days.


• Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app is easy to use. The navigation is so user-friendly and clear because the design is simple and chic.
• It has over two thousand positive reviews on iTunes. Clearly, it has done something right and people love it. Most users claim that they have found someone interesting on this app. More importantly, this hook-up app has a large number of hot women, which isn’t quite common in this dating niche because most casual dating apps have many more men than women. Honestly, most hot women don’t need to join a dating app because they are already surrounded by high-value men who want them. Yet Hooking Up dating app has managed to get so many attractive women as their active members, so it is indeed a legitimate dating product for sexy singles.
• It’s a bilingual dating platform. Because the developer is a Chinese company, Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app has an English version and a simplified Chinese version. It works really well. Having said that, its prices are in US dollars only on iTunes App Store.hookup-app


• Sometimes this app has technical issues such as login failure, so it may frustrate you if you are an active user and want to log in every day.
• Occasionally, you can’t even contact their customer support team due to technical problems. Obviously, Hooking Up dating app needs to up its game on the market because most dating apps are super advanced in terms of customer support and technology these days.

Users’ comments:

“Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app is a very valuable dating product that has introduced a lot of gorgeous girls to me for casual relationships. Now my dating life is like an ancient emperor’s love life – I’ve slept with nearly one hundred girls since I joined this app. Who needs to hire a dating coach and cold approach women in the street when there is such a wonderful casual dating app that automatically brings hot girls to me? I’ll never pay for any information product offered by those dating gurus on YouTube because I’d rather buy a VIP membership on hook-up dating apps like this one. It’s just so nice and easy. I guess I’m lucky because I’m a handsome guy – and that’s why I have instant results on hook-up apps.” (Max, 29, Washington)“I really love Hooking Up dating app because men on this app are extremely hot and high-value. I’ve met sexy plumbers, hot firefighters, rich doctors, generous lawyers and wealthy CEOs on this app. They not only satisfied my physical needs, but also expanded my outlook in life.” (Naomi, 27, Arizona)
“I don’t need Tinder anymore because Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app works ten times better – it’s much more efficient and effective because everyone on this app is looking for casual hook-ups rather than serious relationships. In contrast, a lot of people on Tinder are looking for long-term commitments only, so it is very hard to find people who are on the same page with me. Luckily, I’ve found Hooking Up dating app in time so that I can release my sexual desire now.” (Tyler, 28, Texas)
“This is the only app I need for friendships and hook-ups. Now I have many friends with benefits because of this app! My social life has fundamentally changed!” (Tiffany, 30, Ontario)hook-up-date

Experts’ comments:

“Hooking Up dating app is an amazing dating community for sexy singles to meet each other instantly and find dates immediately. Although it occasionally has some technical issues, it still is a good dating product for men and women to flirt with each other online and arrange dates offline.” (Jade Seashell)

“Hooking Up Chat and Meet dating app has over one million active users worldwide. Although it has a Chinese version, most of its members are in English-speaking countries because the majority of its active users are in the United States based on the statistics. Apparently, the hook-up culture is more popular in western countries and it’s not very common in Chinese-speaking regions.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Hooking Up dating app is a very interesting dating community. You can see other members’ age and height easily. You can also write a brief self-introduction as well as detailed information about yourself in your dating profile. Of course, you are able to upload more than one photo on your profile. When you send text messages to other members, you can include emojis as well. Dating is never boring on this phenomenal platform!

Who needs Tinder when we have Hooking Up Chat and Meet?

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Janice C says

    Complete agreement. I also spent a lot of time, filled out 10% of the questionnaire and without end I broke down, hung. All! Can’t do it. I’ll go to other sites. Patience is exhausted. What’s the big deal?

  2. Amy says

    The site is very bad. I do not advise it to register. In the early worked well. But now often hangs. This is the first problem with the site. The second problem you have registered began to communicate with the girls. On the second or third day, come and see you have 6,000 visitors and 260 candidates. You go to the visitors and begin to browse the profiles and see the number of candidates increases, and do the opposite when watching the profiles of candidates increase visitors. And the third when you have reviewed the candidates and users and you think those that you have reviewed should not download the new ones they again pop up as new and appear in the candidates and users.

  3. Margaret says

    Cancel and change is not how you can not. And besides, they make a person go through some form why you want to cancel a premium account. And their biggest mistake, for the fact that I want to see a picture or write a simple little message, or watch your account like a person should pay for this. And the administrators of the site just do not want to follow him. Or more like the creators of the site have hired those people who it good at programming and don’t know what to do, the administrator of the site, and is stupid since the answer said to them, the creators of the website. Site for convenience give -1, for spam -5, only can put for idea as site for Dating with a stretch 2.

  4. Michael P says

    I’m sure he won’t get here.

  5. Janet T says

    Do not know about you, but for me it has helped to find my husband. And most importantly in a time when it was so needed!

  6. Daniel says

    The site is very mediocre + often buggy. Many dead candidates-may not have paid for the profile, perhaps the owners of the site themselves create someone. The questionnaire and methodology for the selection available – send everything. Set the parameters – “do not smoke and higher education” – most of the sent smoke and education below secondary. The impression that one does not fill in the questionnaire here and send all were. Mystery – how do they manage to be in the top? Apparently, for much is paid.

  7. Eugene says

    if you want a serious relationship, then only EDARLING! There is such a psychological test, that just really selects the candidates, the important thing is not to shy to write!

  8. Daniel says

    Maybe you have few people in Tyumen? For Yekaterinburg offers a lot)

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