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Teen Dating App Advice: How can I keep her interested?

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A 19-year-old young man has sent us a query regarding how to keep a girl interested in him. They met each other on a teen dating app last week.

  • The young man’s query:

Dear Dating Coach at,

Thank you for reading my message.

I met a very hot 18-year-old girl on a teen dating app last week. I took her out for a date in a very nice coffeehouse. We enjoyed the drinks and music. The conversation was great. But I’m going to Europe today, so we won’t see each other for a few weeks. She is also going to Australia for a week. What should I do?

This is only the beginning of this relationship. Because she is extremely hot (she looks like Megan Fox), I don’t want to ruin it. Also, I don’t want to look needy or clingy. How can I keep her interested in me?teens

We have sent each other long text messages for a few days. Although I hate sending long text messages, I still did it with her because I really, really like her. She is the woman of my dreams. I’ve been dreaming of dating Megan Fox for four years already and now it seems that my dream is going to come true pretty soon.

After sending her a very long text message two days ago, I haven’t heard from her yet. Has she lost interest in me? Can I send her a message when I arrive in Europe? Please help!

—- Jason A., 19, university student in Auckland, New Zealand (a member of a teen dating app)


  • Our advice for him:

Dear Jason,

Yes, you can send her a text when you are in Europe. Don’t overthink it. Just send her a photo or something simple. Remember: long text messages are less powerful than short text messages.

Here are some example texts that you can send her:

I keep thinking about you and it’s annoying me :-P” (The key is the naughty face at the end of this text message – you need to let her know that “annoying me” is the joking element. In this way, you don’t look needy or clingy, but the message is clearly communicated to her.)

They have amazing coffee at this coffeehouse.?But this just makes me miss the coffee I had with you.” (Short, simple and to the point.)teen men on app

Finally watched Revolutionary Road. One of my new favorite Leo DiCaprio movies!” (Please note that this text doesn’t have to be about a Leo DiCaprio movie called Revolutionary Road. Just pick any memory that you both have from that date and send a short text like this to remind her of it.)

There is a variation:

I’m sitting in a coffee shop where the same jazz music that we listened to is on… jazz music somehow isn’t as sweet without you here.” (Note that it doesn’t have to be “jazz music”; this text can include any music that was played while you were having the first date with her.)

Another variation:

Just out with my friends seeing that cool band [insert name] we talked about. 😀 Why aren’t you here!” (The key is the naughty face in the middle of this text message so that she knows you aren’t really saying she should fly to Europe right now.)

Just send 1 or 2 messages like these examples to her before you can have another date with her again. Her reaction will tell you what to do next. Of course, if her reaction is good, you know you must ask her out again. Hopefully this makes sense.

By the way, chances are she has other options from the teen dating app, so please don’t assume that she is only talking to you right now. (I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but women always have lots of options on teen dating apps. Sad but true.)Teen Dating App Advice

It doesn’t really matter whether she likes you as much as you like her.  Even if she likes you less or she has an ideal type of man in her head, you are the one who offers her s*x and a relationship. Did her ideal man offer her s*x and relationship? Probably no. What matters more is whether you are able to lead her to the right direction in all your communication with her. Of course, you shouldn’t ask her sensitive questions out of the blue. She wouldn’t freak out if the ambience/context of the conversation is right.  Since the context is online chat now, it requires higher level skills to do it well.  Therefore, to be safe (as you do care a lot about her), you can probably wait until you see her face-to-face again because it’s much easier to observe her reaction when it’s done face-to-face.

There are many beautiful and lonely women in this world.  The reality of most single women is: they are lonely, bored and horny.  Even women in relationships can also feel lonely, bored and horny because at least 50% of all relationships are not healthy/successful in modern-day society.

Enjoy the teen dating app! Good luck & all the best,

Dating Coach at

  • Other thoughts:

These days many young men on teen dating apps are internet entrepreneurs because going to university is overrated in this day and age when the Internet is the best place to do business.

If you are a successful young entrepreneur on a teen dating app, you may have a look at our example dating profile for you to consider:

I’m a loving, hard-working and modest person. As a self-made businessman, I independently run a successful business with its headquarters in [insert location]. As I worked very hard all by myself, my business is already very well-established. Therefore, now I’m expanding my business in [insert city name], [insert city name] and other major cities. Due to my profound understanding of online marketing and web design, I also plan to start an e-commerce app soon, thereby further utilizing my knowledge and on teen dating apps

In my spare time, I appreciate quiet time such as listening to classic music in an elegant ambience. Sometimes I get lost in thought while seeing thought-provoking movies. Also, I like an active lifestyle which keeps me healthy; hence, I go to the gym and enjoy holidays with friends. Going to the beach is my favorite (sea, sand and sunshine). And as a gourmet, I regularly try new restaurants and prefer Indian food, seafood as well as Italian food because I believe that enjoying life is just as important as working hard.

On this teen dating app, I’m looking for a woman whose inner beauty matches her outer beauty. A fun-loving and honest lady who is ready to explore the world with me in a committed long-term relationship.girl on a teen dating app

My ideal partner is a spiritually motivated person who demonstrates positivity. If she respects her parents, that means she values family and can treat my parents with respect as well.

If you are the special and genuine woman that I’m looking for, let’s chat online first and then we’ll meet in person.

Teen dating apps are becoming more and more sophisticated, effective and interesting nowadays.

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