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New dating apps – What’s the trend now?

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There are many new dating apps in this day and age. In order to add different values to people, these new dating apps have introduced a range of new features. Let’s find out the new trend on the best dating apps in 2019.

  • A return to traditional dating and relationships.

Brilic, the best new dating app in 2019, has nothing to do with swiping left or right. In fact, it’s about meeting someone hot the way our ancestors did – you’ll meet your partner in an organic way on Brilic dating app.

Traditionalists claim that the modern swiping-left-or-right habit is promoting an unhealthy hookup culture. Because the swiping-left-or-right model is based on judging people according to their looks only, it has no substance when it comes to building meaningful, long-term relationships.Brilic dating app

Therefore, Brilic dating app was built by a group of traditionalists and for people who want to find commitments that last for a long time. If you are looking for a real, genuine marriage, you should totally join Brilic. (Note that this is not an ad for this new dating app because this is based on my actual observation).

What does traditionalism mean?

Well, it means maintenance of tradition. This is especially important when some people are unwilling to accept the modern hook-up culture. As a matter of fact, the hookup culture is toxic. Let me explain.

First of all, the hookup culture feeds a woman’s devil by teaching her to sleep with lots of high-value men. Please note that the definition of high-value men is not what you think. These days men who go to luxurious parties, work for model agencies and take photos for celebrities are high-value men. YouTube stars are high-value men. Instagram influencers are high-value men. Can you see the pattern now?

That means whoever has superficial attention or has access to fame is high-value nowadays. It is indeed very toxic.

Second, the hookup culture also feeds a man’s devil by teaching him to sleep with as many women as possible. That’s why there are so many men joining free dating apps in order to meet random women every day. In this way, a lot of men in their 30s and 40s are not willing to get married and have kids, so the population isn’t growing now.

As a result, the founder of new dating app Brilic argues that because the population in western countries isn’t growing, the establishment has a reason to open the doors for refugees so that the population can grow.

Don’t get me wrong. The founder of Brilic dating app has nothing against refugees. He is just trying to make a point – if you believe in nationalism rather than globalism, you shouldn’t become a part of the hookup culture. Actually, nationalism makes the international community more healthy and friendly in the long dating apps

When a country has strong families, it’s harder for the establishment to control these people. That’s why the elite want to promote the hookup culture so that men and women aren’t forming families – they just want to hook up.

When a country has many refugees, the cost of labor force is lower because refugees are competing with local people for jobs. That’s why the elite want to promote free dating apps that want you to swipe left or right – when you don’t reproduce, your country needs more refugees.

Actually, I think it’s paramount to help refugees, but how many “refugees” are legitimate refugees? That’s a question to consider in today’s day and age.

I believe that it’s very important to let legitimate refugees live in western countries. But it’s not okay when people use “refugee” an excuse to move to western countries.

So, if you believe in traditionalism and nationalism, you should delete those completely free dating apps that want you to swipe left and right for casual hookups. Instead, you would be well-advised to join Brilic dating app where you can meet someone attractive the way your ancestors did.

  • Almost all singles are on free dating apps right now.

Because the majority of the Internet traffic won’t pay for dating apps, most dating apps are free dating apps, including Brilic.

Previously, we thought only bottom feeders need to use online dating services. At that time, online dating was a taboo topic. But that was probably 2007.

Today, everyone is staring at their smart phone all the freaking time, so of course internet dating is mainstream now.

Almost all singles, including elite singles, are on free dating apps. As a matter of fact, many married people are also on dating apps in order to find affairs and dating apps

According to Seeking Arrangement, approximately 40% of their generous members (male members) are married men looking for affairs. Of course, most successful men aren’t single anyway because they are already surrounded by hot women. That’s why a lot of them are married. But marriage can only take a man so far in life – after a while, it gets boring.

Consequently, lots of married men who have money have joined sugar daddy dating apps to look for sugar babies that can make their sexual fantasies come true in record time.

That’s about having a love life on one’s own terms.

If everyone is on the best dating apps, including the rich and the famous, that means you should probably join the best dating apps as well.

In the past, there were many more men than women on completely free dating apps. But these days, there are more and more women joining 100% free dating apps because it’s actually harder for women to find relationships.

Most men can find relationships if they want to because women are the gatekeepers of s*x & men are the gatekeepers of relationships. Also, our culture expects men to chase women, so men can be much more proactive in terms of their love lives.

In contrast, women aren’t supposed to chase men, so it’s actually harder for someone passive to get what they want in love and in life.

One of my female friends literally said, “I wish I were a man. If I were a man, I can chase whoever I want. I can create opportunities for myself. But as a woman, I can’t do that! Whenever I approach a guy, he would freak out because he never expects women to approach him.”

I think she has a good point. No matter so many women are joining new dating apps currently – they have to maximize their opportunities to meet men in the right way.

  • Don’t assume married women are more faithful than married men.

According to Ashley Madison (a famous adultery dating app for married people to look for affairs online), there is a growing number of female members in western countries at present. Previously, they had many more male members than female members. But today nearly 50% of their members are married women.

What does that tell you?

Well, I guess that means women are becoming less traditional and less faithful nowadays. Indeed, if we look at the hookup culture, we can easily understand why traditionalism is losing its place in modern-day society: valuing your family is an essential part of traditionalism. But many people don’t care that much anymore.

When hedonism is mainstream, we really can’t expect too many women to be faithful in their marriages and relationships.

Fortunately, new dating app Brilic is more about helping people to find true love and start families. Hence, this free dating app is feeding your angel rather than your dating apps in 2019

A woman’s angel is to be nurturing, caring and loving – she wants to look after herself, her man and her children. She wants to have a traditional family and live a happy life.

A man’s angel is to be responsible, faithful and masculine – he wants to be married and have kids. He wants to work hard and support his family financially.

That is to say, when men and women are feeding their angels, we will have a more stable, more traditional society that can function much better. That is the belief system of new dating app Brilic.

Yes, a lot of red-pilled men and women are ready for Brilic dating app – they reject globalism, hedonism and feminism. They believe in nationalism, traditionalism and patriarchy.

I know this topic is controversial, but it’s worth our discussion. When feminism promotes working women, women actually have less freedom. Three decades ago, women were able to choose whether they wanted to work or not. They could stay at home and become full-time housewives if they wanted to. But today when every woman is supposed to find a job, where is women’s freedom?

Nowadays women are expected to work for corporations, listen to other men’s instructions rather than their husbands’ guidance. And a lot of beta men actually want to marry women who are masculine, have corporate jobs and want to compete with men. That’s very sad but true.

As I’m writing this article now, I am aware of the fact that anything is possible on new dating apps, including Brilic dating app. But at the same time, I know the trend is gradually changing.

Disclaimer: The opinion in this article only represents the author’s opinion and doesn’t represent this website’s opinion.

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