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Best Dating App for Marriage in 2019

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Do you still believe in marriage? Well, not everyone believes in marriage in today’s day and age due to the high divorce rate in western countries. And not everybody wants to be a part of the marriage institution. But if you do believe in marriage, you may want to find out the best dating app for marriage right now.

  • Luxury dating apps are for those who want to find rich spouses for marriage.

As most luxury dating apps are removed by Apple already, you can only find luxury dating apps on Android. But that’s okay. iTunes are too sensitive, so they got rid of all wealthy dating apps for no reason. That’s why people are only able to access upscale dating apps on Android.

People who have joined elite dating apps are those who are wealthy and powerful because usually elite dating apps require a higher membership fee which is used to filter people.

I interviewed a woman called Lilian who told me her true story:

“When I was dating my ex-husband, life was good. After we got married, he rarely wore any clothes at home because he was always ready to make love to me – he was naked all the time whenever he was at home,” says Lilian, “But a few years later, he almost never touched me because we were too familiar. That’s why he was cheating on me and we got a divorce.”

It is true that most couples stop making love after being married for several years (not some, most). Sexless marriages are more common than you apps for marriage

Now Lilian has joined the best dating app for marriage in order to meet a new man, but this time, she has decided to use a luxury dating app only because she knows that marriages rarely work & she just wants to marry the money right now.

“50% of couples are divorced anyway, and the rest are mostly unhappily married – only 20% of couples are happily married, meaning marriage has an 80% failure rate,” says Lilian, “Why should I marry a mediocre man if a marriage is more likely to fail anyway? Of course, I want to leverage my beauty and marry a rich man when I still can.”

Lilian says that she enjoys meeting and dating wealthy men from the best dating app for marriage – she maintains that spending time with powerful men expands her outlook tremendously. “I love dating successful men because they always broaden my horizon,” says Lilian, “If I marry the money, surely I will have access to more resources.”

  • International dating is popular nowadays because marrying a foreign bride usually means the divorce rate is very low.

Statistics show that foreign brides rarely divorce their husbands in the United States. Indeed, western men who are married to foreign brides are generally healthier, happier and more satisfied in love and in life.

Hence, one of the best dating apps for marriage in 2019 is actually an international dating app called Brilic where you can meet hot women from Eastern Europe. In terms of why Eastern European brides rarely divorce their husbands, I’ve interviewed several hot ladies from Ukraine and Russia as well.

Natasha is a sexy lady from Russia. She is married to an American husband and they currently live in New York City. Natasha says her social circle is all around her husband, so her American husband is the center of her universe dating app for marriage

“I think my husband is the most important person in my life, so I wouldn’t consider getting a divorce if something is wrong in my marriage. Whenever something isn’t right, I would think about how to fix it first,” says Natasha, “I don’t think getting a divorce quickly is the right solution.”

Victoria is a hot girl from Ukraine. She is married to a British husband and this couple live in London now. Victoria told me that she highly values marriage and family & wouldn’t leave her husband easily.

“Now we have two kids, so I don’t think it’s wise to get a divorce for something minor. I don’t want to be petty, so I hardly ever look for problems in my marriage,” says Victoria, “I often look at the positive side of things, and I don’t get angry easily.”

Indeed, if you focus on the problems in your marriage, your problems will grow.

Both Victoria and Natasha met their western husbands via the best dating apps for marriage a few years ago and now they are happily married.

  • Men’s opinions on using the top dating apps for marriage are very interesting.

I also interviewed Natasha’s husband Josh and Victoria’s husband Will. And here’s what they’ve said.

“I used the best dating app for marriage on iPhone last year and met Natasha very quickly. She is from Russia, so I visited her in Russia,” says Josh, “We fell in love instantly and I took her to the United States. Many people told me that it’s not safe to take a Russian bride to the United States because Russian girls may be influenced by the western culture – feminism is real in America nowadays. Also, a beautiful Russian girl may realize that she is actually a high-value woman in America as most American women are overweight and ugly – that will make the Russian beauty change her attitude. However, I know Natasha very well – she isn’t that type of arrogant girl. That’s why I married her and now we are still happily married. She is pregnant with twins.”luxury dating app

Victoria’s husband Will also met his foreign bride via the best dating app for marriage for iPhone. “In 2016 I met Victoria on the top dating app for marriage and we got married in 2017. Now we have two children already. Our marriage is very stable, happy and satisfying,” says Will, “Victoria is a Ukrainian lady, so initially, I went to Ukraine to see her first. In Ukraine, facilities are quite limited and we didn’t like the lifestyle over there, so Victoria asked me to take her to the UK and I agreed. Frankly, when we were in Ukraine, we couldn’t even find a decent restaurant because the entrée always arrived after the main course – it happened every single time! I guess people in Ukraine don’t have the capitalist’s mindset yet, so we couldn’t see any hope there. That’s why I took Victoria to England and now we are happily married with two young children.”

Many men who use international dating apps as the best dating app for marriage are divorced men who got sick and tired of dating western women. They were married to western women previously and had negative dating apps

I’m not saying western women aren’t wife material; I mean the divorce rate doesn’t lie. It just doesn’t work for most people.

After talking to Josh and Will, I’ve also decided to join the top dating app for marriage on iPhone today and see how it goes. Maybe I can become the next success story?! We never know, but we’ll see.

Who needs to date western women when there is a place called Eastern Europe? – Josh from New York City

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