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Meetville dating app review

Meetville dating app review - meeting people online

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As one of the most popular dating apps on the Internet, Meetville has millions of downloads already. But is this a good dating app or not? Let’s find it out now.


  • Smart matching technology: On smart phones you’ll experience this smart matching technology offered by Meetville dating app – This dating service makes sure that you only meet people who share the same interests with you (the psychological compatibility is important here).
  • Meet people and chat with new friends anytime, anywhere: If you move to a new city, Meetville can help you to meet more local singles immediately. Or if you just broke up with your ex, it’s time to download Meetville to meet someone new today.
  • Stylish and smooth interface: The app is very well designed. A user can upload 100 photos on their profile – this is the biggest photo storage in the industry.
  • Ice breakers: Meetville provides you with exactly what you need in order to approach someone easily.
  • Safety: Because Meetville isn’t a free app, its subscription fee filters people. You know you are talking to real people who are real members of the community.itunes download

Meetville dating app review



  • $4.09 – $299.99 per item


  • You can search people by age, location, occupation, body type, ethnicity, and so on.
  • You can promote your dating profile and get a boost so that more people can see your profile.
  • You can set limits: limit who can see your profile in the community.
  • Unlimited messages: You can chat with multiple people at the same time.
  • This app has more than 18 million users already, so you know you are very likely to meet someone suitable.


  • The quality of members isn’t guaranteed because there are still many fake profiles on this app, which may waste your time.
  • There are many more negative reviews than positive reviews about this app in Google Play Store, which suggests that most people don’t have good experiences on Meetville dating app.

Users’ comments:

“This app is fucking useless. Before I paid for a membership, I saw many winks and matches. But as soon as I paid for a subscription, those winks and matches disappeared immediately. What a joke! When my subscription expires, I saw many matches and winks again! Fuck off, scam! If I can give this app 0 star, I would!” (Adam, 35, Boston)

“Although there are many negative comments on Meetville, I find it quite useful. It helps me get laid instantly.” (Andrew, 32, Miami)

“I don’t like Meetville because it’s full of needy men. I’m looking elsewhere to find high-quality guys that I actually want to date.” (Sarah, 27, L.A.)

Experts’ comments:

“Meetville is one of the biggest dating apps in the world. I’m not sure why it has so many negative reviews in Google Play Store. It’s not a free app, but it seems that its performance is similar to a free app.” (Curt Coch)

“The basic subscription fee of Meetville isn’t high, but if you want to use its advanced features, the subscription is quite high.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

Although there are many people on Meetville dating app, finding a partner isn’t easy here. You can send 100 messages to 100 users, but chances are only 10% will respond. Therefore, if efficiency is important to you, you’d better join another app.

Meetville is one of the biggest dating apps, but ‘the biggest’ isn’t always ‘the best’.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Karen S says

    I like Meetville dating app because of its availability and ease of use. It’s very comfortable to download the app on the smartphone and take online chatting with you anywhere in the world. This is fast, convenient and interesting app. I can say, that it allows learning a lot of information about the interlocutor, and getting to know each other better. Moreover, thanks to constant communication it will immediately become clear to you whether it is your type or not. A user-friendly interface and payment for additional services are one of the top reasons for choosing this app.

  2. Michael says

    This is the most useless app I have ever used. I’ve met a lot of fake profiles and scammers. Moreover, I want to note that the mobile version does not work properly because of outdated technology and it often freezes. The subscription service also doesn’t work properly, as immediately after I have paid money, I couldn’t log into my account. When my subscription expires, the problem disappears itself.

    1. Anna J. Joe says

      If you face any difficulties of using the app, you can ask for help in the free support service through a special menu. The service tries to respond to requests as quickly as possible. Even with careful checks of users who are performed by the site administration, you may come across scammers or bots. To avoid problems, be serious and attentive whom you correspond with.

  3. Reva E says

    I like this wonderful dating app, as it has a lot of cons. First of all the registration is completely free anyone and does not require much time. Within a few minutes from the moment of confirmation, you will have hundreds of options for pleasant communication. As a result I can start communicating with people without any payments. At the very beginning, you are given the function of selecting a partner that is best suited for you. Specify the desired gender and age group of the potential soul mate and save your time! After the registration is completed, you will be able to log in to account. Without much effort and skill you will be able to meet people from different countries via the Internet.

    1. Lori says

      I completely agree with you. But there are some other important points that play a vital role. First of all the app is available both for IOS and Android devices. Immediately after the registration in the settings section, you can set all the search parameters by selecting the desired gender and age category of the interlocutors. In the “personal data” section, you can change information about yourself at any convenient time for you. In the “messages” section, all chats are displayed in the general list. You will see each user’s avatar, his or her age, the time of sending and the beginning of the message itself. To start viewing profiles of registered users, select “search”. Under each photo, you will see the age, name and compatibility of this or that user with you. These functions are really important for me, as I can use service for some time before buying subscription in order to understand whether it is useful for me or not.

  4. Sandra says

    “This Meetville app is useless. Before I paid for a membership, I saw many winks and matches. But as soon as I paid for a subscription, those winks and matches disappeared immediately. What a joke! I am canceling my subscription, complete scam! If I can give this app 0 star, I would!”
    **I found the exact same thing happened to another member and used most of his words.

    1. Wesley Chesterfield says

      Same scenario with me. BIG SCAM. Save your $.

  5. Ritu Sikka says

    Meetville is a bogus website. They send you fake messages from fake people – they steal these profiles from the internet. Once you sign up, you will never hear back from these people that seemed very interested before you signed up. They send you the fake messages to get you to sign up.

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