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Powerful Suggestions from Founders of Free Dating Apps for Android

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Yesterday I had a meeting with several founders of free dating apps for Android. It was a very fruitful meeting because these influential business owners have kindly shared their views, experiences and insights together.

  • University students would be well-advised to join free dating apps for Android before graduation.

Some university students focus on their studies, so they avoid dating and relationships altogether before graduation. I would argue that many of these university students use their studies as an excuse for not taking action in their love life.

This is especially true among Asian students because their parents tend to tell them not to have romantic relationships at university. Yet they are missing out on something very important and valuable in life – young people have to go through several relationships before they understand what love actually means.join free dating apps for Android

“As I see it, every university student should have at least one serious relationship before graduation,” says Max M., founder of an Asian dating app for Android, “Ideally, everyone should fall in love and lose their virginity at university. If you go through a bad breakup at university, that is even more beneficial as it’s powerful learning.”

Yet a lot of Asian university students never have any experience in their love life at university. Their learning in the dating department starts after graduation from university.

“Actually, the most important thing at university is to read lots of random books in the library and have romantic relationships,” says Max M., “That’s my honest opinion, because the value of school/university education is quite limited these days.”

  • Your university days will probably be your best time when it comes to dating and relationships.

Joel B. is the founder of a free dating app for Android. He claims that a guy’s time at university is his best time in his love life because the university is the ideal environment for social circle game.

“Everyone has unlimited opportunities to build a good social circle at university, and a nice social circle should be able to send you young and hot women constantly,” says Joel B., “At least that was my experience when I was studying at university. I would say that was the best value offered by that university.”find real dating apps

Interestingly, for men who don’t have game, their university days could be the ONLY time for them to get laid a lot. This is sad but true.

A lot of people are aware of the fact that it is easier for children to have friends – most people met their best friends when they were young. It’s harder for adults to make new friends. This is also an unpleasant fact.

Similarly, it is easier for you to meet eligible candidates for your love life when you are at university. And it is definitely harder for you to meet someone suitable after graduation if you don’t have good game.

  • If you don’t have good game, you must learn it – it is not optional after graduation from university.

Samuel S. is the founder of a free dating app for Android. He contends that although looks and money can attract girls, it is still necessary to learn game.

“I know many guys who are good-looking and rich, but they don’t have game, so they still can’t get laid,” says Samuel S., “In fact, a lot of men with good social circle in the society can’t get laid because they don’t have game, although they already have a very high-value social circle.”

Don’t expect women to approach you. Our culture doesn’t expect women to chase men at all.

If a man is waiting for women to approach him and do the hard work for him, he isn’t a real man, because a real man is responsible for his own and relationships

According to Samuel S., there are various ways to learn game. First, you can buy some books about game. Here is a list of useful dating books that you may want to read:

  • She Ain’t It: How to Expose Damaged, Desperate, And Deceitful Women & Attract Your Game Changer (written by G. L. Lambert)
  • Game (written by Roosh V)
  • Rapid Escalation (written by Liam McRae)

I’ve personally read these books and I think they are wonderful. But G. L. Lambert’s language isn’t the most mainstream in the world, so be prepared for some raw truth!

And Roosh V’s Game has been banned by Amazon due to Internet censorship in western countries these days, so you can only get it elsewhere. (Note that Book Depository is owned by Amazon, so don’t rely on Book Depository which may not be able to ship this book in time.)

According to Samuel S., founder of a free dating app for Android, the second way to learn game is to watch YouTube videos in this niche. Some good YouTube channels are Hayley Quinn, The Natural Lifestyles and RSDfreetour.

Lastly, if you’d like to invest in yourself, you can hire a dating coach to give you personalized dating advice. Some outstanding dating coaches that I’ve personally worked with are Jade Seashell, James Marshall and Owen Cook.

  • What if you can’t afford to learn game?

Patrick C., founder of another free dating app for Android, points out that if you can’t afford to learn game, there are usually two reasons: 1) you don’t have money; 2) you don’t have time.

If you don’t have money, you can still learn for free. For instance, you can read blog articles on the Internet. Some good blogs are, and – Please note that Roosh V’s early work is about how to hook up with random women and his recent work is more about how to find a traditional relationship.

If you don’t have time, you will need to learn how to multitask correctly. When you are on the train every morning, you can listen to a dating podcast. When you are working out in the gym, you can listen to a dating audio book. When you are travelling on the plane, you can read a dating for android

“If you want it badly enough, you will find a way to get it. So, stop using money and time as your lame excuses. And start learning game today,” says Patrick C., founder of the free dating app for Android, “Time waits for nobody. If you think you are young, soon you’ll be old. If you think you are old, soon you’ll be older.”

  • When one area of your life is improved, other areas of your life will benefit from it as well.

I often see life as dynamics – as one area of my life is improved, other areas of this matrix called life will improve accordingly.

Sandy F., founder of a new free dating app for Android, maintains that improving life by learning woo-woo self-help content is useless.

“I’ve seen a lot of woo-woo stuff out there – many gurus talk about vibration energy, Law of Attraction, etc., but I just hate it,” says Sandy F., “Those things are not based on facts. I only believe in things that are based on science and facts. If nobody can explain something, I don’t trust it.”

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