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WooPlus Dating App Review (Curvy Singles Dating)

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WooPlus dating app is a dating community for plus size singles all over the world. If you are interested in big beautiful women dating, you must join this app!


  • Tinder-style card play for matches on your phone.
  • Free voice chat between people who have been matched online.
  • Private image messages to build connection and intimacy before meeting someone hot in person.
  • Active Instagram-like photo-sharing function for engagement.
  • WooPlus dating app continues adding new features to this app (e.g. the poke feature helps you break the ice!)
  • Its scammer detection system protects the positive ambience of this app.


  • 1-month membership: USD$14.99;
  • 6-month membership: USD$58.99;
  • 12-month membership: USD$98.99.


  • WooPlus dating app is one of the best BBW dating apps in the world. It’s been featured on over 20 mainstream media platforms such as Vice, Yahoo, BBC, and many more.
  • This app has more than 2 million members worldwide. Indeed, there are more and more plus size singles joining online dating apps these days.
  • Since October 2015, this app has created more than 40 million matches for thick women, curvy women, chubby women and big men. If you are a big beautiful woman or a big handsome man, you should try this app because you can be their next success story.
  • People from all religions, sexual preferences, races and regions can join WooPlus dating app, so it’s a very inclusive dating app for plus size singles around the world. Currently, most of its members are from English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • This app has many different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


  • This app is very glitchy and may have some technical problems at times.
  • Its customer support team aren’t very professional and efficient. They respond to emails very slowly (and basically tell you they will “look into it”).
  • Almost every BBW dating app has significantly more women than men because to be honest, many big handsome men can date slim women (a man’s value is not assessed based on his looks), whereas slim men can also date slim women. This isn’t the most politically correct thing to say, but this site is not here to lie to you. We also want to say that a woman’s value isn’t assessed based on her looks, but the raw truth is: A woman’s good looks = the gate keeper in high-quality dating. Therefore, a lot of single women on this app find it quite hard to find someone suitable. We believe that there are many big beautiful women out there that are absolutely gorgeous, but we simply would like to explain why almost every BBW dating website or app has many more women than men, whereas nearly every mainstream dating site or app has many more men than women.
  • Some men’s profiles are fake – they stole someone else’s profiles but these scammers are actually overseas, because their dating profiles are perfectly written in English without a grammar mistake, but when they actually talk to other members, their conversations are horrible – you can’t even read their English.

Users’ comments:

“When asked me to provide a comment on WooPlus dating app, I wasn’t sure whether I should do it or not because I don’t want to be politically correct. Luckily, told me that I can say whatever I want because western countries have free speech & as long as what I’ve said is real, it’s okay. So, here’s my real comment – I join BBW dating apps only because I can’t get a slim woman on mainstream dating apps – I’m more than overweight (I’m obese). I wanted to date a slim woman simply because I’d like to have healthy kids, yet unfortunately, I couldn’t get a slim girl. Therefore, I joined WooPlus dating app and I’ve met my dream girl. Although she isn’t slim, she is very pretty, kind and open-minded, as I can basically say whatever I want as long as I’m honest and genuine.” (Bart, 31, Melbourne)

“I’m a big handsome man and I wanted to date big beautiful women because slim women always play hard to get. While I thought big beautiful women don’t play games, I realized I was wrong very quickly because women that I’ve met on WooPlus dating app are entitled and can’t take criticism. When I was dating a plus size girl that I met on this app, I suggested that we both should go to the gym and lose weight so that we can become healthier. She felt so offended because ‘we should go to the gym’ is a taboo topic in her world. I really don’t want to walk on eggshells and stay hypervigilant all my life because I’m not the most politically correct guy in the world. Since that girl believes that I bullied her by saying we should go to the gym, we stopped seeing each other.” (William, 26, Wellington)

“Men on this app think we plus size women are all desperate and needy because most men don’t want us. I’m deleting my dating profile now.” (Tash, 39, Boston)

Experts’ comments:

“WooPlus dating app offers a range of fantastic features and it’s very easy to use. It’s a very healthy and positive community for plus size singles.” (Jade Seashell)

“This app is relatively new, but it’s been hugely successful.” (Curt Coch)

“This app is very good at blocking inappropriate dating profiles fast.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Although internet celebrities such as Richard la Ruina and Roosh V have become controversial (and popular) simply because they gave their honest opinions about plus size women, many BBW dating apps have been created to support plus size singles all over the world. We don’t think what Roosh V and Richard la Ruina said was 100% correct, but we do encourage people to tell the truth so that this world will become a better place for everyone, including members of WooPlus dating app. Therefore, we would like to promote BBW dating culture on our website and introduce more BBW dating apps to our audience. Please save our site on your computer’s browser so that you can access this site any time in the future (we will keep publishing useful content for you in the future).

No body shaming, just curve love!

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Donovan says

    I LOVE curvy girls, would choose a curvy girl over any other. Love b being able to met and date thanks to the app. It is for everybody tho, sexual preference, religion, etc. Love to all those beautiful girls <3

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hello Donovan,

      Glad that you find it helpful!


  2. Shnny says

    My favorite of all! I’m a curvy girl, and I like my man in that way too. I met my bf over this app a year ago and it’s been great, the app it’s very friendly and helpful, very nice. Go big love !

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Well done, Shnny!


  3. Everett N says

    I was subscribed to 3 dating apps and Wooplus was the best. There were plenty of men in my area to meet. I must say that this is one of the largest app for the beautiful women with magnificent forms and prominent curves of the body. An application has been launched especially for them, in which they can easily find men who love exactly this type of figure. The application is made in “Tinder” style. Just as in the prototype application, in order to go to the chat, it is necessary that both users choose each other out of numerous users, otherwise the dialogue is impossible.

  4. Daniel12 says

    At last, people can realize that it’s not important to have low BMI to be attractive. Wooplus dating and flirting application can help all the people who suffer from constant mocking, trolling and insults. I tried to get acquainted with many girls online, but all of them rejected me because of my weight. That’s why I decided to download a special app, and that was my best choice! Here I’ve found a great number of wonderful women, end even dated with some of them. The application is available for iPhones and devices on the Android platform.

  5. Joseph says

    I’m so glad that I quit using this horrible service! I registered at curvy singles dating a year ago. In a few months I realized that I had nothing to do over there and I was not interested in those girls. That’s why my decision was to delete the profile and that was the main problem. I did all I could, but it all was in vain. The rest of the year I struggled with support team requesting to delete my profile, or at least pictures, but they just ignored me! I can say that this is not fair and the support team is not effective! Don’t use this service. Never!

    1. Elaine says

      I completely agree, this app is real garbage. They keep billing me even though I canceled my account. I am ticked. The support team told me to do the same steps as I was already doing to cancel on iPhone. But the problem is that this function doesn’t work! I don’t know what to do and how to solve this problem.

  6. Melissa says

    The subscription that is offered us by Wooplus is quite a cunning thing. All evils occur due to the “stunningly thoughtful” mechanism of its work. Try to call technical support and describe the situation. Believe me, absolutely normal and sane people work there. Just tell them normally that you do not want to subscribe, do not use the program and do not want to pay for it. If your explanations are reasonable and adequate, then most likely they will help you and you won’t need to pay. By the way, in the same way you can return the money for the already paid subscription. The only moment, do not delay a call – the faster, the better.

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