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A piece of news from China has affected the sugar daddy dating industry recently: Seeking Arrangment, the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating site, has an app in China. Within three years, this app has more users than WeChat, China’s No. 1 social networking app. In other words, Seeking Arrangement has more members than WeChat. Yes, you read that right. Because China will never allow any social networking app to have more members than WeChat, Seeking Arrangement is forced to leave China. Therefore, Apple has to get rid of Seeking Arrangement app from China, and it also has to eliminate all sugar dating apps in its US market in order to ensure its consistency.

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Interestingly, Seeking Arrangement has many competitors that never designed an app in the first place. Apparently, these sugar daddy dating sites knew they shouldn’t even start an app, so they focus on developing and improving their websites. Here are the top 5 sugar daddy dating sites that don’t have apps:

  1. This sugar daddy dating site is very efficient: a new profile is approved within a few minutes. Members can text each other without sharing their real phone numbers (this feature is called Anonymous Texting). Their customer support team work 24/7/365, so it offers a very good service for sugar daddies and sugar babies.
  2. This sugar dating website is the only one which has no automatic billing, so members are in control of how much money they are happy to spend. Another selling point is this website allows members to consider other relationships apart from sugar relationship, so some members even got married.

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  1. This is another sugar daddy dating site without a mobile app. As its name suggests, sugar babies will only meet rich and successful men on this site. Because the membership fee is quite reasonale for sugar daddies and sugar babies can use this site for free, has attracted a large number of users all over the world. It is loved by a lot of beautiful women and established men themselves!
  2. Another sugar daddy dating site without an app. Luckily, this website is responsive on smart phone as well, so members can use a browser on the phone to access this site easily. There is a 3-day free trial period, so many users have found their ideal arrangements within 3 days. Also, this sugar dating site has sugar mommas and male sugar babies as well.
  3. Although this sugar baby dating site has an app, it’s not really their app. When you log on the app, you actually join another database which is different from its website. The mobile database is from another casual dating site run by the same company. That being said, Rich Meet Beautiful is still a good sugar daddy dating site because it’s totally free for all sugar babies (both female sugar babies and male sugar babies). Besides, this sugar site is the best sugar daddy dating site in Europe as it has a huge number of European members.

In fact, Apple has sent a notification to all sugar daddy dating apps – their mobile apps will be removed by Apple, thanks to the news from China! Having said that, sugar daddy apps are still available on Android and you can always use these sites on your computer!

Love is a concept invented by poor people.  —- Brandon Wade, founder of Seeking Arrangement

  1. Harry D. Jackman says

    Sure thing, there are a lot of sites now that are meant for older men to find younger women. But most of them have this main problem – because the developers know that the main male audience of their products are rich mature men, they tend to fill their sites with all sorts of costly premium features. While money as such is not a problem, it can be quite disappointing to pay for your every move. Still, the number of so-called sugar babes is raising every year, and these sites have a lot of them. I’ve tried some of these services to decide whether I need this kind of relationship at all, and now I don’t think I want to be someone’s sponsor. Anyway, you can try them out yourself.

  2. Sean says

    I’ve been on for a couple of months already, and I just love it. This site is free for girls, but men have to pay to get in. That means you don’t waste time talking to fake sugar daddies that really don’t have enough money to afford even this site, let alone your lifestyle. All in all, it’s a lot of fun, and I hope to find my own sugar daddy very soon.

  3. Melinda says

    These sites are very nice. Although apps are much more useful, these are pretty convenient too, and they also have a lot of cool features like social media elements or a 3-day free trial, like and a few of others. It’s a shame that China can decide whether these almost completely unrelated sites can have their apps or not, but I guess it’s inevitable. All in all, I recommend you to choose a few of those sites and try to register and find out, whether you like it or not.

  4. Christian M says

    I don’t like dating sites without apps, but there are some of them still available on my smartphone, and that is good enough. However, their functionality is the same, so they are not worse in any other way. I’ve been using a few of them for a month or so, and I’ve liked it so far. There are really a lot of young women looking for me and other wealthy men, so I’ve got no problem meeting them. If you’re looking for a younger woman yourself, be sure to check them out.

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