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Best Free Dating Apps VS Elite Singles Dating Apps

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Jordan Harbinger once said, “Don’t go to free networking events because those events are full of unemployed people looking for someone to give them value; go to upscale networking events where you have to pay in order to join them because these events have more high-quality people who actually want to make meaningful connections.”

The well-known radio show host also points out that dating is a similar situation – don’t use shitty free dating apps where there are lots of bottom-feeders; use elite dating apps where you can actually meet high-quality daters because these people are able to pay for dating services.

  • Best free dating apps VS shitty free dating apps

There are two categories of free dating apps: 1) the best free dating apps which allow members to use these dating services for free, but at the same time, members can upgrade their memberships at a small cost and get extra features, e.g. getting more users to view their dating profiles, etc.; 2) completely free dating apps which only monetize their platforms by showing people ads.

Apparently, the best free dating apps have attracted many more high-quality members. For example, many people on Bumble, Brilic and Tinder have professional jobs. You don’t have to pay for extra features on these dating apps – you can use them to meet other daters online easily. In contrast, 100% free dating apps don’t have premium features, so they only show you lots of ads which might affect user experience – these apps generally have more bottom feeders.

Hopefully now you have figured out which option is better: You’d better join the best free dating apps which allows you to use these services for free, and if you are willing to invest a bit more in your love life, you can buy extra features to get more members to view your dating profile. In other words, premium features are optional.

Those who complain that they can’t meet high-value people online usually join totally free dating apps (AKA shitty free dating apps).rich men dating apps

  • Best free dating apps VS elite dating apps

Although the best free dating apps allow their users to use their services for free and those who are happy to buy extra features can do that as well, these dating apps generally don’t charge high fees. By contrast, elite dating apps are quite expensive to use. Since these upmarket dating apps are so expensive, why do people want to pay for these services?

Well, closer examination reveals that most people associate “spending money” with “getting value”. That is to say, when you have spent money on something, you expect this product or service to be more valuable. Therefore, you pay more attention to its features and actually use the product or service to your advantage.

For example, when you join a luxury dating app and pay a high membership fee, you automatically believe this app is better than other apps. Meanwhile, everyone who has joined this wealthy dating app can afford to pay for this service (they are doing well in the society as well), so of course, you won’t meet bottom feeders.

If upscale dating apps are more profitable, why do app developers still develop free dating apps?

That’s a great question. In fact, 90-95% of the Internet traffic will never pay for anything when it comes to online dating. As a result, dating apps that have the biggest database have to be free dating apps. Among these free dating apps, the best dating apps that have extra features on sale stand out from the crowd easily.

That also means 5-10% of the Internet traffic will pay for dating services online. We all know that there are billions of people on the Internet these days, so 5-10% is not a small number. That’s why upmarket dating apps are also doing very dating app

Having said that, it doesn’t mean rich men dating apps are making more money than free dating apps. If this is hard to understand, let me show you an analogy which happens to be a real story.

In Australia, David Jones is a high-end department store which sells designer products such as designer shoes, designer clothes, designer bags, etc. Yet Kmart is a discount store which sells very cheap products, e.g. you can buy a T-shirt for less than $5.

On surface level, you would assume that David Jones makes more money than Kmart, right? But you are wrong. As a matter of fact, Kmart makes much more money than David Jones because Kmart has many more customers every single day, whereas David Jones isn’t crowded at all.

Now you’ve understood why free dating apps makes more money than millionaire dating apps. But this isn’t the end of the discussion.

  • Millionaire dating apps VS sugar daddy dating apps

Millionaire dating apps are doing okay, but sugar daddy dating apps can make more money than free dating apps, because that’s a different business model.

Most luxury dating apps ask both men and women to pay membership fees because every member is an elite dater. However, this isn’t true on sugar daddy dating apps.

On many sugar daddy dating apps, generous members (male members) pay high membership fees regularly, but attractive members (female members) can use these apps for free.

In other words, the best sugar daddy dating app is a combination of a wealthy dating app and a free dating app. That’s why sugar daddy dating apps are doing extremely well until Apple banned them a while ago. (Well, they are still doing well on Google Play Store now).Elite Singles Dating Apps

  • Elite singles dating app VS elite dating apps

When we say “elite singles dating app”, we are talking about one app which is called “elite singles”. That’s why “apps” is a plural noun in the title of this article (“elite singles dating apps”), meaning we aren’t talking about just one app called “elite singles”.

Actually, elite singles dating app is a mainstream dating app for people who have university degrees and professional jobs. Well, if you think that is elite, it’s fine. But honestly, I don’t think that’s the real definition of “elite” because too many people have university degrees and professional jobs these days. To be honest, a lot of switched-on people don’t want to date those who have student debt.

If you have a lot of student loan, chances are your future partner might be unwilling to be with you. I know this isn’t the most pleasant thing to hear, but it’s true. Who wants to be married to a negative bank account? Nobody.

Well, if you already have accumulated a lot of student debt, don’t worry, you can still find true love. For example, I know an American guy who is married to a Canadian woman and he definitely has a lot of student loan – he has three degrees and is planning on doing the fourth degree – that indicates his lack of direction and blueprint in life because when he didn’t feel right at work, he returns to school as that’s something familiar.

What does his wife look like? His wife has short hair and wears glasses. She is as tall as him. This woman is doing a PhD at university – she hasn’t fully participated in the society yet, so she doesn’t know what successful men actually look like anyway. For her, being a student is something familiar, so she doesn’t mind the fact that her husband has a lot of student debt.Best Free Dating Apps

They met each other on elite singles dating app and now they are married.

Moral of the story: If you are a mainstream elite single, many people will want to date you because that’s what they know – having a degree and getting a professional job in an office.

Nevertheless, if you are more ambitious, maybe you want to join elite dating apps instead. These apps are also known as “upmarket dating apps”, “luxury dating apps”, “wealthy dating apps” and “millionaire dating apps”. That means everyone on these apps is suppose to be the real elite in the society – successful lawyers, doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, movie stars, pop singers, beauty queens, models, and so forth.

I know this isn’t the prettiest topic in the world, and I do apologize if you find it slightly offensive, but I personally only want to date the real elite of the society. That’s my personal choice.

When I was in my 20s, I was sick and tired of being surrounded by people who were in the rat race – everyone around me was working 9-to-5 and buying things they didn’t need to impress people they didn’t even like.

That’s why I left that social circle and moved to another country to build my new life. Now I’m in my 30s and I’m happy with my current lifestyle because now I can wake up any time I want every day (I have my own business) and I have had lots of high-quality dates via elite dating apps.

How do you define ‘elite’?

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