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What is Mixxxer about?

Unique features

Profile quality

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Price and special services

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What is Mixxxer about?

Mixxxer is adult dating site that works only on mobile phones and devices. Although it’s not an app for downloading, it’s all programmed and adjusted for using on smartphones and tablets.

The site isn’t limited by straight hookups, it also welcomes LGBTQ members and couples. There is also a big community of swinger members in its database and a niche dating blog for them.

Mixxxer isn’t among the leaders, with only 300K members from the US. However, it’s suitable for international hookups as there are women from other western countries and Europe.

It’s a platform for the youth which is seen from its name and trendy design. The majority of members are under 30 y.o. Male members severely prevail as there are 70 percent of them.

Unique features

Not all sites for hookups have special features to offer. Mixxxer differs from most of them with the list of really unique options and services not available on other sources, like some of these.

  • Blackbook is a compilation of favourite members. It helps to follow their updates.
  • Tease is extra ice-breaker that helps to express the deeper interest in someone.
  • Direct contacts can be placed to the profile and revealed to the chosen dating app

Profile quality

New profiles on Mixxxer are activated via the email address verification. The info fields can be left empty and filled later. Any photos are accepted including erotic and naughty ones.

Impersonal photos with the objects or famous people on them are going to be removed or replaced though. It should be admitted there are too many photos that look very frank and revealing.

No doubts, it’s because some female members advertise their escort services or webcam video chats with the commercial purpose. So, one should be careful about whom he is chatting with.

Otherwise, girls on Mixxxer look really attractive and alluring, rather stylish and qualitative. Many have model parameters and their average age is 28 y.o. which raises the rating of the site.

Search results

Mixxxer offers a simple and convenient Search option that sorts the members gallery by age, gender, their aims, but most importantly, by their location. It makes Mixxxer good for local hookups.

But, since the total number of members isn’t big and male members prevail so much, the results of search aren’t always sufficient. It mostly depends on the region one searches adult app

Price and special services

Mixxxer offers free hookups which makes it so convenient to use and attractive for all groups of singles. However, for someone who likes VIP service, there are also paid options.

The subscription itself costs 7.99 USD a month and allows unlimited messaging, chatting with free members, avoiding the ads. To be fair, the ads aren’t too aggressive on Mixxxer anyway.

No credit packs should be bought additionally. Such a clear and affordable scheme of payments is a positive side for students and other members with the tight budget frames.

What experts say

Mixxxer is a rather new hookup site that is usually rated 3 stars and half. It’s criticized for its insufficient member base and some fake or commercial female profiles. Yet, there are no bots at all.

What matters to us and to all users is that most of the members are real personals who are ready to meet and get laid. It’s the main task of the hookup site and Mixxxer does it well.

Another important advantage is technical safety and protection on the highest level. Although the customer support itself is slow, all users receive the appropriate security and guarantees.

It’s also pleasant to admit the site doesn’t use silly nicknames for the users that immediately make any dating platform look cheap. The gallery shows all photos without names or usernames.

The names are shown when going straight to the profile and viewing its details. Then, we’d like to admit the availability of the site services for such niche categories as LGBTQ and swingers.

They play a big role in the dating scene and should be full-fledged members of any social or dating platform. Hookups are something that bring relax to all kinds of singles and couples.

So, Mixxxer is highly respected by the specialists for this unique opportunity. Although straight people prevail there, gay singles and threesomes or groups of lovers feel free there too.

Judging from a big number of success stories from the real users, the site manages well to increase its database and improving the quality of services step by step. The progress is really seen.

Along with that, the pricing policy is fair and transparent. Mixxxer is affordable to less protected and less provided categories of daters, which is very positive as well.

Users often admit they’re tired of the primitive features on other hookup sites, just messaging and video chatting that’s all. Of course, casual sex doesn’t require the gifts delivery or stuff like that.

But it requires exciting ice-breakers and convenient contact lists, which Mixxxer provides. As a result, it turns to a kind of social network for casual daters and we cannot underestimate that.

On a condition that Mixxxer will keep on developing and providing regular updates, we can say this particular platform has the big future. Then its rating will be increased as dating app

Success stories

“I met lots of hot chicks on Mixxxer and we get laid on the very same evening after the first chatting. I saw from the beginning the choice wasn’t very big, but I decided not to be picky.

The best hookup strategy for Mixxxer must be going out with the girls who are currently active members, and then waiting for some weeks before new members join. It gives bigger opportunities.

It matters to me that Mixxxer offers free hookups. I wouldn’t afford expensive VIP sugar dating sites or something like that. Still, I want to meet young women and not ones of my age.

Students and models beginners communicate on this site at ease with older men like me, so I feel it’s definitely my cup of coffee. I am appreciated and desired again, it’s a great feeling.

I was able to chat with some of those hot chicks with educative purposes, since they explained to me so many things about the intimacy I never even thought about. It was fun and useful.

All this makes me call this site one of the best ones, especially taking its convenient mobile version, very modern and innovative. I enjoy using Mixxxer, and I’ll still give it a go in the future”.

“My experience showed there are some commercially minded girls on Mixxxer, but I kept on trying and eventually succeeded to get laid several times. Those young women were fun and sexy.

Eventually, I met Sandra of just 20 y.o. and we are seeing each other every weekend. So I suppose this site is suitable for long-term casual affairs too, not just for one-night-stands.

Some of the female users asked me for money though, so watch out and chat with genuine girls only. It’s a challenge to meet anyone from rural areas, but plenty of chicks come from NYC.

I think it’s always like that, singles from the crowded cities and capitals have higher chances to get laid quickly. The same on this site that just starts to widen its audience so it’s less than a million.

I liked being on Mixxxer since it offers numerous features not available on other hookup platforms, moreover, it’s free. Maybe that’s why there are so many girls students, it’s awesome.

I would recommend this site to anyone who is experienced enough for avoiding the pitfalls and patient enough for finding a good match. After a few days or weeks, you’ll succeed there as well”.

“I’ll be realistic, I didn’t get laid each night with Mixxxer but I did almost each weekend. There are many options for a single man, some girls want a certain reward and others want plain sex.

I enjoyed virtual flirting and video chats too, as a busy person sometimes I prefer it to real meetings. So, this site had been useful to me in many ways, and I heard the same from my friends.join mixxxer app

Virtual sex is important to the students and businessmen, even for disabled people. Mixxxer has a big mission if it helps so many people to get some pleasure online completely for free.

I am not planning to stay long on it but for now, it serves me perfectly. I am not showered with stupid messages like on other hookup sites, just one sexy message at a time and then another.

Since it fits my schedule and my preferences, I am going to use it further, maybe a few more months. Usually I leave sooner, so it means I am quite happy with Mixxxer and recommend it to others”.

“I use Mixxxer along with other casual sex sites and it adds to my popularity among the girls. I go out any night I want, choose any age and type of appearance I want, and never run out of options.

I didn’t count how many times I got laid exactly on Mixxxer but I’m sure over five times, maybe eight or nine. One girl I met there, seemed very special I would even date her if it was my goal.

All girls were open-minded and experienced enough to fulfil our sexual fantasies, but at the same time, never too vulgar or cheap. The quality of women I sleep with, matters a lot to me.

With some of them, we chatted for an hour only before we met, with other ones, we chatted for weeks. It always depends on a person you speak to, all is individual and chemistry is different.

I would rate Mixxxer higher if not some scammers and slow customer support. Otherwise, it’s cool and effective, works for someone who wants quick results without too many efforts.

There wasn’t any annoying stuff like naughty commercials or automated bots, it’s a big advantage comparing to other hookuping sites. I liked my time there and I’ll keep going”.




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