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Cougar Dating App Advice: How can I find a younger man?

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A cougar has asked a question regarding where she can find a younger man who is artistic, handsome and attractive. She has joined a cougar dating app and she needs more support. In order to protect her privacy, her real name isn’t disclosed here.

  • A letter from a cougar:

Dear Dating Expert at,

I’m a cougar looking for a younger man. Ideally, he should be handsome, sexy and artistic. I’m very attracted to artists, but most of them don’t like me. What should I do? I’m going to Europe for a holiday this year, so I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how I can meet younger men in Europe. I’m already on a cougar dating app, but I need more support. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some advice. Thank you very much!

—- Cougar Courtney, Wellington, New Zealandregarding cougar dating apps

  • Our letter to her:

Dear Cougar Courtney,

Thanks for the letter.

Based on your ideal partner’s profile, he obviously has to be someone artistic and shouldn’t be someone analytical. In order to find an artist like that, here are some methods apart from joining a cougar dating app:

  • Some places to meet artistic men include designer coffee shops, museums, antique stores, ethnic restaurants or bars and art auctions. Therefore, you may want to volunteer for an art auctionand see who’s there. Make sure you become friends with the organizer of the art auction so that this person will introduce single men in their social circle to you. Do some research online and become a volunteer for an art auction in your local area. Alternatively, you may want to be involved in the film industry so that you can meet artists such as filmmakers (you can become an extra of a film – that’s an entry-level job in the movie industry that almost anyone can do). But that probably requires you to move to Los Angeles which isn’t your local area. Anyway, it’s still something that is good to know.
  • Another idea is to attend events about art, music, fashion, etc. For example, if there is a major art event or music festival, chances are there is a pre-party or an after party. When you go to such a party, make sure you arrive early so that the organizer will have to talk to you first because most guests will arrive a bit later. Now make sure the organizer is having a good conversation with you. Then as every guest arrives, the organizer will have to introduce you to every guest. Now you can shake hands with every guest you meet and make sure you touch the pulse area of every handsome man’s hand so that he can feel the temperature of your body (and linger for 0.1 second) & always remember to smile like a beautiful flower.
  • Please note that very artistic men on cougar dating apps look for these things in women: A) creativity; B) uniqueness; C) passion. Therefore, younger men that are very artistic are actually more willing to date women who are older than them – their spirit is free and they are happy to experiment with new adventures in life. As a result, what you need to do is to display your unconventional aspects early in the interaction. For example, you have to dress up in a very eye-catching way if you want an artist to pay attention to you, e.g. wear a conversation starter such as a statement necklace, a bohemian dress, etc. A conversation starter is something that people will comment on so that they can start a conversation with you easily. Make sure your style gets male attention quickly so that artistic men will notice you on cougar dating apps
  • The key to attract an artistic younger man via a cougar dating app is to show him that you are a youthful woman. A youthful woman not only looks younger than her chronological age, but also feels young at heart forever. Thus, you must let him know that you are curious, adventurous and bold in many ways so that he will be intrigued by you. You may read a book every two weeks so you will become a better conversationalist – you will always have something interesting to talk about with artistic men.
  • The type of men you are interested in are more likely to be in Italy, France and Spain because these countries have more open-minded, artistic and creative men. If I were you, I would crash a party in Italy, France or Spain. That means you can go to a party without being invited – just do some research online and see where the party is & dress up and be there! Nine times out of ten, nobody will know you aren’t even invited. And you can meet interesting men in a social context which is more likely to lead to a romantic experience. Of course, you can still crash a party in New Zealand (it can be done anywhere in the world). If you get caught (someone tells you that you aren’t invited and you need to leave), you can still leave. Don’t worry about what others are thinking about you in this situation because taking a risk is necessary if you want to change your life.using a cougar dating app
  • A bonus idea without using a cougar dating app: If you drive, you can follow a nice car. For instance, when you are driving during lunchtime and you notice a good-looking man driving a nice car in front of you, you can just follow that car. As he walks out of his car and he enters a restaurant for lunch, you can also enter the same restaurant for lunch and ask him what you should order (make sure you sit close to him) – this is a bold move if you are brave. Alternatively, you can follow a car during festive time and chances are this guy will go to a party. In this way, you can follow him and attend the same party, thereby meeting this guy at the party.


  • You can go to a wine-tasting event where there are more men than women.

Good luck & remember to keep us posted – we want to know how it goes! All the best.

Warm regards,

Dating Expert at

cougar looking for a younger man

  • A few months later, this cougar has met a younger man via a cougar dating app – she was asking how to start an official relationship with him….

So, here is our response:

You can deal with this situation in this way:

Next time when you see him again, you say this to him, “Hi [insert his name], I really enjoy seeing you and I like you a lot. But now there are other men asking me out, and I don’t know what I should say to those men. Should I go out with other men as well?”

If he actually wants to have a future with you, he will tell you this is an exclusive relationship, meaning you shouldn’t see other men from now on.

If he doesn’t care, he won’t tell you this is an official relationship. And you will have the answer.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you have any other questions regarding cougar dating apps, please contact us again.


Dating Expert at

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