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Chispa dating app review: for Latino single men & Latino single women

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As a new app for Latino single men and women, Chispa dating app has a real mission: to build an exclusive community where Latino ladies and gentlemen can find genuine connections with those who share similar interests and core values.

  • Features:

  • Scroll through a tailored / personalized list of dating profiles.
  • Slide the dating profile to right to give someone a ‘like’ or simply click on the ‘heart’ button.
  • When the feeling is mutual, that’s a match & two people can begin chatting immediately.
  • If you are not interested in someone, just slide the dating profile to the left and then you can check out the next candidate’s dating profile. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘x’ button.
  • You can customize who and what you are looking for on Chispa dating app.
  • Rewind on members to give them a 2nd chance (premium feature).
  • Send more than 100 Super Chispas each month to get more attention faster (premium feature).
  • Boost your dating profile to be one of the top dating profiles for 30 minutes (premium feature).
  • Enjoy an ideal user experience on Chispa dating app without any annoying ads (premium feature).pretty women latin
  • Pricing:

Super Chispa – 5 Pack: $2.99

Super Chispa – 25 Pack: $9.99

Super Chispa – 60 Pack: $17.99

Boost – 1 Pack: $1.99

Boost – 5 Pack: $7.99

Boost – 10 Pack: $11.99

3-month premium membership: $14.99

6-month premium membership: $23.99

1-month premium membership: $9.99

1-month Elite membership: $19.99

  • Pros:

  • Only Latino men and women are on Chispa dating app, so you know exactly what to expect when you join this app.
  • It’s a new app, so it has incorporated many outstanding features from other existing apps.
  • Chispa dating app is a bilingual app – you can use English or Spanish.
  • Its design is very user-friendly (modern and chic).
  • Most people on Chispa dating app are very attractive.
  • Cons:

  • Many members do not even write a bio on their dating profiles, so you can only see their photos.
  • Sometimes this app’s location detection can go wrong.
  • It is reported that there are some scammers, prostitutes and fake profiles on this app as real latinos
  • Users’ comments:

“This app keeps telling me that I get likes. However, there is no section to see those likes. I think it’s a pretty basic app because it was launched quite recently. Fortunately, it’s not expensive, so I can afford it.” (Manuel S., 35, professor, Dallas)

“Because Chispa dating app is still at its early stage, there are many features that don’t even work. For example, I can’t upload photos from my device. I tried every way to fix these issues, but there are still many technical problems. Should I give it up? I really like to meet Latino men!” (Vanessa C., 31, social worker, San Diego)

“After I paid for a premium membership, I actually get fewer likes. I guess it’s because the location detection function on this app is broken. This app was launched three years ago, so the developer should have fixed this issue a long time ago. So sad!” (Miguel N., 32, internet marketer, New York City)

“This app sends me too many notifications, so I had to uninstall it. I don’t like reading so many notifications – it’s very overwhelming and stressful.” (Camila V., 27, sales clerk, Los Angeles)latino women app

  • Experts’ comments:

“Chispa is a relatively new dating app. Its concept is amazing – a place for Latino men and Latino women to find love in an exclusive community.” (Jade Seashell, dating advisor and relationship consultant)

“I think Chispa dating app’s mission is great. Most of my single Latino friends have already joined this app, and I’ve also recommended this high-quality app on my blog twice.” (Curt Coch, founder of iDateAdvice)

“Although Chispa doesn’t have the best technology in the industry, it certainly has the best concept. That’s why it’s extremely popular amongst Latino single men and Latino single women.” (Serghei)

“This is a wonderful dating app for Latino singles. If they can fix their technical issues, it will be even better.” (Alex Sergent)

“Latino men and women are very attractive, so chemistry on this app must be very intense!” (Wala Truscott)

“This app offers good value!” (Gillian Myhill)lating app dating

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I’m not a Latino guy, but I like Latino girls. Can I join Chispa dating app?

Answer: Unfortunately, Chispa is only for Latino men and Latino women, so it’s not for you. But you can still try this app and see if your dating profile will be approved or not. Good luck!

  1. Where is the headquarters of Chispa dating app? Is it based in South America?

Answer: It’s in Dallas, Texas.

  1. Can I link my Instagram page to this app?

Answer: No. Right now, you can only link your Facebook account to this app.latin dating app

  • Final verdict:

As a modern dating app for Latino singles, Chispa is a leader in the niche dating industry. It’s been extensively recommended by dating experts around the world, so it is a very good platform where many people have had outstanding experiences.

Chispa Dating App Review

Latino men and women are very hot. Do you agree?

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