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Gay Hookup & Chat: Partner Dating App Review

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Developed in Russia, Gay Hookup & Chat: Partner dating app is very popular worldwide, including English-speaking countries. Better still, this gay dating app has multiple languages for you to choose: English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Thai and Traditional Chinese. Apparently, it’s sensational all over the world.


  • Partner dating app doesn’t need you to talk for long with strangers on the Internet; you will find dates fast.
  • You don’t need to create a dating profile through your social network such as Facebook.
  • Every message is safe and will be deleted within one day.
  • Texting is 100% anonymous.
  • Its security is guaranteed.
  • GPS helps you meet people nearby.
  • No matter you are a wolf, bear, pup, twink or jock, you will find your perfect match on Partner dating app.
  • Meet Me button helps you attract attention quickly.
  • Random fake accounts are deleted by Partner dating app.
  • A neural network is utilized to protect its users from danger.
  • Recommendations as well as virtual signs of affiliation are used to connect its gay members.
  • You can cheat on your spouse on Partner dating app.
  • People above 18 years old can join this app.
  • Gay men from all backgrounds and races are on this app already.
  • It’s an anonymous club which bans underage boys, straight adults, nudity, offensive messages, etc.


  • A 7-day free trial.
  • A monthly subscription after seven days if you don’t cancel your subscription within 7 days: US$32.99.
  • Optional premium subscriptions: US$14.99 for seven days; $32.99 for one month; $54.99 for six months.
  • Auto-renewal applies to all subscriptions unless you manually deactivate your couples


  • Its design is very beautiful and attractive – the animation and interface are stunning.
  • It’s becoming more and more popular with high-quality gay men in the community.
  • Partner dating app has many languages for users to choose.
  • It’s anonymous, so your privacy is yours.
  • It allows you to cheat on your spouse if that’s what you are looking for. No judgement here.


  • When we looked at its users’ reviews on iTunes, we discovered that the first review is exactly the same as a review for Hinge (another dating app). We don’t know what happened. Maybe there is a technical issue?
  • The second review on iTunes is exactly the same as the third review on iTunes, but these two reviews come from two different users. That’s very strange. – Data collected on 10th April, 2019.Gay-Hookup

Users’ comments:

“Partner dating app has a very helpful customer support team. I’m very impressed by their speed and help! I will stay with them in the long term because I really enjoy this dating service.” (Adam Y., 26, Boston)

“Who needs Grindr when there is something like Partner dating app? Grindr is old and over now.” (Xavier Q., 23, New York)

“This gay dating app is very easy to use. So simple that I highly recommend it to every gay guy out there! And it doesn’t have a lot of ads either. That’s even better!” (Peter F., 31, Melbourne)

“Partner dating app has the most cutting-edge technology and it never crashes!” (Alexander D., 34, London)

“I thought it’s a free trial, but they still charged me! I don’t like it!” (Stuart Z., 30, Birmingham)gay love couple

Experts’ comments:

“With over 6,400 reviews on iTunes and only 809 reviews on Google Play Store, Partner dating app is obviously successful on the Apple Store and doesn’t do very well on Android devices. But it’s still admirable.” (Curt Coch)

“The conversion rate of gay dating apps is oftentimes higher than the conversion rate of mainstream dating apps because a smaller niche means people are more engaged and more interested. So,Partner dating app is quite successful.” (Serghei)

“Partner dating app is the most beautiful dating platform for gay men in the world. Its design is very artistic.” (Jade Seashell)

“If I were gay, I would definitely use this gay dating app.” (Alex Ainsworth)

Editor’s Notes:

  • Statistics show that many gay men on this app are artists. Maybe that’s why its interface is so artistic and creative.
  • A recent survey suggests that male artists are more likely to be gay men because they often have original thoughts that most men don’t have. Their creativity is to be admired.
  • Gay dating apps are becoming more and more popular in every country because Partner dating app also has a large number of users in Middle Eastern countries, East Asian countries and Eastern European countries.
  • When you are ready to meet a hot guy, you simply pull a trigger on this gay dating app and show you are ready for dating someone cool.
  • This gay dating platform will send you suggestions and recommendations, so that you can see who is also ready nearby. You can easily meet someone near you, i.e. your neighbor, someone at the same cocktail party, etc.
  • Its neural networks make sure people from dangerous areas of your city won’t appear in the recommendations’ list.
  • Partner dating app is actually a gay hook-up dating app. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, maybe this app isn’t for you.couples gay children

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Partner dating app safe?

Yes, it’s quite safe because your data isn’t saved in their system. You don’t even need to log in with your Facebook account & all messages are deleted within 24 hours. That means irrelevant people will not see your messages. And that’s also why many gay men use this app to cheat on their spouses.

  1. Is it okay to cheat on my spouse via Partner dating app?

We don’t judge you because of that if you decide to cheat on your spouse and neither does Partner dating app. In fact, this gay dating app even encourages you to cheat on your spouse, according to their description on iTunes (data collected on Wednesday April 10th, 2019). If an adultery dating app like Ashley Madison’s advertisement was displayed on a bus, that means western countries really have freedom of speech. Therefore, it’s your personal choice.

  1. I’ve used Partner dating app to cheat on my spouse, now I feel guilty, so what should I do?

Frankly, if people don’t forgive their cheating partners, most couples won’t spend their lifetime together in this world because in reality, almost no one is completely faithful. Also, the definition of cheating varies. Some people say looking at other sexy people is also cheating; some people even claim that watching porn when your spouse isn’t around is cheating as well. Hence, please don’t beat yourself up if you’ve cheated on your spouse. Just get over it and treat your spouse well from now on. What’s done is done. Keep your little secret to yourself and don’t hurt your spouse further by letting him know what you’ve done behind his back.

Executive Summary:

Partner dating app is a reliable gay dating app for gay men to meet each other online and hook up instantly. If you are looking for an instant fling, you should definitely check it out. You won’t be disappointed because many gay guys have found their hook-ups via this dating app already and you can be their next success story.

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Gay Hookup & Chat: Partner dating app deletes all messages within 24 hours so that their space is freed constantly.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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