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Hole dating app review (the gay hookup app: anonymous, direct, raw)

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With hundreds of thousands of extremely sexy men who are biting their lower lips, Hole dating app is one of the best gay hook-up appson the market. Are you ready for a hook-up?hole-dating


  • Publish your request online.
  • Browse other gay men’s dating profiles.
  • When you like someone and he also likes you, you will have one hour to talk to each other and arrange a date.
  • Meet local gay men near you.
  • You have to buy a membership to actually use this app effectively.
  • Strictly speaking, it is not a dating app. It’s just a hook-up app for gay men who believe that relationships are so freaking boring & only want no-strings-attached hookups. Therefore, if you are looking for actions rather than emotions, this app is definitely for you – it’s direct and quick. Better still, it’s totally anonymous!


  • Weekly membership fee: US$14.99;
  • Monthly membership fee: US$29.99;
  • 3-month membership fee: US$49.99;
  • 1-year membership fee: US$69.99.hole-premium


  • There are many users who are always online. This is a very vibrant community because gay men looking for hook-ups won’t leave the app easily – they are always looking for something more exciting and stimulating. Hence, when they are not online, they hooking up with someone hot.
  • Because it’s not a free app, the quality of its members is very high.
  • Hole dating app has many languages for you to select: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese.
  • It’s compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.
  • Your personal information is yours only. Their privacy policy is pretty clear.
  • The auto-renewing subscriptions make hook-ups so easy – you just set and forget.
  • You can search gay men near you based on distance.
  • Men on this app are extremely HOT.
  • Its design is very clean and tidy; the layout is perfect.
  • With its user-friendly features, you just open Hole dating app and you’re just one tap away from finding a hook-up.


  • Because it’s not a free gay dating app, Hole doesn’t have millions of users. Honestly, most people are unwilling to pay for dating services when there are so many free options.
  • It encourages people to hook up with strangers and promotes the hook-up culture. Perhaps this isn’t a con, but people who are happy to try casual relationships first and then see where things go later won’t join this app – many gay men actually don’t mind finding long-term partners. By labelling it as a hook-up app rather than a dating app, Hole is actually telling a lot of gay men not to join this app.hole-search-2

Users’ comments:

“I live in Los Angeles, but I can’t even find one hook-up on Hole dating app. I looked at those positive reviews on iTunes and can’t believe those reviews are real. After contacting the customer service team, they literally offered me a free membership, saying they are still growing their database. Are you kidding me?” (Nicholas E., 25, L. A.)

“This app doesn’t have a free option. The free trial that they gave me was just three days! It’s a bit ridiculous and I don’t think Hole dating app will take off and fly. So many free dating apps are available on the market. Why would daters pay for such a lousy service?” (Liam S., 28, San Diego)

“I like this app because men on this app are extremely attractive. Now I’m spoilt with so many options around me!” (Jim D., 23, New York City)hole-search

Experts’ comments:

“Hole dating app’s strategy is pretty cool – because they claim that it’s just a hook-up app and it’s not a dating app, only gay men who are looking for hook-ups would join this app. And these gay men are high-quality customers because hook-ups are endless – people will keep staying in this community for a very long time until their libido disappears. In contrast, traditional dating apps constantly have to look for new customers because once their existing customers have found someone to start relationships with, they will leave those apps. That’s why Hole dating app’s customer retention strategy is very powerful.” (Jade Seashell)

“Hole knows how to use high prices to filter people. In this way, only reasonably wealthy gay men would join this app, and broke gay men probably won’t choose this app. Although that’s a pretty cool strategy, it’s not working very well at the initial stage of their business because they don’t really have enough people to filter in the first place. Most daters still go to free dating apps first and won’t consider Hole dating app due to its hefty price tags. Perhaps it’s time for Hole to tweak it’s strategy and attract a broader audience first.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Hole dating app is a high-quality dating product for gay men to hook up with each other and find no-strings-attached relationships online. However, its database can’t justify its membership prices.

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If a dating app has many five-star reviews and many one-star reviews, that’s possibly a red flag.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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