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You can’t find millionaire dating apps on iTunes anymore: Here’s what to do

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Because the No. 1 sugar daddy dating app Seeking Arrangement was removed by Apple due to its unbelievable popularity in China, all millionaire dating apps have been removed by Apple. Now you will need to figure out another way to meet a millionaire.

  • You can still download millionaire dating apps on Android.

Yes, Android is a different market – it’s not as strict as Apple. In fact, iTunes’s censorship is too strict. There is nothing wrong with looking for the rich. The Internet should have free speech, right?

Yet, iTunes has decided to get rid of all wealthy dating apps, which is a turn-off. Therefore, those who are interested in meeting the rich have to go to Android instead.

I interviewed a woman called Nancy who only use luxury dating apps. “I only use millionaire dating apps to look for wealthy men. I’m surrounded by rich men who are interested in me, and this is a thrilling experience,” says Nancy, “Indeed, now my love life is very colorful and exciting.”find rich men on apps

What’s more, Nancy’s lovers not only give her love and affection, but also give her expensive gifts and overseas vacations. Better still, some of them have become her mentors who give her career advice and guidance.

“I’ve started my own business with the help of a rich guy that I met on a millionaire dating app,” says Nancy, “We met each other last year and now he has invested in my business. This year my business has taken off.”

Unlike many people who use Bumble to find dates and business contacts, Nancy has made a very different move – she only joins rich men dating apps to meet rich guys who have high value and status.

“Rich men are more experienced in the dating department as well. Most millionaire men have dated many high-value women previously, so they know how to treat women well and they make me very happy,” says Nancy, “Experience oftentimes indicates status as well, because an inexperienced guy usually couldn’t get girls – his status is usually lower.”

I really appreciate Nancy’s insight into luxury dating – she has been doing this for many years already.

  • What’s in it for pretty women?

If you’ve seen the famous movie Pretty Woman, you would know that Vivian met Edward in the street and he changed her life forever. That happened in the early 90s when millionaire dating apps didn’t exist.

Now the Internet has transformed the dating scene completely. These days if you want to date a millionaire, all you need to do is to join a millionaire dating app which is available on Android.

What I dislike about Pretty Woman is that Edward didn’t give the ruby necklace to Vivian as a gift. Instead, he returned it to the store after Vivian wore it. That was a bit off because in my opinion, a true millionaire who wants to spoil women should give the ruby necklace to this pretty men dating apps

By the way, I know some millionaire guys date a string of women and they prepare the same jewelry for their women. For example, a friend of mine is a rich guy in New York City. He changes his girlfriends frequently. He has a diamond necklace for his girlfriends to wear whenever he takes them out for functions and parties. Interestingly, some of his friends would say something like, “This necklace looks better on Nicole than on Amber.”

Please note that my rich friend in New York City is also on a millionaire dating app because he doesn’t want to waste his time approaching women in the street.

Now I’d like to answer this question – what’s in it for these women?

Well, to be frank, most of my rich friend’s girlfriends didn’t expect to keep that diamond necklace. They leveraged the opportunities to go out with my rich friend in order to meet other rich people, thereby expanding their powerful network.

Yes, the majority of girls on millionaire dating apps are smart and switched-on – they know what’s happening and they know what they are doing.

As to Amber and Nicole, my rich friend has some cool comments on these girls, “Both Nicole and Amber are very cool girls. They know what they’re doing. They’ve got their shit together.”

  • What’s in it for rich men?

Most wealthy men are very busy because they are self-made entrepreneurs. Therefore, they don’t really have the time to meet girls in their social circle and convert these girls into lovers.

Yes, of course, you would be well-advised to run social circle game and cold approach women in the street if you really want to maximize your chance of meeting high-quality women. But that takes a lot of time to master.

As a successful man, you probably don’t have that kind of time. Therefore, a great option is to join a millionaire dating app on Android and make it work for you instead.

Yes, instead of working hard in order to get girls, you can make a dating app to work for you. That’s also known as “passive income s*x” because the app will automatically send qualified leads to you – some millionaire dating apps even have “beauty verification” which verifies women’s photos without makeup.two rich girls on apps

As Roosh V famously said, “Most women wear a mask whenever they go out every day. They never show their real faces because they have to wear makeup all the time.” If you approach a girl in the street, chances are she wears heavy makeup and you don’t really know what she actually looks like.

If you approach a hot girl in a nightclub, that’s even worse because she definitely wears very heavy makeup and the dim light in the nightclub doesn’t allow you to see her face clearly anyway. A 6 can look like a 10 in the nightclub! And when you wake up with her in the morning, you might even regret doing it in the first place!

As a result, a lot or wealthy men have decided to join millionaire dating apps in 2019 because these apps usually filter women for their male members through beauty verification. Also, most ugly women don’t have the confidence to join rich men dating apps because they know they can’t compete with hot women.

  • A high-value man VS a high-value woman

These terms are very common nowadays: high-value men and high-value women.

What exactly does “high-value” mean? Well, actually, value isn’t absolute; it’s relative. When a horny woman is looking for a casual fling, “a high-value man” means a good-looking guy who is sexy, adventurous and bold. But when a marriage-minded woman is looking for a husband, “a high-value man” means a reliable man who has a stable mens apps

But when it comes to “high-value women”, almost every man would agree that a pretty young woman is a high-value woman on the dating market. I know this isn’t fair, but it’s the truth & this website is all about the truth here.

Thus, successful women on millionaire dating apps are pretty and young. Period.

Check out a luxury dating app and see what’s in it for you now.

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