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Joyride dating app review: for passionate and open-minded singles

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Right now, Joyride dating app is the best dating app for open-minded singles who are passionate about love and life. On this app, you can easily find a very adventurous date, conversations with like-minded friends and passionate night with someone hot.

  • Who is this app for?

Joyride dating app is for people who are very open to possibilities, creativity and infinite pleasure. Basically, switched-on singles looking for NSA relationships are the right people who should totally join this app. (NSA: No Strings Attached).

No baggage, no worries. Joyride is all about connect people with other like-minded individuals for the same interest. You can find Friends with Benefits or f**k buddies in record time on this platform. Every day, thousands of people find exciting encounters with fun-loving singles here.

Single guys and girls of all sexual orientations and races are already on Joyride dating app. Because this is an inclusive community, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual or anything in between can connect with each other and enjoy the moment.women-online-app

Most people on Joyride are looking to live on the wild side in no time. A lot of them are in open relationships or open marriages – they are looking for soft swap or full swap.

Soft swap means a couple is willing to have intercourse while other couples are having sexual intercourse in the same room.

Full swap means a couple is willing to swap partnerswith other couples.

There are many swingles looking for fun on this app as well. A swingle is a single person who is looking to have a swinger’s lifestyle, so they join swinging parties regularly and enjoy life.

Note that there are many more men than women on this dating app, so if you are a man looking for an adventure, chances are you are competing with a large number of guys. But if you are a woman looking for some casual fun, you can find a handsome guy who is hot AF quickly because there are so many options for you to choose.

  • Who is this app NOT for?

This app is NOT for people who are looking for traditional relationships, although some of their members got married already.

  • Pros:

  • Joyride dating app has more than 50 million singles looking for fun online, so its database is huge, meaning you can find someone suitable faster here.
  • It is a very safe app. Members do not need to worry about safety, for their staff members go to great lengths to protect their members’ security and privacy.
  • People on this dating app are very honest – they are looking for love without commitment because they believe that not all love is romance.


  • Cons:

  • Joyride dating app’s location detection may not be very accurate.
  • There are some fake dating profiles on this app.
  • Its text box is too tiny, so it’s not very user-friendly when you are typing text messages on the app.


  • Pricing:

$4.99 – $169.99 per item


  • Users’ comments:

“This dating app does not have a desktop app, so it’s not the handiest app on the market. Because its text box is too small, I find it too difficult to send text messages on Joyride dating app. Well, actually, I like the smaller box when it comes to sexual intercourse with a woman because that gives me more fun in the bedroom, but in terms of the text box on the phone, I prefer a bigger box as I can’t see small fonts clearly! Someone needs to fix this issue or develop its desktop app!” (Angus W., 32, banker, Phoenix)

“I quite like this app. Now I can sign in with Google, so it’s very convenient. Recently, they have improved their message system and I really like its new interface.” (Joy C., 27, singer, Nashville)

“This is the best casual dating app I’ve ever tried. Honestly, I have used at least 5 casual dating apps already and this one is indeed the most impressive of them all!” (Emerald H., 29, Beverley Hills)joyride-app-girl

  • Experts’ comments:

“I would like to highly recommend Joyride dating app to adventurous singles and open-minded couples who are looking for sexy encounters tonight.” (Jade Seashell)

“On this dating app, you can see who is online right now and contact them immediately, so it’s really efficient and handy.” (Curt Coch)

“If you think there is a scammer on this app, you should report them to the customer service team as soon as possible.” (Alex Sergent)

“Looking for a compatible ride? Joyride dating app is the answer to your question because it is the most vibrant and the most popular dating app in the casual dating space.” (Serghei)

  • Features:

  • View high-quality, full-screen pictures from open-minded individuals.
  • See who is online right now.
  • No commitment, no drama, no stress.
  • This app is full of polygamous people looking for excitement.
  • Your privacy is protected and safety is guaranteed.
  • One-tap sign up, streamlined services.


  • Final verdict:

Joyride dating app is one of the best multi-sexuality dating apps for those who are looking for a good time in the dating department. Without a commitment, your life is drama-free! Enjoy!

Quote: “A person who embraces joy also embraces life.”

Joyride – Open-Minded Dating & Passionate Singles

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