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How to use BeNaughty

Profile photos

After signing up

Female profiles quality

Are the unicorns sugar babies?

Are older female members married?

Payment and paid features

BeNaughty mobile app

The cons of BeNaughty app

Hookuping tips from the users

Success stories

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BeNaughty is a niche dating site for threesome hookups. With such a specialty, it could be not-so-popular but in fact, by statistics, it counts 500K active members from US and no less than a million worldwide.

How to use BeNaughty

Although this site is knowingly meant for threesomes and swingers, there’s no technical possibility to sign up as a couple. If it’s the case, a man and a woman should sign up separately.

Moreover, the male member pays for each message and action while the female member uses BeNaughty for free. No wonder girls are usually making the contact since it’s more profitable.

All features are classical. There are mass winks and individual winks, the profile doesn’t contain any special lines and can be filled only partially, there’s the chatroom and the Like gallery.

Profile photos

Although the profiles on BeNaughty aren’t moderated or censored by admins, as well as messages and chats, the team is rather strict regarding photos. They are all checked and verified.

It means, one cannot place nude or vulgar photos, celebrities’ portraits, fake photos of another person, etc. All profile pictures should be of this exact person and no one else, and look decent.threesome hookups

After signing up

Once a new user signed up, he or she immediately see the suggested matches basing on their location. It proves BeNaughty is suitable for local hookups, rather than for international dating.

Each member is encouraged to play the Cute or not game in the gallery, which increases his chances to find a match quickly. New male members are always showered with messages from women.

Female profiles quality

The first and foremost, there are no scammers on BeNaughty. It’s very rare nowadays. Even without the strict pre-moderation, the profile photos filtration helps to keep the safety level high.

Selfies and casual photos prevail on this site and app. Many girls look natural enough, and many of them are very young. It’s particularly explained by the unicorn culture which is in fashion now.

Are the unicorns sugar babies?

The unicorn is typically a young girl who offers her tenderness and passion to a couple. She may do that for symbolic rewards and gifts, or simply because she prefers threesomes for a bigger pleasure.

So, are single girls on BeNaughty after money? Escort girls aren’t allowed on this platform, neither it is meant for sugar dating. Therefore, any conditions of the meeting users discuss individually.local hookups on it

Are older female members married?

Threesomes do not always consist of two women and one man, it can be vise versa. Since not all users indicate in their profiles the current marital status, men may suspect they’re contacted by married women.

Do not be afraid or shy to ask directly whether a person presents a couple or a single person. Of course, men do not want to waste another paid message for asking this additional question.

So, in order to save your funds, better analyze women’s profiles. If they want to catch a single man for their sex games, they give a sign in their photos or a profile text about having a stable partner.

Payment and paid features

1-month full membership on BeNaughty costs $28.80. The price is double cheaper if to pay for 3 months at once. It’s considered an average price in the hookup dating market, or a bit above average.

Messaging is available only to paid members, as well as viewing all extra photos of other users except for the main photo. Only the basic profile info is seen to free members, other sections to paid ones.

BeNaughty mobile app

For now, the app is available only to Android users. It is rather new and downloaded 50K+ times. In contrast to the desktop version, the threesome concept isn’t present in its description or users’ responses.

On the opposite, the app promotes the search for love and meaningful relationships, and offers group chats based on common social interests. The users, meanwhile, seek all kinds of local hookups on it.Escort girls

The cons of BeNaughty app

As it was said, the site BeNaughty is scam-free. Well, the phone application isn’t that lucky. Users often admit there’s no filtration by the administrators at all, so the scammers are present indeed.

On another hand, let’s recall that an application has been launched pretty recently and many new platforms tend to use bots for attracting the audience. It normally changes once the number of users increases.

Users from well-populated areas though, have no problem finding a local match for going out. A bad part is that admins do not even care to answer to negative comments on the app main page.

Hookuping tips from the users

The tips for casual sex on BeNaughty are following, choose the sexiest profile photo you can, but also make sure you indicated one of the popular areas of living in your profile settings.

If in fact, you live in the remote region, indicate the biggest city around you could reach by car or by bus. It’ll increase your chances to find a real person for hookups, instead of the bots for online flirting.

If you wish to stay away from sugar babies and scammers, simply mention in your profile you aren’t willing to be a sponsor to anyone. Then only horny and non-commercial personals will focus on you.

Success stories

“I am using BeNaughty, its desktop version for six months now. It makes sense to pay for 3 months at once minimum, to save one’s funds. I go out regularly with its help, each third day at least.

Some of the seekers are married couples who want some fun, others are single. No one is searching for serious encounters on BeNaughty, and it isn’t meant for that I would admit.

I have all positive impressions about this platform. It looks neat and decent enough for your typical hookup site, there are no vulgar photos, panic buttons and all the stuff. It raises one’s self-respect.

At the same time, there’s no adult dating blog that would help inexperienced people understand their wishes better and succeed easier. I would gladly be a tutor to many, but there’s no option for that.

Most of the people I meet, are of high quality, not just track drivers who are bored and seek some flesh. Thanks to this site, I enjoy refined conversations, vivid flirting, and surely the best sex”.BeNaughtyis suitable for local hookups

“BeNaughty became the first hookup site for me where I’m practicing travel dating and hookups. Everyone would probably agree that threesome hookups are an exciting adventure by itself.

Well, I’m combining this excitement with traveling, to make my life experience even brighter. BeNaughtyis rather suitable for local hookups, but I see no problem in finding casual partners abroad.

Some of such foreign couples invite me at their cost, other trips are affordable to me so I organize my travel by myself. In any case, my profit is big, it’s a new experience and lots of joy.

I met so many cool people already I could write a book about that. BeNaughty is completely sufficient for all these numerous stories that happened to me, I had no need in another site or app.

I am very grateful to this source and I keep recommending it to my like-minded buddies who appreciate the freedom of choices and many-sided sexual life. I am quite happy with BeNaughty”.

“I think the casual sex site BeNaughty has a wonderful concept, letting people be who they are. They can enjoy intimacy without any boundaries and discover new opportunities freely.

No need to say such a position and open-minded views cement the relationship as much as jealousy destroys it. I am extremely lucky to have an open-minded partner as well and to enjoy things.

Personally, to me it’s much more pleasant to be finding our sweet unicorns online, on a good-looking and well-designed site, not in the bars or clubs full of smoke and terrible noise.

There’s something very harmonious about that. You pick the hottest photo, talk to a person a bit, and create a nice friendly atmosphere. Then you invite her to your beautiful place with the candlelight.

We do this regularly with my boyfriend and we must admit all girls found on BeNaughty, were amazing. We enjoyed a lot each experience we had, and we’ll keep on expanding our love chain”.

Expert’s summary

BeNaughty is one of the best hookup dating sites in the market, with its wide opportunities and very simple features. Even newcomers and less confident hookupers can succeed on it.

The biggest disadvantage of the platform is its phone app version that works only on Android for now, although the majority of progressively thinking folks use iPhones and iPads for online dating.

As to the main site, it doesn’t seem to have many flaws. The number of success stories is stably big, which is reassuring and convincing for all potential users who are going to try it out.

Although there’s no dating blog or dating tips for newbees, BeNaughty promotes free thinking pretty clearly and encourages people widen their sexual horizons. All that is done in a decent manner.

We’d recommend BeNaughty to experienced hookupers, bored singles, horny singles, open-minded couples, sugar babies, the unicorns who are seeking to improve their sexual experience.

However, some categories of users should be avoided permanently, such as commercially thinking personals, webcam girls, professional escorts, toyboys seeking money, senior members, and such.BeNaughty Review

Although all these kinds are usually weeded out by the support team, some shall be hiding under the attractive and trustworthy profile photos. Yes, there are some catfishers on BeNaughty indeed.

Today, none platform is completely free of them. So, use common sense, follow your intuition and logic, in order to detect such non-suitable personalities quickly without wasting your time.

What do senior members do on BeNaughty? They like to observe. They may play a sexy young blonde just to make you share private photos and exciting stories about your threesome experiences.

Always use the video chat option in order to recognize such dishonest folks early. As to the toyboys, you may need one and it’s ok, but make sure your financial expectations match well.

Be very straightforward when you discuss the possible rewards and exchange of services. The best way is not to be anyone’s sponsor at all and to be clear about that from the beginning.

Hookuping on BeNaughty is easy, moreover, it’s safe for all users over 18 y.o. who are already responsible for their wishes and actions. The database is sufficient, and the interface is intuitive.

Although the customer support is way too slow in answering the request, or irresponsive at times, they do keep the quality high enough and pre-moderate all profile photos or first messages.

One can be sure he’ll find what he needs on this site, with a big guarantee. Always check the site for the newest updates and enjoy all the benefits of adult dating with this legit platform.

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