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Joyride dating app review (casual dating)

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Joyride is a casual dating app which gives people the opportunities to meet new people for excitement and fun on the Internet. It has nearly 100,000 reviews on Google Play Store alone, let alone reviews on other platforms. But is this casual dating app really that good?


  • View full-screen photos from real members.
  • See who’s online now.
  • Enjoy all services for free for seven days. But if you stay in the community after 7 days, you’ll pay a subscription fee automatically.
  • People aren’t looking for commitment on this app.
  • Most members are polygamous men and women looking for fun.
  • Security: Your privacy is protected. You decide who can see what and when.
  • One-tap sign up: very user-friendly.


  • First 7 days: completely free.
  • 7 days later: $5.99 – $169.99 per item


  • Sexy adventures are everywhere on this app – nobody is looking for a commitment; people are only looking for random encounters.
  • 20 million members are looking for sex here – it’s easy to find someone hot and horny tonight.
  • The internet’s most vibrant casual dating community gives you the best experience online and offline.
  • You can see who’s online right now so that you can connect with hot people immediately.
  • You will date with confidence because you know your privacy is protected very well.


Casual Dating & Adult Singles - Joyride


  • There are many more men than women on this app. It is said that some female profiles are fake. Let’s be honest – how many women do you know are looking for casual encounters rather than long-term relationships?
  • You might hear sob stories from “women” asking for your money on this casual dating app. You should report those scammers to Joyride immediately.
  • Because you are competing with many horny men (if you are a man), it’s not very easy to find an eligible woman who only wants to have sex with you.

Users’ comments:

“I downloaded Joyride dating app and absolutely hate it. Every woman that I met on this app was asking for my money. Fuck off, bottom bitches!” (Thomas, 38, Paris)

“Most women that I met on Joyride dating app are very sexy, open-minded and horny. Only a few women were hustling men for money, but I simply ignored them and told them to fuck off.” (Ned, 28, Birmingham)

“I joined Joyride to cheat on my husband who has had many affairs already. Taking revenge is good fun. So far, I’ve fucked 12 sexy men who are much better than my freaking husband who should go to hell. I love these new dicks because they are longger and bigger.” (Lorelle, 40, New York)

“It’s a great app. I joined Joyride because I was a virgin. As a 23-year-old virgin, I found my virginity embarrassing. I didn’t want to experience the first time with a boyfriend because that must be very painful – the first penetration is never comfortable. So, I simply had sex with a random guy from Joyride and it was all good. Now I’m a free person and can date whoever I want because I’ve practised enough with different guys on Joyride.” (Nicollette, 31, Toronto)

Experts’ comments:

“Many women on Joyride are either unhappily married or in negative long-term relationships, so they are looking for other men who can satisfy them sexually and emotionally. Some women are younger ladies who are still curious about sex and dating, so they need to experiment with different types of men.” (Curt Coch)

“Every casual dating app has way more men than women. Every online dating app or website has more men than women. That’s because it’s easier for women to get laid. As long as a woman is reasonably attractive, she can get laid. But it’s harder for men to hustle women into bed. That’s why online dating apps have more men than women in general. Now you can see why Joyride dating app has more male members than female members.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

Joyride dating app is a casual dating app which offers people wild sex and casual connections. If that’s your type of thing, you can try it for free for seven days and decide whether you like it or not. Remember to deactivate your account before Day 7 because you’ll automatically pay a membership fee after Day 7 if you continue using this service. But if you are happy with what you’ve got within the first 7 days, you may choose to continue your membership. If you are a woman, you can instantly find sexy men on this app because Joyride has more hot men than women.

Women who know how to ride a cock well are on Joyride.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money

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