BLK dating app review: for Black single men and Black single women

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Designed for Black men and women to find love online, BLK dating app has created an exclusive community where only Black singles can join and find real connections with those who share the same core values and similar interests.

  • Features:

  • Browse a personalized list of dating profiles that are specifically hand-picked for you.
  • If you like someone, simply slide the dating profile to right to give this individual a “Yeah” or simply click on the ‘Heart’
  • If that person also likes you, congratulations – you’ve got a match!
  • Chat with your match immediately.
  • If you don’t like what you see, simply slide the dating profile to the left to give the member a “Nah”. Or you can simply click on the “X” icon.
  • Like other users nearby.
  • Customize what and who you are looking for in the community.
  • Every day, you receive a tailored list of dating profiles on BLK dating app.
  • If you have a premium membership, you can rewind on people to give them another chance.
  • A premium member can send 100 Really Likes each month to meet more people quickly.
  • Boost your dating profile for 30 minutes to be one of the top dating profiles in your local area (premium feature only).
  • Premium members enjoy a positive experience with no ads at all.
  • A premium member can send unlimited number of likes to other people on BLK dating app.
  • Once you become Elite, you can get all of the premium features and see who has liked you for quick women app
  • Pricing:

Really Like – 5 Pack: $2.99

Really Like – 25 Pack: $9.99

Really Like – 60 Pack: $17.99

Boost – 5 Pack: $7.99

Boost – 1 Pack: $1.99

Boost – 10 Pack: $11.99

1-month premium membership: $9.99

3 months’ premium membership: $14.99

6 months’ premium membership: $23.99

1-month Elite membership: $19.99BLK dating app

  • Users’ comments:

“BLK dating app and Chispa dating app are run by the same company based in Dallas, Texas. My best friend is a Latino woman, so she is on Chispa dating app which was created for Latino singles only. Because I’m a Black woman, I’m on BLK. Both of us are quite happy with these apps.” (Di H., 25, flight attendant, Texas)

“This app is reasonably good, but when I look through dating profiles that have liked me, I can’t see all photos from that profile. I can only see the main photo. Because I’m a premium member, I don’t think this is fair. Also, its distance/location and age ranges aren’t accurate. I have selected 30-40, but I often get a lot of candidates who are under 30 years old. Can the developer fix these problems?” (Tiffany V., 31, fashion designer, Tennessee)

“I hope the distance filter can be added. I don’t want to meet someone who is in another state. I only want to date local people on BLK dating app.” (Will C., 30, business owner, North Carolina)

“Sadly, BLK dating app has limited features and it’s so expensive. I can’t even filter much like smoking, drinking habits or mileage radius on this app. Nevertheless, they still charge $20 per month for some very, very basic features which should be much cheaper or totally free. A premium membership is not worthwhile here.” (Leo K., 32, entrepreneur, South Carolina)

“I love this app. I met my loving boyfriend from this app. We’ll be engaged soon!” (Jo X., 29, counsellor, Connecticut)black dating apps

  • Experts’ comments:

“BLK dating app offers a platform for Black single men and Black single women to meet each other in an exclusive community. This concept is unique, creative and wonderful.” (Jade Seashell, columnist and creative writer)

“As an exclusive dating app for Black singles, BLK is a wildly successful app. Many competitors envy BLK.” (Curt Coch, founder of iDateAdvice)

“This is indeed the best dating app for Black singles looking for love. I highly recommend it.”(Wala Truscott, therapist and s*x coach)

“Most of my single Black friends are on BLK dating app. They told me that it’s a great dating app that they definitely enjoy.” (Alex Sergent, co-founder of BARE)

“Black single guys and Black single girls would be well-advised to join BLK because this app works, according to industry experts that I know.” (Serghei, spokesperson of free app

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I’m a White woman, but I’d like to date a Black man. Can I join BLK dating app?

Answer: No, I don’t think you can because it’s an exclusive community for Black singles only. But you may still try to join the app and see what happens.

  1. I’m biracial, can I join BLK?

Answer: Yes, I think you can.

  1. Which company is running this app?

Answer: Affinity Apps, LLC.beautiful black women

  • Final verdict and executive summary:

Many Black singles are very attractive and they are already on BLK, so if you identify as a Black individual, you should join BLK as well and meet new people. Note that most people in this community are looking for meaningful relationships rather than casual flings. Therefore, if you are looking for a casual relationship, you may need to think twice before you join this app. Having said that, it doesn’t mean casual hookups are banned on this app. I’m just saying it’s harder to find a hookup on BLK as the majority of its members are looking for long-term relationships. Hence, if you’d like to meet a new friend and start as a friendship, you can see where things go later on. Maybe you’ll find a friend, a lover, a long-term partner or a wife / husband. Stay open-minded and curious, and then you will see unlimited opportunities and endless possibilities unfold themselves in front of you in this journey. Hopefully you enjoy online dating and meet the right candidate in record time!

  • Bonus tips for men:

find black women

BLK dating app review

On most dating apps, there are always more men than women, so many men prefer swiping right all the time in order to meet suitable women faster.

  1. Daniel says

    Free dating sites allow women to view profiles, get information on the men, and then contact them by email or instant messenger to see if they are interested in them. It can take a bit of time to find a good hookup with a black man, but it is possible with these free sites.

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  5. Rodgers says

    Once you have found black men that you are interested in, you can then contact the men or email them, or call them to get to know them better. It’s important to note that black men are very busy with work, so they are more likely to be on a free dating site than a normal dating site. However, if you meet them on a free site, it’s a great place to start.

  6. Bowman says

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