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Hinge Dating App Review: Designed to be Deleted

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Hinge: Dating & Relationships is a dating app which is designed to be deleted. Clearly, the app developer is super ambitious because this team has a very provocative slogan: “Hinge, designed to be deleted”. That means they want you to find your soulmate quickly and delete their app fast.


  • Hinge dating app’s algorithm rapidly learns a user’s type and only sends the most suitable individuals to the user.
  • Personality is paramount – unique answers to questions, religion, politics and height – a member knows their potential dates through detailed information.
  • Starting a conversation is made easy: each match starts with somebody commenting on a particular part of a user’s dating profile or liking someone’s profile.
  • Hinge dating app wants to know how your dates are going: After exchanging contact details with another member, Hinge will follow up with the users to learn how the date went so that Hinge team will be able to make much better matches in future.
  • Free membership and premium membership are available for different levels of dating services.


  • Hinge dating app is free to use.
  • Paid memberships are available:
  • Hinge Subscription: US$12.99
  • Hinge Subscription: US$20.99
  • Hinge Subscription: US$29.99
  • Hinge Membership: US$9.99
  • Hinge Membership: US$19.99
  • Hinge Membership: US$29.99
  • Hinge Membership: US$39.99
  • Hinge Subscription: US$10.99
  • Hinge Preferred: US $19.99hinge couples free


  • Hinge dating app has a very strong team who truly understand sales and marketing because they know that customer service is a big part of sales and marketing – they literally respond to almost every review on iTunes, no matter it’s a positive review or a negative review. Usually, most app developers only respond to negative reviews, but Hinge is different – their customer support team respond to all reviews in public. This significantly increases their audience engagement. That’s why their monthly downloads on iTunes is over 200,000 downloads per month and it’s become a very popular dating app.
  • Although Hinge dating app is very popular, it’s not as popular as Tinder and Match. When a dating app is extremely popular (read: too popular), it begins to have problems because as everyone is on a dating app, the quality of users is relatively low – the mega masses are there! Therefore, Hinge is at its perfect stage right now: it’s very popular, but not too popular. As a result, the quality of its members is higher than other big dating apps’ & that’s good news for those who are looking for high-quality dates.
  • You only get about 10 likes per day, so it’s very manageable, which is very different from the experience on extremely popular dating apps which send you hundreds of matches per day. A good-looking guy on Tinder may receive 2000 matches a week and that’s very overwhelming because most of those matches are with low-quality leads & the user has to filter those leads, meaning a lot of time is wasted.
  • Some members on Hinge dating app are very attractive.


  • You have to be patient because some members will ghost you, i.e. after a few dates, someone will disappear; after chatting on the phone, someone will stop responding. That’s very normal because in the modern-day society, it’s hard for a person to say, “Sorry, I’m not interested because I don’t like you.” That’s called fear of rejecting others. They just don’t want to hurt your feelings or make you lose face.
  • Using Hinge dating app means you are investing your time in your dating life – yes, it usually takes a long time to find someone suitable because you have to go through all those steps and browse hundreds of dating profiles before there is a match. Some members spend a few years on this app and still haven’t found one date yet. Sad.
  • Free members can hardly do much on this app.
  • If you have a paid membership, it will work for you if the member that you like also has a paid membership. Otherwise, it’s not really effective, so that’s a bit annoying.Hinge-Dating-&-Relationships

Users’ comments:

“Hinge dating app is user-friendly and helpful. I met my ex-boyfriend on this app last year. Although now we are not together anymore, I’ve joined Hinge again in order to meet the next one. I really like this app because it works!” (Ann G., 28, NYC)

“I get fantastic results from Hinge dating app because I always upload very good photos. That’s my secret to getting dates fast on a dating app. Frankly, my photos are professionally taken by a high-profile photographer, so my dating profile looks seriously perfect. On a dating app like this, photos are the most important element in the dynamics. Don’t say I’m superficial because that’s just how online dating works. If you don’t look great on a smart phone’s screen, you won’t get the dates you want – it’s just as simple as that!” (Betty S., 27, L.A.)

“Women on Hinge dating app are hot, intelligent and capable. I think most of them are wife material because they have beautiful personality as well. As I am a good-looking guy, I have a lot of options on this app – now it’s only a matter of which girl I want to choose! I went out for seven dates this month and I reckon I’ll choose the lady with the biggest boobs.” (George F., 32, Washington, D. C.)

“Hinge dating app is very easy to use and it doesn’t punish me for not paying for a premium membership. It works so well. I’m grateful!” (Larry L., 33, Seattle)hinge couples

“I guess Hinge only works well if you live in a big city. I live in a small town and the population is too small, so I can’t really meet anyone here via a dating app like Hinge.” (Richard A., 29, Hollywood, Florida) – Please note that this isn’t Hollywood, California.

“It only works for me in the first 30 days. After that, it doesn’t work anymore unless I become a paid member. I’m disappointed because I don’t want to pay for dating services – I’m entitled. Sorry about that!” (Harry W., 21, Vancouver)

“Too many members are looking for casual hook-ups on Hinge dating app. This is so disappointing because I thought it’s a dating app for serious relationships. Maybe my expectations are way too high?!” (Alex I., 25, Toronto)

“I like commenting and liking particular sections of someone’s dating prolife. This makes breaking the ice so much easier!” (Jennie D., 38, San Francisco)

“Hinge dating app occasionally has some technical issues on my phone because it doesn’t load photos correctly, no matter how many times I restart my phone. I’m not sure whether something is wrong with this app or something is wrong with my Android phone.” (Greg O., 39, Sydney)hinge couples love

Experts’ comments:

“Hinge dating app is developed in New York and has gained a lot of traction all over the world. It has over 200,000 downloads on both iTunes and Android in March 2019, yet its revenue on iTunes was over $800,000 on iTunes & only $300,000 on Google Play Store in March 2019. Does that mean Android users are less likely to pay for dating services on their phones?” (Curt Coch)

“Many people use Hinge to look for casual flings, although this app is designed for serious dating, i.e. its purpose is to help people find true love and build long-term relationships. Therefore, it will be better if Hinge team can add ‘dating goal’ in every profile so that people know what everyone is looking for in the community easily.” (Jade Seashell)

“Not every woman is girlfriend/wife material; and it’s perfectly normal to be mistress material. Also, not every man is looking for a long-term relationship; many men are looking for short-term relationships or friends with benefits only. In that case, Hinge dating app isn’t for you because this app is more about looking for serious relationships rather than arrangements or alternatively lifestyles.” (Serghei)

Executive Summary:

Hinge is a very reliable dating app that actually cares about the happiness of their members, so if you are looking for a trustworthy dating app that will really bring you good results, you should check it out.

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Hinge is not about promoting the hook-up culture.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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