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Sugar Momma Dating App Advice: My sugar momma is a real mentor

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The art of giving without expectation is something that I learned from my sugar momma, a wonderful lady that I met via a sugar momma dating app.

“Giving without expectation is certainly something I advise everyone to work towards. Not only will it make you feel good, but it’ll provide you with the leverage that you can utilize if the opportunity comes knocking,” says this rich woman.

  • The magic of giving without expectation – lessons from the sugar momma dating app:

Whenever you can add value to someone’s life, do it without asking for anything from them. Do that as often as possible. You will become rich as a result.

We live in a world where everyone is thinking, “What’s in it for me?” I have to admit that many rich people also think like that. But this article is about a rich sugar momma who knows the principles of getting rich, including this principle: Stop thinking about what you can get from others; start thinking about what you can give others. You can only get what you give.Sugar Momma Dating App

  • What my sugar momma taught me:

The lady that I met via the sugar momma dating app is Jennifer, a very competent marketer who knows how to market to the right people. Now I’d like to point out that my rich friend Jennifer is a giver. She is a very rich woman who works as a marketer. I learned the art of giving without expectation from Jennifer who shared another true story with me:

In 2015, Jennifer bought something from a company and the assistant of that company was very helpful. So, she said to that assistant, “Sarah, you are a very nice lady. What’s your boss’s name? I’m going to write a letter to your boss and tell him that you are very helpful and considerate.”

Sarah was extremely glad to hear that, so she said, “Oh, thank you so much! My boss is John.”

Jennifer wrote a “Dear John” letter which looks like this:sexy old women

Dear John,

I’m writing to let you know that your assistant Sarah is a very helpful, sweet and considerate lady. I’m very impressed with her professionalism. Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect employee, and that’s why your business is so successful!

Cheers, Jennifer

A few months later, Sarah got a promotion. One year later, John was looking for a content marketer for his business and Sarah recommended Jennifer to John.  (The story from the sugar momma dating app is amazing.)

John probably couldn’t remember who wrote that letter about Sarah to him one year ago. But even if he could remember who wrote the letter, it doesn’t matter, because Sarah is a very kind, helpful and considerate lady – it’s a fact. Jennifer has helped John to grow his business and make his company even more successful – numbers don’t lie.

In this case, everyone got exactly what they wanted: Sarah got a promotion; John got more profit; Jennifer got another rich client. That was the very definition of a win-win situation.

When Jennifer wrote that letter to John, she didn’t ask for anything from Sarah. She didn’t expect Sarah to help her.

However, according to Law of Reciprocity, after Jennifer added value to Sarah’s life, Sarah will add value to Jennifer’s life.

Well, I have to say that not everyone will reciprocate because I can’t guarantee that everyone will be grateful. But at least 90% of the population will. Meeting Jennifer via the sugar momma dating app changed my life women dating

Jennifer does that everywhere she goes. Whenever she feels that a waiter/waitress treats her very well in a restaurant, she asks for that waiter/waitress’s boss’s name and writes a letter to that boss which says “congratulations – you’ve found a great employee”. And she actually writes the letter to that boss as soon as possible. Then every time she goes to that restaurant, she receives the best service from that waiter/waitress.

Before Jennifer stays at a hotel, she contacts the hotel on the phone and says, “I write a lot of content for various websites like a journalist, so what’s your media rate?” (By the way, the media rate is a much lower rate than the regular hotel room’s rate & it’s for people who work in the media, including bloggers, podcasters, etc. Knowing this will save you a lot of money if you are also in this industry in some ways.) If the person who receives the phone call actually gives Jennifer the media rate, Jennifer will immediately want to write a letter to that person’s boss. And she actually writes the letter to that boss. Next time when Jennifer wants to stay at that hotel, she always gets the media rate through that person without asking for it.

“What if that person doesn’t want to help you even though you’ve written a letter to praise them?” I asked Jennifer. I’m so happy that I’ve found Jennifer via the sugar momma dating app.

“I don’t expect them to help me,” says Jennifer, “But it turns out that more than 90% of those people want to help me because of what I did for them.”

Because Jennifer has mastered the art of giving without expectation, she always gets rich clients, the best service & the best seats in her favorite restaurants as well as the media rate whenever she stays in a hotel.

Jennifer has something extra to share with us (no need to thank me; thank the sugar momma dating app that introduced Jennifer to me):older sugar women

Because she always gets the best seats and the best services in her favorite restaurants, whenever she takes her new clients to these restaurants, her new clients automatically think Jennifer must be somebody – they can tell Jennifer is a VIP based on how those waiters and waitresses treat her. Hence, her new clients already expect to pay Jennifer a higher fee. As a result, the business negotiation is always easier for Jennifer during dinner in these restaurants. Since Jennifer is more expensive than her competitors, her perceived value is higher. Thus, her clients think she is better. I have to acknowledge that Jennifer is a truly phenomenal content marketer who has helped high-profile clients to grow their businesses with her knowledge and skills, so her high fees are justified. In other words, Jennifer has created a virtuous circle for her environment.

“If a professional marketer can’t charge their clients high fees, this marketer also can’t help their clients achieve big marketing goals,” says Jennifer, “Think big. Courage is the real gatekeeper.”

“By the way, how did you convert these people into your customers?” I really want to know. I’m thrilled that I joined the sugar momma dating app and meet beatiful women

“The easiest way to convert potential customers into real customers is to give them free tips without asking for a fee,” says Jennifer, “In general, whenever I talk to people, I always think of ways to add value and see how I can help them. For example, when a potential customer asks me questions about how to grow their business, I always give them helpful advice on the spot. I never say, ‘Oh, this is my business card, and my fee is XYZ dollars’. Interestingly, after I have given them helpful advice for free, they usually want to hire me immediately, because they can see the value of my advice and they know I’m the right person who can help them with their business. That’s why giving value without expectation has worked almost every single time.”

Getting a sugar momma via a sugar momma dating app is just like having a mentor.

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