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The League dating app review (dating for ambitious singles)

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The League dating app is the Internet’s only dating app for ambitious singles who want towork their face off and achieve success. Unlike sugar daddy dating apps whoseusers include male members who are already successful and female members who know how to use their assets to their advantage, The League is different because its users are ambitious men and women (many of them are wannabes).


  • Swipe through high-value matches with the help of a personal matchmaking concierge service.
  • Elite dating  network: join local events run by The League dating app.
  • This app has matchmaking professionals.
  • Bespoke memberships: you can skip the wait list and start matching immediately.
  • Use League Tickets to buy things.


$6.49 – $549.99 per item


  • Only ambitious people who are growth-driven can join The League dating app.
  • This app is agreater filter which prevents the crap from joining the community.
  • The League dating app organises local events in 57cities, which is amazing.
  • You can meet your soulmate at local events, groups and meet ups, apart from using The League dating app on your phone.
  • The quality of daters on this app is quite high.


  • It is reported that The League dating app offers fewer successful matches than other dating apps because many users are very choosy –they don’t want to settle, so they joined The League. But once they are already on The League, they are still picky.
  • Many daters on The League dating app have a big ego. You may want toread Ryan Holiday’s Ego Is the Enemy before joining this app.
  • Although a lotof its users are very well-educated and intelligent, some of these members area bit self-involved because they don’t understand why relationships are about compromises.
  • You will be inthe waitlist for a very long time if you don’t pay for a membership.


“I joined The League dating app awhile ago, but I don’t like it. Most men on this app expect me to contact them first because they feel so good about themselves. I don’t want to date arrogant men.” (Amber, 25, New York City)

“The League dating app isjust a waste of time. I can get much better results on Seeking Arrangement –Seeking Arrangement is a similar platform (but its nature is a bit different) which offers online matchmaking as well as offline events, i.e. sugar baby summits and parties. I’ll stick to Seeking Arrangement in the long run because men on SA are more mature, successful and wealthy, whereas men on The League dating app are just wannabes who can’t puttheir pride in the right place.” (Ann, 29, San Francisco)

“The League is a great dating app because women on this appare very independent. I don’t want to financially support any woman because Idon’t think women should be spoilt. I prefer marrying a successful lady who can make her own money and can financially support the household so that I don’t have to work my butt off in the future.” (Brad, 28, San Francisco)

“Women on The League dating app are Spartans, whilst women on sugar daddy dating apps are Hos. Both of them havemerits and disadvantages. I’ve tried both categories and I think dating a Ho makes my life more exciting; however, dating a Spartan makes my life much easier.” (Peter, 30,L.A.)


“Many people compare The League dating app with other wealthy dating apps. But they are too different. There are four luxury dating apps: 1) The League – for ambitious singles; 2)Millionaire dating apps such as Luxy and Milionaire Match – for rich men and women to find love; 3) Seeking Arrangement – for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies; 4)Sugar mommas dating apps – for sugar mommas to meet male sugar babies. They are all very different from each other. You need to clarify what exactly you are looking for, and then you can choose one category.” (Jade Seashell)

“We recommended The League dating app to well-educated and intelligent singles looking for meaningful relationships on the Internet. It’s not a hook-up app because most ambitious singles don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth for casual hook-ups – let’sbe honest – when you are thinking about your career all the time except when you are asleep, are you interested in casual hook-ups? Probably no.” (CurtCoch)

Executive summary:

The League dating app is an elite dating platform for ambitious men and women to find eachother online. Because it has a long waitlist, you probably have to buy a membership so that you can actually join The League and start dating someone cool.

You don’t need to date out of your league any more because you can use The League.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Amy says

    Being in the waitlist for a long time if I don’t pay? wow! How do they know the people who wants to join are ambitious? My personal opinion is that Elite Singles provides more benefits in general than this one. Will probably give it a try anyways, great article, thank you for the honest information!.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Amy,

      Glad that you like our advice!

      All the best,

  2. Richard K. says

    Hey, been doing a research about this app, since I’m interested in joining, thank you for your article, very informative!. I’ve had a difficult life, what made me be so ambitious, I’m not interested in any sugar baby, I want to find someone with aspirations like mines, so will try this and see what’s next, thank you!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      You are welcome, Richard!

      Good luck!


  3. Clint N says

    I really like the League function “People nearby”. I during registration to indicate your city and the site offered me girls from my village. I just really want to find a favorite and not to settle for virtual communication with Mercantile persons.

  4. Brian says

    With the help of the League found my bride Lisa. Thanks a lot to the developers and administration of the site, you are cool guys!

  5. Victoria says

    At the League I met my boyfriend Max. After it became clear that we were serious, I deleted the profile, the benefit of this can be done without problems (I’m in the settings, just pressed the “Delete survey”).

  6. Tara says

    I found my husband Steve at League. An interesting story we got: I answered 48 questions from the test, which offers the site, and then compared the answers with some guys. So realized, that with Steve very much in common. We started to communicate, in two weeks went on a date, and in 3 months already got married. Thank you very much, for my beloved man!

  7. Alvin B says

    I registered for the League, when I learned from a friend that there are guys not only from Russia but also from around the world. And the age of users varied, from 18 to 54 years. I’m just 38 now and would like to find a partner at least 10 years older. While just looking at the candidates, but a few wealthy applicants found. I’m going on a date soon.

  8. Lola says

    Site League advised sister. She met her husband here, so there was no doubt about the high quality and honesty of the site. I really like the simple interface, a lot of free features (viewing guests and photos, sending emoticons). All the guys who wrote to me are not freaks, but a good, decent guys, so I have someone to talk to.

  9. Sanora says

    League is one of the few Dating apps, which has almost no bots, and users are quite polite and interesting people. It is evident that the site administration is serious about the selection of those who register here. You can not be afraid that you correspond with a robot.

  10. Van S. Sanchez says

    League has a large number of advantages – a huge number of users (more than 20 million), free registration is available, a very nice interface that anyone can understand, and a lot of beautiful girls!

  11. Carl says

    I decided not to trifle and after registering for the League paid for a premium account for a month. I immediately became available sympathy that I put the girls, I was able to send gifts, and my profile in the first place in the search. I am now in touch with many girls, in General, all happy.

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