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Dating coaches’ top tips (from flirting dating apps)

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After interviewing a lot of dating coaches from the best flirting dating apps, I’ve written a summary regarding what they’ve told me! You are definitely in for a treat right now.?

  • Surprisingly, the first date is not very important.

No one actually remembers exactly what you said on the first date, yet individuals can remember how you made them feel! So, you should just relax and have more fun rather than taking yourself too seriously on the first date.

Joining a flirting dating app gives you the permission to relax and actually enjoy yourself on the first date, right?

On the date with someone special, you would be well-advised to be a great listener. Pay attention to what she is saying. Find out a woman’s emotions and motivations! Ask her questions like “Why do you want to be a singer?” so you can figure out her motivations and emotions instead of some boring facts about this lady.

Also, you can ask yourself, “What am I curious about this woman?”Joining a flirting dating app

Stay curious. Do not judge her on the first date with a woman. The beginning of a relationship is about discovery and exploration. Therefore, you need to be open-minded!

If you are dating more than one woman at a time, you need to bring passion to every single date! A passionate man brings passion to everythinghe does because he doesn’t wait for something exciting to rock up. You are supposed to be enthusiastic, positive and interested so that your love life can become more amazing.

Actually, blind dates are wonderful as well. Apart from using a flirting dating app, you can also get your friends and family to introduce suitable candidates to you in real life. By the way, your friends and family already know you reasonably well; therefore, they are able to choose the right candidates for you in a realistic way!

Incidentally, Law of Attraction is real. I know this concept can be quite controversial, but it literally works pretty well in the dating scene. Note that this is not about wishful thinking at all. It’s all about feeling good feelings before positive things can happen in your life.

  • Key skills of a competent dater:

Dating coaches from flirting dating apps imply that a competent dater always asks for opinions and carefully listens to authentic advice.

Love can be blind when you are truly, madly, deeply in love. So, it’s very important to ask for your family and friends’ opinions and sincerely listen to what they are saying. People who actually care about you will be honest with you!

Dating experts from flirting dating apps also indicate that you shouldn’t expect to change anybody when you are dating. Let’s look at it in this way: You have tried to change your habits – how easy is that? Probably you know how difficult it is to change your own habits, right? Now can you imagine changing somebody else’s habits? Probably no!

Hence, you are not supposed to expect to change anyone. The individual you’re dating right now will stay the same in the future – can you actually, honestly accept that fact?from flirting dating apps

Experts from flirting dating apps claim that a consummate dater can remove the judge on his shoulder. Let me explain.

Everybody has their own insecurities, which is very normal. If you do not like your weight, your height, your age…., that’s often because you’re judging yourself frequently. So, I would like to ask you to get rid of the judge on your own shoulder & give yourself permission to stay happy, calm and confident. Now when you are totally relaxed, you can convince other people of your true worth and high value, for nobody will value you more than you value yourself, according to Kate Northrup (author of Money A Love Story).

  • How to kiss a woman and make her think you’re amazing in bed:

Ladies’ sexuality is very contextual; thus, the way you kiss a woman is super important. Some ladies like make-out sessions more than intercourse. I would like to share some interesting ways to kiss a lady and make her think you’re fantastic in bed.

In the first place, you should ask the girl out fast after meeting her on the flirting dating app. Make sure you build strong attraction in the first place when you meet her in person & then you should delay the passionate kiss deliberately.

Please make sure the atmosphere is romantic on the first date. For example, you can take her to a coffeehouse with soft light and soothing music in the background. And as you’re having an engaging conversation with her, you can introduce pauses on purpose. Then you embrace the mysterious silence and look at her seductive eyes while leaning back. This body language makes you look high-value and totally relaxed as you’re not clingy or needy. Note that leaning towards the lady will make you look low-value because that body language implies that you need something from her.flirting dating apps

If the lady holds intense eye contact with you, you must look at her eyes for a second, and then you look at her nose & her lips. Then your penetrating eyes look at her beautiful eyes again as you are touching her hair with affection. If her reaction is good, you can keep touching her neck & her shoulders. If she looks aroused (her eyes become dreamy), you know she wants you to kiss her now. Yet you deliberately delay the passionate kiss so she can become more aroused and more turned on!

In the second place, you should communicate your sexual desire by using “triangle gaze” on purpose. Your seductive eyes look at her left eye, and then her right eye, and then her soft lips, and then her innocent eyes once again. This triangle gaze will certainly turn the lady on even further.

If the lady likes you, she is probably wet by now. So, at this moment, your lips can slowly, gradually and gently touch her soft lips. Just mindfully feel the temperature, the texture and the moisture of her red lips. Slowly inhale the scent of her lipstick.first date

Indeed, kissing a woman with passion can look like meditation! That’s very tantric, isn’t it?

At the same time, you may touch her lower back, her stomach & even her breasts with her dress / blouse on. Then your tongue embraces hers. If she doesn’t show any objection, you may touch the area between her beautiful legs without taking off her clothes.

Okay. It’s time to end the passionate kiss & make her desire you even more! When she is so into the make-out session, you can end the kiss at its peak moment – it’s your duty to break the kiss & leave the lady wanting more and more from you! So, stop touching her and you’ll become peaceful & calm. The woman you met on the flirting dating app will surely be amazed by how awesome and cool you are, so now she is wondering, “Wow. If this is what this guy can do in public, he is definitely superb in bed!”

Quote: “Meeting a woman on a flirting dating app means you can practice your kissing skills faster.”

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