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Minder dating app review – Marry Muslim

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Minder dating app has been featured on mainstream media such as the Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Daily Beast, and many more, so it seems to be a reputable, reliable and trustworthy dating platform for Muslim folks. There are half a million members on this app already, and every day, new users are joining this app to look for their spouses.Minder


  • Minder dating app fully understands that most Muslims don’t go out often due to religious reasons, so this app is designed to be used easily.
  • Safety – Only your first name is displayed. Apart from the information that you provide on your profile, nothing else is displayed.
  • You are allowed to block any member from seeing your dating profile or chatting with you any time. No harassment, no worries.
  • Every dating profile is manually verified with a selfie as well as GPS location, so you know everyone on Minder dating app is a real person rather than a robot. Fake profiles aren’t allowed here.
  • Swipe left to pass; swipe right to like someone. All your swipes are completely anonymous, meaning you are only matched with another member if they also swipe right on your dating profile.
  • You can choose to delete your dating profile any time, and then all your conversations and user data are immediately deleted as well.


  • Minder Premium starts at US$4.99 per month, but prices may vary without prior notice. And prices may also vary in other countries.Minder-Facebook


  • Looking for a suitable spouse is fun on Minder dating app. Dating doesn’t have to be boring.
  • Minder doesn’t post anything on your Facebook page and never share your personal information with any third party because they take your privacy seriously.


  • Most Muslims on Minder dating app are Desi folks, so it’s hard to meet other minority groups here.
  • Only women who have confidence in their looks would join this app because a profile photo is required. That means probably 80% of its members are men.
  • You can’t specify your desired partner’s family origin, so this app may frustrate you because you have to go through the filtering process by yourself. Apparently, this app probably wasn’t designed by a Muslim dating expert.
  • A free member may not be able to find any matches here. You probably have to pay in order to find your ideal match in time.

Users’ comments:

“I quite like the idea of online dating for Muslims. Because of my family reasons, it’s hard for me to find a wife in my local community. That’s why I joined Minder dating app. I’ve realized that most women on this app also have similar issues; otherwise, they wouldn’t need to use an online dating app because most Muslim women prefer arranged marriage anyway.” (Reza, 31, NYC)

“I tried Minder dating app and I like it. There are many more male members than female members in this community, so I can choose whoever I want. Seriously perfect! In contrast, in real life, I’ve only seen women who can’t get married and I’ve never seen a guy who can’t find a wife.” (Farah, 29, LA)

“I didn’t trust online dating until I joined Minder dating app. This app is amazing. I met my wife on this app after using this service for one month. I highly recommend Minder to any lonely Muslim folks looking for love. No matter where you are, you can find your suitable spouse here.” (Mehdi, 30, Chicago)minder-date-app-muslim

Experts’ comments:

“I had a client who tried Minder dating app. He asked me to improve his dating profile, so I tailored his profile based on his situation. Yet he repeatedly asked me how I knew the Muslim culture so well & why I understood his situation as well as those women’s situation on this app. Well, I don’t have to be a Muslim myself in order to understand people.” (Jade Seashell)

Minder dating app is legitimate and very popular. With nearly 7,000 positive reviews on iTunes, it’s definitely a high-quality dating app for Muslim folks.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Minder dating app is a pretty good dating product for Muslims all over the world. The only problem is this app doesn’t have many people who aren’t Desi, so it might disappointment you. Another potential concern is some users are complaining that they can’t specify their desired partners’ family origin, which is very frustrating, because for Muslim folks, that’s quite important due to various factors. Therefore, if you’d like to try your luck on this app, you can definitely do it. But nobody can guarantee your success on Minder. You have to figure it out by yourself.

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Circumcision is compulsory for Muslim men, but many Muslim women also had circumcision. If that worries you, you’d better discuss it with your potential Muslim girlfriend carefully before starting a relationship with her. That’s the best way to respect a Muslim lady and yourself.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. James B says

    It is easy to turn off the Autopayment, you should not Shine your cunning, everything is available written how to do it. Great site, the money justifies. Picks up, and does not eat money for one presence on the site, as on other resources. If someone says nothing at all, it’s questions to his self-esteem and the bar, raised to the desired person. No spam whatsoever. Expanded freedom in self-selection, aka respect. Well, psycho portraits are gold. Definitely recommend.

  2. James S says

    Good day! Dear Dating site, remove eighteen thousand stupid questions before registration!

  3. Ana D says

    I certainly understand that greed is above everything in the world, but to pay money for viewing photos of the person you intend to communicate – it’s disgusting!!!!! And I have the time killed to stupid to pass the tests! Too bad we can’t sue me for wasting time when you register on your stupid website. 0 points out of a possible 5. View photos-pay, see who watched your profile-pay, write-pay! Pay for everything, even though it is not known – whether real on the other end people or not!!! Before you demand money – make sure that all users on the site are real people!!!! And write before registration, what the user can do on this site for free, so that people do not waste time in vain!

  4. Richard D says

    Terrible crafty site, all paid, you think that you pay 800R for half a year, and you write off 4600, then you write to the support service, after which you return the amount or offer to return not all, paying a month for 1200, but you have already passed a long registration with tedious questions and spent an hour on it, uploaded pictures, filled out the questionnaire and you, of course, agree, in the hope that a paid site with a type of extensive questionnaire certainly enjoy real men worth your attention. But nothing normal in the end, you don’t get to you come left men, many without photos, a lot of Caucasians and blacks, and people there basically is little LITTLE!!!! money thrown away, time, hopes. NOT RECOMMEND

    1. tj says

      minder is scam and fake profiles, u can call quik collections bank money from us stupids shassing mirages of fake profils

  5. Roger says

    The website is not bad, met a girl, in love) thank you For this! But fraud with money, and calls from collectors, in any framework, do not climb. From the site created for Dating, this is at least a perversion. In General, I will sue)

  6. Jacqueline says

    all who write, what a great website, it’s all nonsense, I write as it is. The site is designed to pull the money when you connect the premium, it is not specified how much premium is connected, but it’s okay, profiles of all the girls who offer me, either without a photo and with a minimum of information, or even a girl, it is not known from what steppe are offered to me, no one answers the messages, and the return conditions are simply terrible.

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