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Do you still need hookup dating apps if you have a wing woman?

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The answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

If your wing woman has phenomenal skills that can support you in your dating journey, then hookup dating apps are less relevant.

But if your wing woman’s skills are limited, then yes, you absolutely, positively need hookup dating apps, because going out with a wing woman isn’t cheaper than using a hookup dating app. More importantly, going out with a wing woman takes a lot of time & time is your most valuable asset, right?

  • How can a wing woman help you?

First of all, I do acknowledge that a wing man can also help you. But I have to point out that a wing woman is even better because:

  • If the wing man looks hotter than you, the wing man automatically becomes your competitor.
  • When you go out with a wing woman, your perceived value is higher in other women’s eyes. (When a woman goes out with a man, her perceived value is lower in other men’s eyes.)

As you go out with a wing woman, this puts other ladies income petition mode. Other ladies are wondering, “Who is more attractive, that woman or me?” & “Why is she going out with a man? Why can’t I have a man to hang out with?” & “Why do guys prefer going out with that woman rather than me? Am I pretty enough?”sex hookup

That’s right. Ladies tend to over think a lot!

Please make sure your wing woman is a gorgeous lady, for you want other ladies to compete with your wing woman! Once ladies compete with each other, you become the winner instantly.

Let’s say you have a wing woman already & here’s how she can support you:

Get the wing woman to talk to other ladies first in a bar. She could say to those ladies, “Oh, I like your necklace. Where did you get this statement necklace from?” Then other ladies have a legit reason to like her and they can talk for a while. Now the wing woman introduces you to these lovely ladies (or one of these ladies), “By the way, this is Alex. He is ….” (insert good traits and unique selling points). For example, if you have very high status, the wing woman may say something along the lines of, “This is Alex. He is the most intelligent man in Chicago – the founder of ABC company.” (Select the city you are in.)

If you have pleasant personality, the wing woman might say, “Incidentally, this is Alex. He is so sweet. You should totally meet him.”hookup

Of course, the wing woman must imply that she isn’t your girlfriend or wife at the end of this natural introduction, so she could say, “I’m pretty sure you will like each other.”

That’s the epic gateway.

As the wing woman introduces you to other ladies, these beautiful ladies will pay close attention if they are single women, for at least 98% of single ladies are keen to meet more men & they will see this as a great opportunity for themselves.

  • What to do after the wing woman has introduced you to a pretty lady:

Unlike meeting women on hookup dating apps, going out with a wing woman is a very different experience overall.

You only have 1 chance to create a fantastic first impression, so you’d better make the first impression unforgettable! Also, the first impression is very lasting!

After the wing woman introduces you to a pretty girl at a party or in a nightclub, you can give her an electrifying handshake. Here’s how to do it properly:

When you are shaking her hand, you can touch her pulse so that she will feel more connected to you physically and psychologically. She can immediately feel the temperature of your body.hookup dating apps

As you finish the sexy handshake, your fingers and palm can linger on her hand for half a second. Then she will remember that for a long period of time. I’m sure she will keep thinking about you for the entire night.

Next, you can give her a VIP smile. Please let me explain.

If you put on your big, beautiful smile throughout the whole night, your smile is not worth much anymore, for everybody just assumes that is simply who you are & you are glad no matter what happens at the party.

So, you would be well-advised to smile gradually and slowly so that you can reserve the VIP smile for the hot girl you want. (Oftentimes, the hottest girls are probably not on hookup dating apps because they possibly don’t need to use online dating services.)

When you smile at others at the venue, your smile should be reasonably moderate. Once you begin to talk to the hot woman you want to date, please make sure your smile is as wonderful as the sunshine in Australia. Oh, if you’ve done the electrifying handshake as well, the hot girl’s smile should be as amazing as the sunshine in New Zealand. (Hmmm. You don’t get this on a hookup dating app, do you?)best free hookuping

That’s because the hot girl will feel that you treat her very differently! Therefore, she must be unique and special. You don’t give the “wonderful sunshine” smile to everyone at the venue, this surely makes your VIP smile much more valuable. Psychologists argue that we are more likely to like people who already like us (tong-twister intended totally).

Clearly, this principle applies to dating as well. If you want a hot girl to like you, you need to like her in the first place and let her know it, too! Because this is so subtle, you can easily do it under the radar, which will certainly help you to increase the intense chemistry fast and make the strong attraction last.

  • How to initiate physical contact in the right way:

As you’re talking with the hot girl after your VIP smile, you can initiate some sexy touch, too.

  • You can ask her to pass you a drink, and when you get the drink, your fingers “accidentally” touch hers.
  • You can tell her you injured a finger that afternoon. When you show her the injured finger, she might touch your finger.
  • You can tell her a little secret in her ear. As you finish telling the interesting secret, your soft lips touch her ear “accidentally”.
  • Dance with her and as you finish the sensual dance, your hands linger on her arm or lower back for half a second. Trust me – she will remember that for a very long time (if not forever)!

Having said that, all of these techniques can be used even if you don’t have a wing woman. You can still use a hookup dating app and implement these strategies when you are on the first date with a hot girl!

Quote: “Hookup dating apps have made our love lives sweeter!”


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