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Interracial dating app review

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Color Dating has more than 300,000 members at the moment. Every day, hundreds of new singles are joining this app in order to find someone special instantly.  Statistics show that Color Dating has the highest success rate in the interracial dating industry.


* Select by race.

* Swipe left to skip a profile; swipe right to like a profile.

* When two members have swiped right to each other, that’s a match.

* A match can talk to each other by sending text messages instantly.

* You can search by location or age.

* High quality photos.

* Browse any profiles for free.


* It’s free to use, but if you want to enjoy advanced features, you need to become a premium member.

* $9.99 for 1 month.

* $34.99 for 6 months.

* $49.99 for 12 months.


* A large database which guarantees a high success rate.

* It’s free to download and use.

* You can view photos in their full format.

* The quality of their members is generally very high.

* It’s very user-friendly with a beautiful interface and a modern design.

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* If you want to have unlimited swipes, you have to pay a membership fee.

* It’s easier to use if you are in the United States because most of its members are in the US.  However, if you are from Europe or other countries, it’s harder to find a match because this app doesn’t have enough members in other countries.

* The membership fee is high in this field.  (But you get what you’ve paid for.)

Users’ comments:

“Dating preference is not a choice.  You can’t control who you are attracted to.  It’s totally okay to like someone who is not from your race.  I have liked Asian women since Year 8 in high school.  Color Dating is great because this app is very open-minded.  I have never met anyone judgemental on this app.  I highly recommend Color Dating to people who are interested in interracial dating.  Thanks to this popular interracial dating app, I’ve met my girlfriend Lily from Korea.” (Alex, New York City)

“I’m an Indian man, but I only like White women.  Honestly, it’s quite hard for me to get White girls without the help of the Internet because I just don’t know the intentions of White girls around me.  Luckily, I have downloaded Color Dating which has so many White women who are looking for men like me.  The most important part is White women who have joined Color Dating already like dating men from other races, so it’s just much easier, more efficient and much more effective on Color Dating.” (Arjun, Boston)

Experts’ comments:

“Color Dating is the best interracial dating app on the market because they have a huge database.  In order to find quality, quantity matters.” (Jade Seashell)

“We like Color Dating because it actually works.  Absolutely no BS.” (Curt Coch)


In general, Color Dating is a very good interracial dating app which caters for the needs of singles looking for someone outside their own race. No matter you are Black, White, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino, Indian, American Indian, Pacific Islander, mixed or any other combination, you will find your match on this app because they have more than 300,000 active members daily.  Although you have to pay a fee in order to be more visible to other members, you can still use it for free.  If you are serious and want to find a long-term partner now, you probably should become a premium member because you will also see users who have liked your profile if you are a premium member. In this way, you will be able to find the right match sooner.

Who you are attracted to is not a choice.  Never judge someone who is interested in dating people from other races.

  • Design
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of Members
  1. Carolin says

    Just awful. Blocked for nothing. I just found some friends. No photos, data, and other nonsense not did. I go this and I wrote that application is blocked. Developers, how to understand it??? I even people who offered services for money blocked!!!

  2. Larry B says

    Here by the way, Yes, deletion of the questionnaire. Oh Oh Oh take your time, do not chop with hot. You can remove it after 1 day and 10 hours… What the fuck? I want to delete it now.

  3. Cheryl says

    It is impossible to immediately delete my account (have to wait roughly two days) the Contingent of so-so. Too often people come across a questionnaire that creates a feeling that Tabor really has come. No filter by nationality.

  4. Guadalupe says

    Extremely muddy application. Initially pleased with the lack of offers of sex services in the questionnaires, the apparent pumping of money. But, most of there fakes and bots, and a lot of visitors… according to the impressions, the guests of the capital just chatter among themselves, well, maybe they get acquainted sometimes when they do not get to the bot. …

  5. Melissa D says

    Unlike other applications, questionnaires are blocked here. I blocked the profile, although I’m no rules were not violated. Question to developers: how can I find out the reason for blocking and restore the form? After the answer of support I add: ATTENTION! do not give your phone number. For this block…

  6. Bonnie says

    Ironically, sex was offered to me, and in rough shape, but when I answered in the same way and blocked him, the moderators for some strange reason I have blocked my profile on the website, which is already three years at least. It is very logical to block normal users, but keep any rabble…

  7. Katherine says

    Write everything from any city, any age without the possibility of any filters. In the status it is impossible to disable comments or delete them, so that everyone can write insults, though you to communicate with him and was not going!

  8. Barbara says

    It is impossible to send a photo to the interlocutor(TSE) without VIP status. Did not expect such meanness in this application. In other applications this feature is FREE… Badoo rules, girls and boys as well as their parents…
    very good app. I was there with a guy I met we have a child. the only disadvantage is that it is necessary to replenish. it for money. but I’m here and without them, your destiny found. thanks for the app.

  9. Brent E says

    You don’t approve of a normal face photo? Do not give to remove the form immediately after they themselves are not allowed to use the application? Tech support is silent, why? Keep a well-deserved one. Good luck.

  10. Roy says

    Specify please, why when someone added me in ignore, then I have is displayed, that and I added this human in ignore? And when I remove the ignore from it, it continues to hang! As if it was me, hung it! What the hell?! And change photo in chat, only for VIP. Very stupid…

  11. William says

    downloaded the app, but can’t log in. not a valid username and password. with browser-staunch, and with applications – no! how is that possible?

  12. Samuel says

    In principle a good idea, but a lot of but. Why not to do at least something for free, upload pictures for example, about sex no one says, anyway, all photos are moderated. A little boring, you know all that this Dating website, but anything you can think of, and so it is nice))

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