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Why one-night-stand dating apps are healthy and empowering?

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Truthfully, masturbation cannot replace s*x with a romantic partner.

Indeed, masturbation is one of the most private activities among us; we just don’t want to talk about this embarrassing topic, although it’s a very important topic. (Source: one-night stand dating apps)

  • Why women should masturbate & men shouldn’t:

If a guy masturbates in front of a laptop while watching some adult videos (which is what modern guys do frequently), his body might be conditioned to be aroused by adult videos rather than a woman’s body. Consequently, when he is actually in bed with a lady, he may have difficulty preparing an erection properly. Actually, the biggest sexual organ is the human brain; therefore, when his brain associates an erection with adult videos on a laptop, it’s much harder for his brain to associate an erection with a lady in the bedroom.

Besides, when a guy is masturbating in front of a laptop, his position is different from having intercourse with a real woman in the bedroom. As a result, his body could be conditioned to be able to have intercourse when he is sitting in a chair or sofa rather than on a lady’s beautiful body. His real sexual performance with a lady could be negatively affected.

So, I must say that men should not masturbate too often. That’s right – when it comes to s*x, gentlemen need ladies more than ladies need gentlemen. I know this isn’t fair, but it’s a fact. (Source: one-night-stand dating app)top night app

Yet why should women masturbate more often?

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that many ladies cannot orgasm during intercourse. And practicing masturbation frequently is the single best way to help ladies have more orgasms. That’s because ladies are supposed to explore their own sexuality and understand what makes them feel great. The ideal way to learn what actually works is masturbation, according to research conducted by experts from a one-night stand dating app.

Ladies can take their time when they are masturbating, e.g. enjoy a bubble bath with lovely candles / listen to soothing jazz music / read an erotic novel / allow the imagination to go wild…. Scientists even argue that the brain can’t tell what’s real and what’s imagined! So, ladies should totally enjoy this fantasy which is also the reality!

Having said that, women need to understand that masturbation still cannot replace having real intercourse with a guy. When a lady is masturbating, chances are she does not do penetration at all – she simply rubs her clitoris and vulva so that she can feel the intense pleasure directly. This is very different from an orgasm caused by real penetration from a man.

Even though a lady uses penetration during a masturbation session, this sensation is still quite different – she cannot feel the weight of a guy on her body! When a guy’s weight is on a woman’s body, her genitals are directly linked to her heart as the guy’s body is literally linking her honey pot to her heart. That also explains why women tend to fall in love with men that they have slept with. (Source: one-night-stand dating apps)one-night-stand dating apps

Based on a report created by a one-night stand dating app, the ideal way for ladies to explore sensuality and sexuality is to combine real intercourse with masturbation.

During real intercourse, a woman can feel how harda guy’s willy is. He can surprise her by penetrating her honey pot at a different speed occasionally. He can go fast, slow, fast, slow….

Before a guy climaxes, his willy gets bigger and she can feel that fullness inside her.

Right before his ejaculation, the tip of his willy contracts with a naughty rhythm just like his pulse, and the lady could envelop that exciting thrill. She is able to feel a deeper and stronger orgasm inside her honey pot that leads to her heart.

Yes, masturbation may solve certain problems temporarily; however, it isn’t the real solution. As a result, masturbation cannot replace sleeping with a romantic partner. That is exactly why one-night stand dating apps are very important these days.

  • Owen Cook’s discovery:

Owen Cook is the founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD) and a pickup teacher. Now he has changed the direction of his business and started to teach self-help and personal development instead.

In one of Owen Cook’s recent videos, he shares his interesting discovery with us:

In 2002, he asked men how many of them would like to start a family in a seminar, many men put up their hands.

In 2010, he asked the same question in a seminar, fewer men raised their hands.

In 2020, he asked the same question again, very few men raised their hands.

That means more and more men do not want to get married and have kids. Sad but one night

  • The raw and ugly truth that may shock you:

Obviously, the mainstream culture is separating men from women by promoting “feminism” and “homosexuality”. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying feminism and homosexuality are bad. I mean the elite and the Establishment are using these concepts for financial reasons – when men and women are further separated from each other, it’s easier to control the population because strong families are harder to control. Feminism and homosexuality can decrease the birth rate in a country, so the Establishment and the elite can find an excuse to get more immigrants to move to western countries, thereby further decreasing the average wage (more people in the labor force means lower wage) – now you also have understood how feminism actually works for the elite and the Establishment, not for to meet

Since a growing number of men are not looking forward to starting families, more and more women are becoming desperate. Small wonder “dating advice for women” is a billion-dollar industry now – these very popular dating coaches are selling advice on how to get men to commit to women. Where was this kind of advice in 1960?

As more and more men don’t want to get married these days, one-night stand dating apps are becoming increasingly popular right now. This is completely understandable.

In conclusion, when a man has to masturbate, he probably should join a one-night stand dating app instead.

“The current family law (divorce law) in western countries do not support men, so lots of men do not want to get married and have children. Then women are wondering why men do not commit to them; hence, that means the family law does not support women either!”

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