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OKCupid Dating app review

OKCupid dating app review and comments

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OKCupid is the biggest dating site in the world (or at least it’s one of the biggest dating websites). This dating site also has an app which introduces millions of singles to each other. Every day, millions of messages are sent on OKCupid dating app.


  • Quickly sign up with a username and an email address.
  • A member can filter matches according to a wide range of criteria.
  • View your match percentage with other users – every user has answered compatibility questions.
  • Post date suggestions to let others know you are ready to meet someone now.
  • Rate other users’ dating profiles.
  • A user receives a notification immediately once another user has viewed their dating profile.


  • It’s totally free!

OKCupid is 100% free! Free to download, free to join, free to contact other members.


  • Free to use.
  • A huge database means more options.
  • Doing fun quizzes so that other members could pre-judge you – this saves you time in the long run.
  • An advanced algorithm means you won’t see the same profiles all the time.


  • Free to use – that also means many scammers are on this app because there is no filter.
  • Poor customer service – how can 48 staff members look after millions of users? Impossible.
  • A big database also means you are very likely to meet someone you actually know in real life, e.g. your boss, your co-worker, your neighbour, your client, etc.
  • Too many features means the app looks very crowded.


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Users’ comments:

“I’m a 48-year-old virgin who joined OKCupid. I never tried online dating before because I didn’t have the courage to meet someone via URL – I prefer meeting people IRL. However, if I don’t get married now, I’ll probably never have kids because menopause is drawing near.  OKCupid is good because it’s free. I have met a few men through OKCupid, but most of them are pretty boring.” (Tamara, 48, London, the United Kingdom)

“I like OKCupid because I met the love of my life on this app. I have recommended OKCupid to all my friends who are single and looking for love.” (Alicia, 33, New York City, the United States)

“I joined OKCupid in 2016 and I’m still on OKCupid because there are so many women who are eager to find love on this app.” (Nicholas, 41, Perth, Australia)

“I joined OKCupid because I want to meet beautiful women in their 20s, but it seems that this app has many more men than women. Maybe pretty girls in their 20s don’t need to join such an app?” (Donald, 31, Toronto, Canada)


Expert’s comments:

“OKCupid is a mainstream dating app. Although it’s supposed to be a matchmaker, about 50% of its members are looking for casual relationships or one-night-stands.” (Curt Coch)

“OKCupid asks each user to answer a list of matchmaking questions, which is fair enough because it’s a mainstream dating app which promotes traditional long-term relationships.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

OKCupid dating app is also known as “Google of online dating” – apparently, it’s the king of all data-driving dating apps. Although there are many active users, the quality of its members isn’t too impressive. That being said, in order to find quality, quantity matters! It’s just a matter of how you get the quantity (through a free dating app or elsewhere).


  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Reliability
  1. Oksi says

    About 4 months ago I registered on app. Looking for some interesting fun. It is very convenient that the site can sit even on a mobile phone. In General, most of all I like video calls, it’s really interesting and cool. Recommend.

  2. Aida W says

    I’ve got a friend found her love already and the child is raised. And he was before a real ladies ‘ man. Girls changed often, more than a month did not meet anyone. When I heard he was getting married, I almost fell off my chair. Fell in love for the first time and in the present, and even where the wife is found, on a Dating site! Here is and I have hope emerged))

    1. Stephanie says

      I also have an interesting story related to Okcupid. I’ve been sitting here since 2014. I generally like to learn foreign languages. Began to try their skills on people from different countries) led correspondence and girls and guys. Very interesting. Now I have many friends around the world. I managed to visit England, Canada, even France. Went to friends.

      1. Samuel says

        Cool that you found what you were lookin’ for.

  3. Ann says

    I like to talk to girls. I need this communication around the clock. In addition to real life, I often conduct conversations on different Dating sites. But most of all I liked the site Okcupid. Then as it is saucy. Interesting girls, nice and intuitive interface.

  4. Ashley says

    And I for my mom found a boyfriend) on online app. She’s a beautiful woman, slender, but after the divorce with my dad is very closed in itself, as even the run itself was. Knocked to her a man of good looks and invited to meet. She long refused, but finally agreed. Now glows with happiness, began to take care of herself, thanks me endlessly, because they love it.

  5. Ethel says

    Yes, now all the current youth is sitting in gadgets, communicate on the Internet. That’s exactly apply I’m. Start often go on a Dating app Okcupid. Wrote me there is a cute guy. We talked for a long time until he asked me out. Fortunately, his photo on the page was real. Here we are 6 months together. I’m happy.

  6. Josef S says

    I’m not sociable since childhood, I have almost no friends, I’m already silent for the second half. All the free time previously spent at home and at the computer. As I grew up I decided to try to register on the Okcupid. Began to communicate with people. I have now there are many girlfriends, often meet in real life. Now I hope that guy in the near future find.

  7. Norma L says

    A friend without my knowledge registered me on the site. She felt that after my divorce from my husband, I must quickly find my true love. Honestly, I’m not such sites are very trusted and visit them refused. As a result, I can say thank you to a friend, she was able to find my soul mate faster than me. Now I’m really happy and believe in love again.

  8. John D says

    For me, the site has become a second home. Here I found interlocutors and new friends. I never thought that the Internet is something useful, but here it is how it happened. Great, now I’m not bored, there is always someone to talk to in the evenings, to discuss interesting topics. I’m thinking of inviting some new friends.

  9. Gerrit says

    The review is somewhat outdated. The quizzes are gone, sadly enough because this was a fun feature. Also, sending messages is free, but the receiver must first see your profile to read the message, I’m not sure if they get a notification of the fact someone left them a message or if they just have to be lucky enough to find your profile. In the past messages appeared in the inbox directly, since this change I find the site a bit harder to make connections with.

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