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Best Dating Apps NYC on the Truth about Dating in 2019

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At the beginning of this year, I interviewed some founders of the best dating apps in New York City who have generously shared their insights into dating in this day and age. In order to make this article easier to read, I’ve summarized their ideas.

  • Why western men are leaving big cities such as New York City and Los Angeles for foreign countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines:

In today’s day and age, a growing number of western men from big cities in America are leaving big cities for foreign countries in South East Asia. Jill, a girl who has recently met a guy via the best dating app in New York is asking why the hell this guy is planning on leaving New York City.

“I met a hot guy on the best dating app in NYC last month, but he told me that he was planning on going to the Philippines. He planned that trip before he met me online. I really like him. I could tell that he wanted to go to the Philippines in order to find an Asian girlfriend. What should I do?” Jill is very concerned.young-girl-with-dating-app

I’d like to present two answers to show you how differently experts look at this situation.

Answer 1 (mainstream answer from a “guru” who wants to be featured in Cosmopolitan): “Clearly, he is not that into you. He is probably a player who wants to play the field. You should keep meeting other men and find your true love. Don’t make him your only option in your love life!”

Answer 2 (unfiltered answer from the founder of the best dating app NYC): “Your best option is to let him go to the Philippines. If he actually loves you, he will come back to you in the future. If he doesn’t come back to find you, you will have your answer. If you don’t allow him to go to the Philippines, he will wonder what could, would, should happen in the Philippines & he will never feel satisfied while being with you. And you will suffer from that as a consequence.”

“Why do so many western men want to leave major cities in America and go to South East Asia these days?” Jill is curious.

Answer 1 (mainstream, watered-down answer provided by a “guru” whose dream is to have morning tea with Oprah): “This is a global era where people can basically go to wherever they want. It’s okay to pursue freedom and find love elsewhere. Love has no national boundaries.”

Answer 2 (realistic answer provided by a red-pilled founder of the best dating app in NY): “Many western men don’t like feminism in western countries and they have seen pickup artists such as David Bond on the Internet, so they think they should do the same thing, i.e. visiting South East Asia to get laid.”best dating apps in New York City

“What are the differences between American women and South East Asian women?” Jill keeps asking questions.

Answer 1 (mainstream answer provided by a journalist who writes articles for GQ magazine): “All women are beautiful.”

Answer 2 (real answer provided by a founder of the best dating app NYC): “A modern American woman expects her husband to build a 50-50 partnership with her, whereas a typical South East Asian woman expects her husband to be a provider and she wants to look after the household, her husband and children. By that I mean a modern South East Asian woman also wants to accommodate her man in the bedroom because that’s a part of looking after her man as well. And her box is probably tighter from a biological point of view.”

  • What is the main issue faced by western men in terms of dating and relationships these days?

Answer 1 (Cosmopolitan answer): “Western men find it difficult to maintain healthy marriages, as evidenced by the high divorce rate in western countries nowadays.” (as if we don’t know that already).

Answer 2 (true answer provided by the spokesperson of the best dating app in New York City): “Currently, s*x appeal is everywhere. Western men can see s*x appeal every minute every day, but the bottom 40% of western men can rarely taste s*x because even unattractive women don’t consider dating them. That’s why when a guy is sexually frustrated or sex-starved, he might become violent or have mental illnesses. Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn’t want men to have access to useful dating advice that is usually offered by pickup artists. Even psychologists refuse to work with pickup artists. That’s why it has become a social problem now.”two girls and dating app

  • Why is dating so hard in New York City?

Answer 1 (mainstream answer provided by a wannabe who hires a ghost-writer to write his/her blog and then tells the ghost-writer off for writing the raw truth): “In New York, people don’t talk to strangers because people don’t want to be robbed. That’s why it’s hard to meet new people in New York City.”

Answer 2 (authentic answer provided by a genuine spokesperson of the best dating app in NYC): “If women actually believe what they see in S*x and the City is real or they want to become those women in S*x and the City, they are delusional. Most women think they will meet their Mr. Big in New York City, but Mr. Big doesn’t really exist in real life. Even if that guy actually exists, he can easily date someone who is as hot as Melania Trump and is 20 years younger than him. Why would he date a woman from his own age group? Statistics show that there are many more single women than single men in New York City. It is a fact. Yes, there are too many single women looking for alpha men, so there aren’t enough alpha men for these women who want to become Carrie Bradshaw.”real dating app

  • I’m a woman in my 30s and I want to find a husband urgently. What should I do?

Answer 1 (filtered answer to impress gatekeepers and not to offend the audience who might buy something from this so-called “guru”): “Men don’t necessarily like young women. Men like youthful women. You are a high-value woman already. Don’t compromise your standards. Keep looking for what you want. Meet lots of new men and find the one that meets your standards.” (then this woman keeps trying and trying…a few years later, she may or may not find a husband.)

Answer 2 (ugly truth provided by the spokesperson of the best dating app in New York City): “I don’t know what you look like. My suggestion is you should grow your hair long and maintain a slim figure. If these two elements are done right, most men will find you relatively attractive. If you are in your 30s, you should probably look for men who are older than you – even 10 years older than you, because men in their 30s are clearly more interested in women in their 20s. This is my honest opinion if you actually want to find a husband urgently.”

Disclaimer: The author of this article and our website produce this article for humor purpose only. There is nothing wrong with Cosmopolitan, GQ or wanting to have morning tea with Oprah. If you find the content in this article valuable, please bookmark this website so that you can access similar information like this in the future dating app in NYC

Love is hard. Dating isn’t easy. The truth isn’t pretty.

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