JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating App Review

JAUMO dating app review

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JAUMO dating app is a flirting app for singles to meet each other and flirt effortlessly. As a very popular dating app with 100,000 new members per day, it has become one of the biggest flirting apps in Europe.


  • Flirt for free – it doesn’t cost you a cent. You can meet someone online now and meet them in person this weekend.
  • Wink – show your interest quickly.
  • Your name and location are confidential unless you choose to tell someone in the community.
  • The nimble one-tap sign up makes it a breeze to connect with others instantly.


VIP 1-month subscription: $6.99
1-month subscription: $10.99
VIP 1-month subscription: $9.99
Test VIP for free for 7 days: $17.49
Test VIP for free for 7 days: $34.99
3-month subscription: $21.49
VIP 1-month subscription: $4.99
VIP 1-month subscription: $2.99
VIP for 1 month: $4.99
VIP for 1 month: $6.99


  • The fact that this app has 20 million users online means you’ll meet someone easily.
  • It’s a perfect flirting app for European singles, especially in Germany.
  • Your privacy is yours.
  • The pricing is reasonable with many different payment options.
  • It supports many different languages.

* It doesn’t have enough users in North America.

  • There aren’t enough female members who are active users online.
  • It seems that many female profiles are fake, which is a problem that most flirting apps have.
  • If you always use your GPS function on your phone when this app is being used, the battery life of your phone will be decreased.
  • You can only do so much as a free member. If you want to access advanced features, you must buy a membership.

JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating

Users’ comments:

“Most women’s locations are Texas, Florida and California. This is ridiculous. I haven’t met a real woman on JAUMO dating app yet. This service is totally unacceptable.” (Josh, 26, NYC)

“I like JAUMO dating app because there are so many options. You know, a man is only as faithful as his options.” (Alex, 28, Berlin)

“JAUMO dating app is amazing because it has a lot of extremely hot men! I’m a very visual woman.” (Alice, 30, London)

“JAUMO dating app is all right. It’s better than Tinder, but not as good as Bumble. However, that’s only my opinion.” (Michele, 31, Paris)

Experts’ comments:

“We have recommended JAUMO dating app to some women who are looking for love online because this app has many more men than women in the community. It’s easier for a woman to find a guy here.” (Curt Coch)

“JAUMO is a good flirting app for women to meet men. But if you are a single man looking for a woman, you have too many competitors here.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

JAUMO dating app is a social networking and flirting product on iOS and Android for men and women to find dates on the Internet. It is a very useful flirting app for women to meet men easily because it has many more men than women. However, it’s probably not the best dating app in the world for men as it doesn’t have enough female members online. Having said that, if you are an extremely sexy man, perhaps you should try this app, for you can stand out from the crowd immediately – other ugly men will make you look even hotter instantly due to the contrast.

20 ugly men make 1 hot man look even hotter.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money

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