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Tinder dating app review (with Tinder Select)

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We all know Tinder, but doyou know Tinder Select?

Tinder dating app is the world’s most famous dating app for anyone looking for love online. But do you know that Tinder also has a section called Tinder Select?


  • Use your Facebook account to log in (Tinder dating app won’t post anything on your Facebook timeline) & choose at least one photo from Your Facebook account as your dating profile photo.
  • You can write a brief message/introduction about yourself.
  • View full-screen photos on your smart phone directly.
  • Swipe left or right to show whether you like someone.
  • If two members swiped right to each other’s profile, that’s an instant match.
  • Only match with localmembers near you.
  • Send messages to your matches for free.


  • Tinderis completely free!
  • Tinder dating app’sbusiness model is to sell ads. For instance, female users see Estee Lauder’s new lipsticks on Tinder every 10 minutes.
  • Recently, Tinder dating app launched a paid subscription with extra features.

What the hell is Tinder Select?

  • Tinder Select is a secret version of Tinder. It’s for models, celebrities and millionaires.
  • Tinder refuses to  a cknowledge the existence of Tinder Select because this new sectionof Tinder may discriminate against poor people.
  • Tinder Select members have blue border around their dating profile pictures and thereis a badge which says ‘Select’ along the top.
  • Most Tinder Select members work in PR or tech – they are either celebrities, high-profile individuals or millionaires.
  • A Tinder Select member is favoured by the algorithm: Your profile is pushed toward the front of the feeds of users who you hadswiped ‘yes’ on. This is an automatic boost. You are more likely to get ‘superlikes’ as a Tinder Select member.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to apply. You can only be invited by someone who has invite privileges or by Tinder. Nobody knows exactly how Tinder dating app chooses VIP members for Tinder Select. Perhaps there is asecret rating of desirability according to the number of users who swipe righton your profile as well as other metrics.
  • The future of Tinder Select is uncertain. People guess that Tinder Select may beable to sell high-end ads.


  • Tinder is the most well-known dating app in the world. It has the biggest database of all.
  • You can find suitable matches even if you live in a small town because almost everysingle person has tried Tinder dating app atsome stage.
  • Nomatter you’re looking for a casual hook-up or a serious relationship, you canfind it on Tinder – all kinds of possibilities can be found here.
  • Simply log in with your Facebook account – extremely easy to use.
  • It’s100% free to use. You can contact other members for free.


  • There are too many ads. You have to deal with an ad every 10 minutes or so.
  • The quality of its members is quite low unless you join Tinder Select. But it’s very hard to be invited to join Tinder Select.
  • Tinder dating app has too many useless profiles that are not even active members.
  • You may run into your actual Facebook friends on Tinder dating app.
  • Itcrashes at times. This is not the most stable app on the market.

Users’ comments:

“I met many interesting people on Tinder a few years ago. It worked extremely well at that time – from 2012 to 2014. But since2015, it seems that Tinder dating app has too many competitors out there and it doesn’t work very well now.” (Tammy, 40,Birmingham)

“Tinder is the best place to find cheap dates.There are so many desperate women on this app looking for love. I love sleeping with basic bitches who don’t need me to take them out for dates. Typical women join Tinder dating app to look for long-term relationships, and they are usually very easy to get – all I need to do is toask them to come over and chill. Buying some take-away food and staying in my house for a movie is usually the second date because the first date isoftentimes in a coffee shop which only costs me $6 anyway. Some bottom bitcheseven offer to pay for their coffee because they want to look independent.That’s fantastic!” (Anthony, 37, Sydney)

“I joined Tinder Select because I was invited by a PR agent. This has been a good online dating experience so far because the quality of members that I’ve met is prettyhigh. I’m very happy with what I’ve got now.” (Ed, 29, NYC)

Experts’ comments:

“Tinder dating app isprobably the origin of all dating apps in the world. Its swiping left/rightfeature is the best invention ever.” (Jade Seashell)

“Tinder is the first dating app that I’ve recommended in my career.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Even GalaDarling found her boyfriendon Tinder dating app. Clearly, Tinder is a very effective and efficient app for singles looking for love on the Internet. Because it’s totally free to join and free to use, you’d better try this dating app first if you are new to the online dating scene. Maybe you can join other dating apps later if you are looking for a high-quality partner, but using Tinder dating app can be seen as a practice.

 “Tinder is the world’s best invention in 2012. It totally revolutionised the online dating department in the 21stcentury.”

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  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Emily says

    I agree with this article, Tinder has way too many advantages that other apps don’t mostly for being free, and super popular. I didn’t knew the Tinder Select option, I guess I haven’t been invited yet hahaha. This is my favorite app, but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone looking for a serious relationship.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hello Emily,

      Glad that you like this article.


  2. Elliot says

    Yep, SUPER EASY to use, best thing is that you can know how far is it from you, the less effort the better. I’ve had great experience with casual hook-ups, 5/5.

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hey Elliot,


  3. Kevin K says

    Tinder and Tinder Select is the love at first click. This wonderful app allows you to meet and chat anytime, anywhere! The app will help you keep in touch with your candidates for a serious acquaintance. I can say that Tinder is very convenient and easy to use, because with the help of ordinary swipe you can meet the love of your life. In the rhythm of modern life, sometimes there is no time for personal life and the creation of a family, but with mobile dating apps this has become possible. And I’m so grateful to everyone who did their best to create Tinder!

  4. Geraldine J says

    I really like this app, and especially a serious approach to the problem of loneliness of people. Here I’ve met interesting, unusual people, with one of them I continue to communicate in real life! When installing, first of all, Tinder will ask to connect it to Facebook, where it will take all the information he needs about you. This will be the name, photo, place of study/work and the information “about yourself”. All this can be changed through Facebook, except for the last one. You can start a conversation only with someone you like and only if that person also likes your profile. With “dislike”, it is believed that you will never meet this person again.

    1. Kelly D says

      I have heard that this app is full of bots and fake profiles. Is that true? I want to install it, as don’t have enough time for searching the partner in real life, but I’m afraid to meet spammer or scammer who will waste my time.

  5. Bessie M says

    I may have met, but did not notice that these are bots. Pickupers, in principle, come across, but there are not so many of them like on the rest of similar apps. As for me, the app is packed with interesting interlocutors, there are few bots, prostitutes or perverts. I think that this is great dating app and you can try meeting your love over here.

  6. Robert says

    Probably Tinder is the best place to find quick dates. But there are some serious disadvantages that should be mentioned. The worst thing is the abominable work of the application itself. When I view the profile of people I match with, I can’t exit the profile without closing and re-opening the app. Such a problem was common for all my IOS devices. When typing a large (any) text it can suddenly disappear. Sometimes the same profiles appear even though I’ve already swiped on them. Very often, when you enter the app, it ends up crushing. One more problem is that it happens Tinder doesn’t let users to send/receive messages and see matches for couple of hours. I think that this is the buggiest app!

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