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Trusty Dating Apps: What Should You Talk about on the First Date?

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So, you’ve started a long conversation with someone on a trusty dating app. And now you are going out for the first date. Do you know what you should talk about on the romantic first date?

  • You’d better have the courage to bring up taboo topics if it’s possible.

Yes, I know in western culture, money, religion, politics and s*x are taboo topics that we should avoid most of the time. But to be honest with you, in order to be an interesting person, I think we should talk about these taboo topics if possible.

When I say “if it’s possible”, I mean you need to observe the person you are dating and understand the dynamics. If the individual you are dating is clearly open-minded and bored, you must bring up taboo topics to add more spices to the table and more variety to the interaction.

Instead of asking “How long have you been on the trusty dating app?”, you may want to ask “In your opinion, who should pay for the first date?”woman on the first date

Don’t be nervous when you ask this question. Just relax and observe your date’s reaction. In fact, your date’s reaction to this question will tell you a lot of things:

  • You will know whether this person can be easily embarrassed or not. If this individual feel embarrassed by this question, that means you may need to walk on eggshells in the future because you are possibly dating a highly sensitive person.
  • You will know whether this individual can handle social challenges or not. If your date can’t handle social challenges like that, he/she may need more time to think about the answer to your question. By contrast, if your date can handle social challenges, he/she will probably find your question amusing – then you will know this person probably has a good sense of humor. Remember: humor is a very useful tool when you want to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • You will know whether this person is honest or not. No matter what they say to you, their body language doesn’t lie. Read the sub-communications carefully: Does this person look elsewhere while thinking about the answer to your question? Does this person need to lift the napkin to cover a part of his/her face before answering your question? – These are signals which tell you he/she is possibly lying to you.
  • You will have some understanding of this person’s money mindset. Let’s say you are dating a hot woman who has been spoilt by men all her life. Now she says, “I think we should go Dutch” – That has two possibilities: A) She is giving you a test because she offers to pay but she wants you to pay in the end. B) She doesn’t want to rely on you financially, but please don’t get too excited too soon – a woman like that will want more power in the relationship. There is always a price to pay.

Therefore, it’s important to take a girl out fast after meeting her on a trusty dating app – you will know who she really is fast in this way.trusty dating app

  • Don’t be an idiot.

If you feel that the woman you are dating is shy, don’t bring up sexual topics on the first date because it is your responsibility to help her relax.

You will figure it out by asking these questions:

  • How many men have you dated on the trusty dating app? (If she says she has dated more than 10 men online, chances are she isn’t shy. But if she says she has dated 2 men online, maybe she is shy.)
  • How many relationships have you had so far in your life? (If she says she has had 7 relationships so far, I don’t think she is actually shy. If she says she has had 1 relationship so far, perhaps she is shy.)
  • Why did you break up with your ex? (If she says it’s all his fault, you probably shouldn’t see her again. If she doesn’t complain about her ex, you can have another date with her. Meanwhile, observe how she describes her previous relationship – her vibes may tell you whether she is shy or not.)
  • Which TV show is your favorite? (If she says her favorite TV show is S*x and the City or Mad Men, then she isn’t shy. If she says her favorite TV show is a family-friendly TV series, I would say she is a shy girl.)

Thus, when you go out with the lady you’ve met on a trusty dating app, you need to re-calibrate based on her reaction to your questions. Don’t be an idiot by keep talking about sexual topics when she is clearly too shy to do that with you.romantic first date

  • Should you sleep with a woman on the first date?

If you have met a girl on a trusty dating app and now you are on the first date with her, I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with her on the first date & here is why:

Most women on trusty dating apps are looking for relationships rather than hookups. If you are also looking for a relationship, you should be more careful and you must know what you are doing.

It’s quite unlikely for you to build enough emotional connection on the first date with a woman you’ve just met. You don’t really know her value systems well. You don’t even know her well yet. Thus, it’s your job to figure important things out in the first place.

Therefore, you would be ill-advised to sleep with a woman on the first date in this case. Looking for a wife is different from looking for a one-night online apps

Usually, when you are looking for a long-term relationship, you would be well-advised to build a strong emotional connection between you two before sleeping with her, because a meaningful relationship isn’t just about going to bed with someone.

Now you may wonder how long it takes to build a strong emotional connection, right? Well, it depends on how many shared experiences you’ve had with her. If you’ve had enough shared experiences within a few weeks, you can sleep with her then. Otherwise, you may want to wait for a bit longer.

But you shouldn’t wait for too long because you and your future wife must be sexually compatible in order to be together for a lifetime.

Usually, you can sleep with a woman that you’ve met on a trusty dating app within 4 weeks. That’s the typical timeframe for building emotional connection.

If you wait for too long, you might waste your time because some women aren’t sexually compatible with you & you won’t be happy with them anyway. As a result, you’d better find out the truth faster. High-value men don’t waste their time.


Being a good conversationalist means listening more than talking. You can only figure out how to talk after you’ve actually listened to someone because each person is unique.

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