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Tranx dating app review (Free Transgender Dating)

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Tranx dating app is a hook-up app for transgender, crossdresser and tgirls looking for fun online. This is not a traditional dating app for people to find long-term relationships.


  • Register a profile fast – you can fill out your information (age, gender, location, etc.) quickly and create a dating profile on this app.
  • Simply upload your dating profile photos to show people what you look like.
  • You can customize your filter criteria to achieve the ideal results.
  • Streamlined design for easy use.
  • Transx dating app is a bilingual dating app (English and simplified Chinese).
  • Swipe right to meet someone hot.


  • It’s free!


  • You can send messages to other transgender singles for free. This is perfect!
  • The registration process is nice and easy.
  • Its database is huge. And the response rate is high as well!
  • Tranx dating app has many active users.


  • It looks like a clone app for another transgender dating app which was developed by the same company.
  • Although Tranx dating app is a bilingual app which has both English and simplified Chinese versions, it’s very hard to find a Chinese transgender person on this app because the majority of its members are from English-speaking countries.
  • It only has 70 reviews on iTunes so far, which indicates the possibility that this app has the same members as another similar app.
  • The reviews on iTunes are very polarizing – they are either one-star reviews or five-star reviews, which doesn’t seem to be real. We highly recommend you to read three-star reviews that are objective and realistic, no matter you are looking for a dating app or a book on Amazon! That’s because most five-star reviews are written by someone that the seller knows & most one-star reviews are written by the seller’s competitors or a typical hater who wants attention. Since the number of three-star reviews is quite limited for Tranx dating app, you may want to do research about this app elsewhere (not on iTunes).Tranx

Users’ comments:

“Tranx dating app is just a standard hookup app for transgender singles to find excitement online. Because most transgender dating apps are for people to find long-term relationships, I find this app very refreshing because I do respect those who want to have long-term commitments, but I think it’s very important to know how to thrive when you are not in a long-term relationship and enjoy life at the same time. I believe in freedom and independence. That’s why I think Tranx is a great app. Their philosophy is to be admired.” (Miranda, 21, New York)

“I like Tranx dating app because I can proactively search its database and see who’s near me or in my local area. Unlike other apps that only allow me to swipe left or right, this app gives me more options, which is amazing! When I conducted a search in my local area, I found 41 dating profiles and I send messages to 20 of them. I received 12 responses, which is a very high response rate. That means most people on this app are legitimate daters and are active users rather than inactive members who left this app ten years ago.” (Jay, 24, Vancouver)

“I don’t think I’ll need to join other transgender dating apps or websites anymore because Tranx dating app is all I need. People on this app are very sexy and attractive because most of them have core confidence and don’t need relationships to make themselves feel safe and secure – they are already safe and secure. That’s extremely hot!” (Hayley, 22, L.A.)

“Tranx dating app is the ideal place to find a fling. I’m not going to marry a trans woman because my mom won’t be happy with it, so I just would like to date as many trans women as possible before getting married and this app is so right!” (Leo, 26, Las Vegas)

“Another transgender dating app developed by a Chinese company. Though these apps don’t have the best reputation because their descriptions on iTunes App Store look very similar (probably written by the same writer), these apps actually work pretty well – most of my friends have found their partners on the apps developed by the Chinese company. Sadly, I’m only interested in dating Chinese trans women and can’t find any of them on this app. I’m very disappointed and want to try another app.” (Alexander, 30, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Experts’ comments:

“Even though Tranx dating app only has limited reviews on iTunes App Store, it’s a reasonable dating app for transgender individuals looking for love.” (Jade Seashell)

“This app will be better if it has more Chinese transgender people. It is said that if you actually live in Asia, you will see many Chinese members on this app. But if you live in a western country, it’s difficult for you to find a Chinese lover via this app.” (Curt Coch)

“This is one of the best dating apps for transgender people looking for love online. Though it’s not perfect, it has many advantages and gives its members many more opportunities than passively waiting for love to come.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Tranx dating app is a top dating app for transgender daters looking for casual relationships online. Because it’s only a hookup app, please do not expect this app to bring you long-term, sustainable relationships that are meaningful and stable. Only those who are looking for short-term relationships should join this app.itunes download new

Life is short; have a fling.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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