How to ask for allowance from a sugar momma

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Finding a sugar momma is not hard, but getting a sugar momma to actually give you allowance is a bit harder.  This article will equip you with the strategies and techniques that you can use so that your sugar momma will actually give you money.

* Plant the seed early.  You can say this to your sugar momma, “I really want to see my parents in Singapore, but I can’t afford the flight.  Could you please help me with that?” One week later, when you see your sugar momma again, you can say, “Last time you promised me that you will help me with my flight to Singapore.  Could you do it now?” Now your sugar momma is more likely to pay for your flight to Singapore because she doesn’t want to break her promise.  If she refuses to pay for your flight after giving you a promise, you know she is not a real sugar momma.

* Use how you met to your advantage.  You met a sugar momma on a sugar momma dating site, so both you and your sugar momma know what’s happening: You give her a good experience and she helps you financially.  You don’t need to hide any agenda at all. Therefore, it’s totally okay to talk about allowance at the initial stage of your arrangement.  But don’t bring it up the first thing when you meet because a sugar momma is looking for someone who actually appreciates her for who she really is (at least that’s what she is thinking about).  So you’d better talk about allowance towards the end of the first date or the second date with a sugar sugam mom

* Don’t reveal your bank account details.  Remember: In an arrangement, cash is king.  If your sugar momma can give you cash, that’s the best way to receive allowance.  It would be great if you can receive money from a sugar momma before sleeping with her.  But honestly, even if she wants to have sex with you before giving you allowance, you don’t really have anything to lose, as long as you find this sugar momma attractive!  Try not to ask a sugar momma to transfer money to your bank account because you don’t want to take this risk – are you really going to reveal your bank account details when you don’t even know this sugar momma?

* Consider living with your sugar momma to lower your expense.  If your sugar momma is a single woman, chances are she is happy to live with you.  Therefore, you can move to her house and lower your expense – now she is paying all the household bills and you are saving all your money for yourself.  That’s a great way to get allowance from her. Another way to do it is to get your sugar momma to pay your rent (that’s what Paul does in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), so that you can live in a fancy apartment by yourself and enjoy the freedom!

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* Ask your sugar momma to find you a good job.  Allowance can come in different shapes and forms.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be cash. In fact, a consummate sugar baby wants something more sustainable – you can ask your sugar momma to find you a decent job.  As a rich woman, of course your sugar momma has good connections in the society.  As a result, she can introduce her network to you.  Remember: your network is your net worth.  So you must build a powerful network now.  When your sugar momma knows that you are looking for career development, she respects you even more, which means she is more likely to help you in the long term.  You won’t live a sugar lifestyle forever because your youth doesn’t last long, so you’d better leverage your attractiveness now and build a compelling future for yourself with the help of hot sugar momma.

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