The raw truth about senior dating

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Senior dating is a frequent topic of discussion nowadays because a growing number of senior citizens are looking for love online and offline due to the high divorce rate in most western countries.  Today we are going to reveal the raw truth about senior dating in detail.

* Your love life is at its least stressful stage when you are single after 50 years of age.

    A young dater in their 20s and 30s is usually thinking about having kids with someone, so a lot of stress is inevitable.  When having kids is your goal, you are more likely to make wrong decisions and marry the wrong person which becomes the father or mother of your children, so you have to deal with the wrong person for the rest of your life.  That’s a very stressful experience. Sometimes a woman has to marry a rich man because he has more resources to give her children a good future, even though she doesn’t love him.

    In contrast, a senior dater looking for love is different because he/she is not looking for somebody to have children anymore.  Therefore, love life becomes relaxing and peaceful. Now it’s time to chill out, smell roses and enjoy life with whoever you actually love!men after 50 year

* Instead of getting ready, you’d better stay ready.

    Many senior singles have retired, so they don’t want to dress up every day (there is nobody to impress anymore).  However, if you are a senior single looking for love, you would be well-advised to be presentable and elegant on a daily basis because you never know who you will meet today!  You can stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!  Remember to wear good clothes and pleasant perfume every single day because every day is a good day to meet someone new.  When you are retired, all your time is yours! So you can join a social group and go out with like-minded senior citizens – maybe one of them will be your new partner.

    * Senior singles prefer youthful people rather than young people.

    Some senior singles are worried about their age because they think other daters only want to date younger people.  But the truth is most singles actually prefer youthful people instead of young people. To be honest, a lot of young people don’t necessarily have the wisdom and insights that you are looking for.  But a senior dater is usually more worldly and enlightened because of their experiences in life.  Therefore, a senior dater who is youthful always stands out from the crowd – this person represents knowledge, wisdom, experience, passion and energy.  Remember: being youthful is about your attitude, not about the date of birth on your driver license.

    * Be ready to sign a pre-nup if you are going to remarry at a senior age.

    If you meet someone after 50, chances are both of you have some assets already because you’ve worked very hard for decades.  Now the dilemma is whether you should sign a pre-nup to protect your money or not. In fact, you should totally sign a pre-nup because you want to make sure your money belongs to you and your own children if something unexpected happens in the future.  Don’t feel awkward while talking about this with your partner because this is 2018, not 1958. Now people are more open-minded and are aware of their rights in modern-day society.

Dating Tips for Seniors: dating over 60

    * You may consider rewriting your will.

    In most western countries, your new wife or husband automatically enters your will, even though your original will doesn’t include this person in it.  As a result, you probably need to think about it before getting married again. Please consult with your lawyer if you are going to marry somebody else at this stage in life because you don’t want your children to be in any kind of ugly dispute with your new spouse in future.

     Are you ready to join the dating scene again?  If yes, please take action today and join a senior dating site now.

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