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Feeld dating app review (for couples and singles)

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Feeld is designed for people who are looking for opportunities to play the field without worries or stress. No matter you are gay, lesbian, straight or a couple looking for the third leg, you can join Feeld dating app.


  • This is a very safe and private space because members are open, not exposed.
  • Match & Meet allows you to date at whatever your pace (hookups, a casual fling or a relationship – this is totally up to you).
  • Is this a threesome app? Well, Feeld dating app gives members the option to look for threesomes online. Pairing profiles with a third leg and explore this dating app as a couple is a lot of fun.
  • You can date solo or invite your spouse to join Feeld as a couple. You can easily meet curious new friends for a casual date, a threesome, a long-term relationship (or anything in-between).
  • Match & Chat allows users to chat with singles or couples. They can even create group chats for more options, e.g. orgies, swinging parties, etc.
  • You don’t need to immediately like or dislike somebody. Just relax and browse all profiles because desires come with time.
  • Future Connections allows you to see who’s liked you.
  • You can hide your dating profile from Discover, and only interact with your existing connections. This feature is particularly helpful when you have already found someone cool but you don’t want to leave this app because you want to explore more later.
  • You don’t need to display your name. You can call yourself “Vicky”, “Cristina” or “Barcelona” – just use an imaginary name that you find sexy.
  • You can make your dating profile invisible to your Facebook friends. In other words, if your Facebook friends have also joined Feeld dating app, they won’t see your profile here. However, this is probably a premium member’s extra feature, so it’s not available to free members.
  • You can choose to send disappearing or permanent photos while chatting with someone online.
  • Every user is Facebook-verified by Feeld dating app, so you can sit back and relax – just enjoy the exciting journey!


  • Feeld dating app is free to join and use.
  • Majestic membership: £14.00 per month for 1 month; £29.98 upfront for three months. You can turn off auto-renewal anytime.


  • You can test whether you like Majestic membership or not by utilizing a free seven-day trial. This trial period starts when a user signs up for the subscription. If you’d like to cancel it, you must do it at least 24 hours before the seven-day trial ends.
  • The quality of its members is quite high.


  • Sometimes it has glitches due to technical issues.
  • Feeld dating app should have updated their system more frequently so that people can enjoy a better online dating experience. Feeld dating app

User’s comments:

“I like Feeld dating app because people are much more honest here than those who use Tinder and Bumble. I like the honesty of daters on this app and I’ve met so many like-minded people through this platform. I’m very grateful because Feeld has made my life much more colorful and exciting!” (Miranda O., 35, Brisbane)

“As a woman in her middle 30s, my wife is extremely horny, which is understandable. Therefore, I invited her to join Feeld dating app and look for a third leg so that we can have a threesome regularly. We are very impressed with the results that we’ve got from this app. Now we have a threesome every Friday night and enjoy a new friendship with someone special.” (Thomas K., 36, Birmingham)

“My husband and I found a couple on Feeld. Now we have a swinging party every fortnight. I really enjoy the new guy because the way he makes love to me is very different from the way my husband f*cks me. I’m not saying my husband did something wrong. I mean I love variety in my marriage! Also, my husband is very happy with the new woman as well, so I’m pretty sure it’s a win-win solution. By the way, the couple that met us via Feeld dating app are extremely happy with their results, too.” (Belinda Q., 39, London)

Experts’ comments:

“Feeld is probably one of the best threesome dating apps on the market. Although it has some technical issues which could cause a negative user experience such as a photo isn’t displayed correctly, it’s still loved by millions of members worldwide. It’s particularly popular in the United Kingdom.” (Jade Seashell)

“People in the UK are well-known for their traditional values and relatively distant interpersonal relationships. Most individuals from the UK are usually very diplomatic and politically correct, but their honest side is shown on Feeld dating app. This is a great app for people to be who they really are.” (Curt Coch)

“Almost everyone that I know who has joined Feeld gives positive feedback on this dating app. I could say more, but I’d like you to experience the magic yourself!” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Feeld is a well-known threesome app for couples and singles to explore sexuality. To be more precise, it’s an app for people to play the field because it’s beyond the threesome lifestyle. You can even organize an orgy or a swinging party via this app! This is the best thing that we’ve ever seen on the online dating market.


Who needs other casual dating apps when there is something like Feeld?

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Linnie says

    The site is not bad-in principle. The main problem-technical support is inadequate-an example of that-in order to log on to the site morons came up with photo verification, noses in their instructions write -“I certainly understand that from the point of view of the support service all users are morons and the only thing to do is try to get rid of them, but in this case, the stupidity of administrators rolls over. Either a bunch of inept self knows that it delay, or make fun of the users idiots magazine line their actions. Here is a good example-the text on the screen says -” to pass the photo verification, please do the following: — Open your profile” and none of them does not bother that I can not get into the profile in principle. The result – a website – a normal, administrator – no. I would be happy to treat them differently, but correspondence with them only confirms such an assessment of professionalism.

  2. Jennifer A says

    As for my opinion, duck is the most modern website. Everyone else is just stuck in the last century. In short I vote for Buda!

  3. Paige B says

    Checked in, went through this bunch of questions, but.. I answered them, someone answers, and many I’m sorry it sucks and they meet on the ball) decided to pay the premium, but wanted for a month, no password, no texts.. I then happily ripped off for the year I wanted.. Can be return money, as the saying goes on this site, I made all as need to, unsubscribed and all such and.. silence.. People on site..Ohhhh..not active and candidates very little, on other sites their much more. Very disappointed! I’m sorry, but I don’t know what I paid for, I don’t expect miracles, a bunch of princes to fall on me, but there’s nothing to do here…

  4. Karen says

    Some bots, and very stupid.. write only greetings and the immediately after registration…

  5. Christopher says

    At first it seemed an interesting site …then I just lost interest….

  6. Bruce says

    Not really a website, many people are in it for profit sit

  7. Matthew says

    Frankly stupid site, the site is slightly less than completely filled with Birds and bots without a description. The business model of the site is this. For free you can poke only the “likes” which clearly is not looking. The site is immediately forced to pay for premium features like “write first” climb “in line to the girl” etc. ie girls are obtained as the product that the website creators to push through without their knowledge the guys that offensive to the girls and humiliating for guys. So people never left a small army of bots (girl 1 photos without descriptions) periodically “likes” on posts not responding, even on premium. In General, if you do not pay for the opportunity to be seen, there is nothing to do, if you pay you will get in the queue to the bot or the girl who 100% will not rake it, such things.

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