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InstantHookups Review – Legit or Not?

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The site purpose and target audience

Profile quality

Pricing and its reasoning

Basic and Premium membership

Bonuses for Premium users

Expert’s summary and critics

Success stories from the members


The site purpose and target audience

InstantHookups was created with the “better than Tinder” concept, for local hookups of all kinds. The site welcomes singles, couples, LGBTQ members, kinky sex seekers, etc.

The site promotes and uses the 50/50 gender ratio making sure new members are registering in needed quantities. If males prevail, their signing up is getting limited, and vise-versa.

InstantHookups work is based on the geolocation feature helping to find a match for casual sex literally next door. The matching process is half automatic and half manual, so chances are increased.InstantHookups Join

Profile quality

The profile photos on InstantHookups is beyond any critics so provocative they are. Some are glamorous selfies in front of the mirror, but the others just depict body parts or nude bodies.

Not only the censoring is absent, but such profile photos are even shown and promoted on the main page of the site. Which leads to the conclusion the team of IH is ok with that and it’s the overall style.

The profile descriptions are brief or absent, so each user makes his choice basing on the photos, just like on Tinder. The only difference is that choice is controlled by the user, not by the system.apps for hookups

Pricing and its reasoning

There is a recent tendency in the hookup dating market to set up quite a high monthly payment around 40 USD. InstantHookups follows this tendency too charging the 39.95 USD a month.

Is this a VIP or elite dating site to charge that much? Maybe the platform for sugar dating hookups? No, InstantHookups doesn’t present itself like that in any way, it’s for simple people.

In this case, they should at least look very trendy and provide unique, convenient features not available on other sites. It’s partially so, and the team efforts to launch a special platform are seen.

Basic and Premium membership

InstantHookups can be used for free, which is very attractive for the students and other less provided categories. Not only viewing other profiles is free, but also receiving the messages.

However, for a normal and fruitful communication, the two-way messaging is needed, and this is possible only after upgrading to the Premium membership. It is more advantageous.

Plus to the possibility to contact any member, there is also such a pleasant opportunity as being listed among the Top users. It boosts the number of visitors instantly and improves the results.sugar dating hookups

Bonuses for Premium users

The Premium user can save a few bucks by paying for three months at once. In addition to the highlighting and prioritizing of his profile, he will be able to video chat and webcam record limitlessly.

Questionnaires on sexual preferences filled by other members, become fully seen to Premium members only making it the perfect platform for kinky hookups and contemporary dating.

Expert’s summary and critics

InstantHookups is a bright example of the brave business that isn’t fully developed as it should be, but works with positive results, still. There’s still a lot to do for improving it.

The site started working with big ambitions, to overshine Tinder. It added some unique features indeed to succeed in that, and made sure the database is gender balanced.

However, to reach that balance on the early stage, the platform was using a certain amount of bots, and some are still there. The real female users could be on their place who need casual partners.

Otherwise, the site works pretty well although doesn’t seem to get any close to the popularity of Tinder. It mostly functions within the western countries, not worldwide and it’s GPS-based.

We’d mostly recommend it to young users who don’t care much about their anonymity, and just want some fun at the nearest bar or nightclub. The GPS navigation on IH will serve them.

As to the couples and older singles, especially prestigious ones, InstantHookups isn’t really the right place for them. Imagine your respectable neighbours seeing you among the hookup seekers.

It’s a no-no for successful people, no matter how trendy InstantHookups looks. They should rather go for elite dating apps, VIP and sugar dating platforms with a higher level of privacy.hook up locally

We would give InstantHookups four stars and half, as our final mark. If the team cares to keep on improving it, they’ll end up among the leaders of the market, but not sooner than that.

We’d also give a hint to the users beginners, you can easily avoid buying the Premium membership. Just put as attractive profile photo as you can, and receive messages for free.

In some of those messages, there will be the time and place for the meeting suggested, and you can come there if you liked this member enough. The practice shows it really works.

Another hint is avoiding overly attractive members who resemble celebrities and send very typical messages. Those can be automatic notifications from bots and one should ignore them.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to register on InstantHookups even if the male members are not accepted at the moment. Set up the reminder in your phone and check daily whether it changed.

It’s a kind of waiting list on elite dating sites, and it’s worthy of some patience especially if you’re going to be a free member. Who doesn’t like free hookups with hot women and couples?

As experts, we must confess such progressive platforms will keep on appearing in the market, as contemporary users demand them more and more. IH is a pioneer of a kind, and we respect that.

If one follows the common sense and knows which pitfalls to avoid, this site can be a good assistant in hookup search and bring perfect candidatures for sexy adventures together.

Success stories from the members

“I am using InstantHookups for two months now and I like it so far. I have noticed not all users are real, but it’s like that on many hookup sites, you just surf through them and find real ones.

I’ve met several girls but managed to get laid with one only. The others felt more like friends and there was no chemistry. Not that I am too picky, I just want to get the biggest pleasure possible.

Since I’m a paid member, I want the best girls and the best services. To be fair, InstantHookups provides that, at least in highly populated cities like LA or London.

For work, I am moving between these two cities all the time, so IH is of great help. It has its flaws, but I guess the advantages prevail and it manages to be one of the best hookup sites”.

“InstantHookups is my choice since the beginning of 2020. It serves me well, so I would recommended it to other singles as well as the couples. It helps to have some fun on weekends.good assistant in hookup search

It is called instant, because it works on the basis of GPS option and detects other users exactly in your area. It’s a bit confusing for those who seek anonymity, as you’re going to meet your neighbours.

Anyways, I met no less than three hot girls through it, and get laid successfully. I am not a big fan of the nightclubs so hookuping via the apps and sites suits me better. It saves me the money too.

When I have a stable girlfriend, I am more than sure I will convince her to use InstantHookups as a couple, to form awesome threesomes. I date only progressive and open-minded girls.

In general, I would rate it four stars not five, for the absence of the phone app and too many bots. But as my own results there are great, I won’t complain and might keep using it”.

“I met my current boyfriend on InstantHookups although we didn’t plan anything serious. We both had casual affairs through this platform before, but we just liked each other too much.

The best factor for possible couples is the site matches them by the district they live in. It’s always easier to date someone who lives nearby, much better than complex dating on a distance.

He doesn’t mind that I am very open and passionate towards people, he is very much the same. We love experimenting and trying new things. InstantHookups became a lullaby of our feelings.

I honestly do not refuse the idea of involving the third girl, a so-called unicorn. He is happy about that. We can do whatever we want, because it’s contemporary dating of the new century.

We already have a lot of like-minded friends and we always promote InstantHookups among them. We think it’s a revolutionary hookup source and many others will follow in the dating market”.

“I loved being on InstantHookups although it was a brief experience. I only was in the US for my summer job and needed some relaxation in between, so I have found IH just in time.

It provided me with so many options for going out, moreover, there’s a 50/50 ratio of males and females so I never was out of choice. Some men even fed me and treated me like a sugar baby.

Although it wasn’t my primary intention, it honestly helped me a lot through the hard times I had in the US. I am proud I could fulfil someone’s sexual fantasies in return, I like doing hookups

If I ever return to the western countries, I’ll keep on using InstantHookups since it brought me so much enjoyment and fun. I recommend it to other young girls too, it’s a great site for hookups”.

“I can say casual sex is my lifestyle since I got divorced. I have tried many sites and apps for hookups, including travel dating sites and international ones too. InstantHookups is one of the best.

It’s because I ended up deciding to hook up locally, and this particular site uses the navigation for detecting who wants casual sex nearby. I met a dozen of hot girls like that already.

Luckily, young western women aren’t after the wedding or expensive gifts, many are just party animals. There are plenty of them on InstantHookups, and I am the same too, so we match well.

My latest finding is Dita who is a go-go dancer and we couldn’t meet in any other way if not IH. We are seeing each other regularly and we don’t have any other intentions or purposes, just sex.

I am very grateful to InstantHookups that makes my life brighter on a daily basis. I told to lots of friends about it and some of them managed to get laid with its help as well, so it’s a cool site”.



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