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Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app review

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Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app is the only sugar momma dating app that doesn’t consider branding. In other words, it’s called ‘Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app’ and ‘Sugar Momma Dating app’ – two vague terms. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad dating app for sugar mommas. ? As a matter of fact, it’s a pretty good sugar momma app. Also, this is the only free sugar momma dating app in the world.


  • Search and filter sugar momma/sugar babies by age, location, gender, nationality, and so on. Your options are not limited to your location – this is very different from most dating apps that only show you members nearby. Sometimes, it’s better to find a sugar momma or a sugar baby in another city. For instance, if you are an ambitious sugar baby who only wants to date high-profile sugar mommas (but you live in a small city), you should totally search for sugar mommas in New York and L.A. so that you can meet famous sugar mommas who are celebrities. If a rich woman likes you, she won’t mind flying you to New York or Los Angeles (she will pay for your flights). Better still, she can hire you as her assistant so that she can keep you around. Also, some sugar mommas prefer having a sugar baby in each city that she visits regularly, so she might want to search for male sugar babies in other cities, too.
  • Send instant messages to sugar mommas or sugar babies online.
  • Profile Search helps you to find love nearby.
  • It’s 100% free.


Sugar Momma Dating app is totally free.


  • Meet rich women in your local area and around the world.
  • Men on this app are very hot.
  • Although most wealthy women aren’t young, they look very attractive because they have the money to look after themselves well – It is said that many rich women use Knesko sheet masks (Nanogold Repair mask & Diamond Radiance mask) at least once a week, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s recommendation on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This skin-care product provides wealthy women with at-home spa experiences and can make women look ten years younger immediately. Small wonder why so many celebrities adore Knesko sheet masks. (Please note that this is not an ad for Knesko Skin – these are facts – you can verify everything on other reputable websites).
  • Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app is absolutely free to use.


  • It is reported that Sugar Momma Dating app probably has a virus, so a completely free dating app means lack of technical support/maintenance. At the end of the day, there is always a price to pay. You either pay for a good service or get a virus (and then pay someone to fix your phone for you). Using a free dating app is just a trade-off.
  • Compared to other sugar momma dating apps, Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app doesn’t offer any unique features.

Users’ comments:

“As a hardworking young man, I also believe in working smart. Therefore, I decided to meet sugar mommas so that they can give me the right guidance in love, life and business. I’m very grateful to the rich woman that I met on Sugar Momma Dating apps. She has changed my life permanently. Because of my relationship with her, I’ve got a book deal now and I will become a published author soon. Hmmmm… this reminds me of Paul Varjak in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – he is the male sugar baby spoilt by his sugar momma Emily. Well, that’s right. I was so inspired by that hot guy who got pussy, money and love at the same time.” (George, 24, Colorado)

“Men on Sugar Momma Dating app are absolutely hot! I don’t mind mentoring younger men because I enjoy their company – Of course, I like having sex with a good-looking guy and teach him things. Actually, I have taught my male sugar baby a lot – from finances to philosophy – he really appreciates it by giving me good sex. By the way, although I’m married, I’m not really cheating on my husband because he can’t do it & I never get it from him anyway.” (Emma, 48, New Jersey)

Experts’ comments:

“Sugar Momma Dating and Singles Search app is the only free dating app for sugar mommas and toy boys. Though it doesn’t have the best branding strategy in the world, it has over one million downloads/installs on Google Play Store alone. Hopefully its business model has nothing to do with the virus that members have encountered after downloading this app.” (Curt Coch)

“Sugar Momma Dating and Singles Search app is free – I still don’t understand its business model and how it makes money. From thousands of reviews on Google Play Store, it seems to be a very polarizing app.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Although Sugar Momma Dating and Singles Search app has merits such as free memberships and no hidden costs, it doesn’t offer the best online dating experience for sugar mommas and male sugar babies because there are many more similar sugar momma apps which provide better services out there. However, because it’s free, Sugar Momma Dating and Singles Search app has attracted millions of users worldwide already. Its fast growth means most people are unwilling to pay for online dating services, which is sad, because most free dating apps can’t guarantee a positive dating experience – there are many fake profiles on free dating apps and sites. In contrast, scammers aren’t going to create dating profiles on paid dating apps because scammers don’t want to pay. That is to say, the most expensive dating app always attracts the best daters who have the money and resources to invest in their own love life. Are you one of them?

Currently, there are many more sugar momma dating apps than sugar daddy dating apps on the market due to a change of policy in the online dating industry. That’s because ‘sugar daddy dating’ has become a taboo phrase these days. However, there are definitely many more sugar daddies than sugar mommas in this world because in almost every country, men possess more resources and money than women. It’s not fair, but it’s the reality. It would be fair to say that sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns, so you probably have to meet them on something like Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search app if you can’t meet them in your life.

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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Christopher says

    The best Sugar Momma dating app for me. Here you can find a lot of hot and rich women that are ready to provide you with the decent life. I like that all of them really know what this app is about and do not claim that young boys are waiting for some financial help.

  2. Mary D says

    As for me, I like that this app is full of the hot guys who are ready to fulfill all my dreams and sexual desires, and I don’t mind at all to give them some award for such a great “service”. Personally I don’t have enough time to look for life partner because of my business, but sometimes I just need someone not to feel lonely. That’s why this app is the best option for me. But, to avoid becoming a victim of extortion, be especially careful about what personal information and files you share with users through this app. In addition, check the data provided by users to notice the mismatch or fake. The site administration carries out quality checks, but it will not hurt you to be vigilant. Before you go on the first date, make sure that nothing is alarming you in your new acquaintance and you have enough information about the interlocutor.

  3. Dorothy says

    I’m not strong at computers, that’s why I don’t like using modern technologies. But after the death of my husband I felt lonely and needed someone young and full of energy, who would brighten up my everyday life and would make it more interesting. One day a friend of mine suggested downloading the Sugar Momma dating app on my Smartphone, and trying my luck over there. After some hesitation I installed the app and I must admit that that was one of the best decisions in my life. The interface of the app is so clear and easy to use, that it’s not difficult even for me. I really liked the forum, a lot of topics where you can chat with different people. And of course, there are a lot of interesting young men to talk to. I’m not planning to search for soul mate, but this is the excellent resource for entertainment both moral and sexual.

    1. Rg says

      Maybe, Me.

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