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What does one-night stand dating apps actually do to our culture?

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Previously, I wrote some articles about why one-night stand dating apps are good for us. In order to strike a balance, I’d like to present some ideas about why these apps are bad for us.

  • Playing the field will reach a dead end.

This is probably not something that you want to hear, but it’s true – one of my best friends was playing the field for more than one decade and he was proud of his game, but now he says he did something wrong.

He started to hook up with easy women in 2006 and have travelled to Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe to play the field. But right now, he is very unhappy because he is in his late 30s and doesn’t have a woman who actually cares about him.

As a hedonist, he did what was right at that time, but only seeking pleasure has consequences. That’s why he told me not to try one-night stand dating apps.

the best dating apps

Well, I never planned to actually use a one-night stand dating app anyway. The only time I slept with someone without a real relationship was when I was still a virgin – at that time, I needed to lose my virginity so urgently, so I did it with a stranger. But to be fair, it was not a one-night stand because it happened in the day time in a hotel room.

After my virginity was gone, I finally feel free to look for meaningful relationships. Intimacy is not awkward anymore. Life is good.

When you are still young, your hormones are raging, so of course you want to use one-night stand dating apps to balance your hormones. I understand the tranquility and peace that we all feel after having an orgasm. I totally get it.

I don’t really have anything against casual hookups. In fact, I think it’s okay as long as you find it valuable and fulfilling. However, if it doesn’t satisfy you on a deeper level, you may consider doing something different, e.g. joining a serious dating app for relationships only.

Those who are playing the field right now would be well-advised to know that there is nothing glamorous waiting for you at the end of this game. Sooner or later, you will want to actually love someone who also loves you because that’s human nature. But having lots of casual s*x only won’t take you there.

What got you here won’t take you there. Yes, maybe you found something exciting through casual hookups and that’s how you connect with people you are attracted to. Yet in the long term, you will crave a genuine connection that lasts for a long time.

  • What one-night stand dating apps can’t offer:

In the first place, people on one-night stand apps aren’t looking for anything serious, so chances are they don’t want to meet high-quality people. Who has that kind of expectations?

Yes, that’s right. Many people on one-night stand dating apps are bottom feeders who have low standards. I do apologize if you find this statement offensive, but that’s my real observation after doing research in this industry for so many years.

Frankly, high-value people don’t need to join a one-night stand dating app because they can easily get what they want in real life. They don’t need to get it on the Internet.

For example, a high-value man is usually surrounded by attractive women already, so why would he join a one-night stand dating app? It’s almost impossible for him to do it.stand dating apps

Also, a high-value woman doesn’t lack options at all in real life, so she wouldn’t join a one-night stand app either. As a consequence, most women on casual hookup apps are not very attractive.

If you’ve seen the movie Yes Man, you probably remember how the neighbor seduced Carl – that old lady was so thirsty that she had to sleep with Carl when her fake teeth were sitting next to her bed. And both of them know it wasn’t a serious relationship at all.

In the second place, casual hookup dating apps make young people go astray. This is a serious problem in contemporary society where young men and women have lost traditional values and only want to hook up with random strangers.

I know many people who go to work from Monday to Friday and go to nightclubs for hookups on Friday night and Saturday night. That is actually a rat race – they are making their bosses rich while giving themselves casual hookups after work – that’s not close to anything fulfilling.

Indeed, when you are still in your early 20s, you might find casual hookups fulfilling to some degree, and that’s normal, because you are still young. It will take some time to figure out your life, and that’s okay.

But once you turn 35 or older, you will realize that casual hookups can’t give you a meaningful love life. The ability to hook up with random strangers can’t guarantee a stable love life at all. For instance, Roosh V has been playing the field for nearly two decades and he is still single, although he has mentioned that he wants to have a wife who can look after the household while he is working on his business.

That’s why Roosh V has stopped selling all of his hookup books and started to promote traditionalism. I think he is doing the right thing right now. Yes, the modern culture needs more traditional values to be instilled into people’s mind.

  • Who should use one-night stand dating apps?

Since one-night stand dating apps exist, there must be a reason why they exist. Personally, I think if you are a virgin, you should try a casual hookup app because you don’t want to be awkward when you are sleeping with someone you actually love in the future. That’s why you should do it with a stranger who doesn’t care anyway.

Your performance anxiety will decrease in this case because the person you are going to bed with is someone you don’t really know. That’s the beauty of joining a casual hookup app.

I know a 30-year-old man who was a virgin at that time. It wasn’t fun because his lack of sexual experience led to lack of confidence in dating and relationships. Hence, he hired a prostitute in order to lose his virginity. And it worked out pretty well for apps are good

That happened in 2009 before the best dating apps were invented. In fact, many people didn’t really have smart phones at that time.

If that scenario happens in 2019, I would encourage him to join a casual hookup dating app and lose his virginity there. It’s probably better than paying a prostitute because the hookup culture is mainstream in modern-day society.

If you are a married person looking for affairs, you shouldn’t join a one-night stand dating app because you can easily join an adultery dating app. I’m not here to judge that either because I understand how lonely people can be even though they are married.

For those who are rich and would like to have an NSA relationship, you may join a sugar daddy dating app or a cougar dating app on Android. This is because this kind of dating apps are banned on Apple. Most sugar daddy dating apps and sugar momma dating apps are about looking for NSA relationships rather than serious relationships.

Therefore, most people don’t really need a one-night stand dating app – if you have a specific need, accommodate your need with the help of a specific app in that particular niche. Casual hookup dating apps have very little to offer in my opinion.casual hookup dating apps

To be fair, I don’t have anything against casual dating apps. In fact, I also wrote many articles about why casual hookup dating apps are good. But my thoughts are evolving as well, so my opinion has changed recently.

If you disagree with me, that’s okay. I respect different opinions and I’m happy to read various comments. Free speech is highly valued here.

However, please do not use vulgar language while writing a comment below. We are here for a logical discussion with in-depth reasoning, so swear words are not what we would like to see on this website.

A guy friend once said, “I wouldn’t want to marry a thot because there are at least 50 men who had slept with her before she met me. That feels like using dirty chopsticks that haven’t been washed yet. It is disgusting. I’d like to marry a virgin, but I don’t know where to find her.”

As a matter of fact, if he goes to the church, chances are he will meet some virgins who actually believe in God.

Religious groups have virgins who won’t sleep with anyone before getting married, whilst one-night stand dating apps are full of thots.

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