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Adam4Adam dating app review: Gay Dating Chat A4A

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As a popular gay dating community, Adam4Adam dating app has more than 10,000 downloads per month on iTunes alone & it is considered one of the best gay dating apps in the world. How effective is this gay dating platform? Let’s check it out!


  • According to your current location, you can browse unlimited number of profiles in 5 different grids on the app.
  • If you would like to travel, you can browse members in other cities, too.
  • View only users that are online OR all users.
  • There are more than twenty filters, e.g. body type, age, preferences, and so forth – you’ll find exactly what you are looking for on this gay dating app.
  • You can send unlimited number of photos in a conversation with another member.
  • You can send and receive unlimited number of messages.
  • You are able to send saved phrases to make things faster.
  • Block certain users.
  • Add some users to your favorites list.
  • View who favorited you.
  • Display your location in a conversation with another user.
  • Send a smile to another member that you like to break the ice.
  • Customize your dating profile and add more information about yourself.
  • You can choose to connect your social media profiles with your dating profiles.
  • Easily drag and drop your pictures to upload them.
  • You may hide your last visit to another dating profile.
  • View who has visited your dating profile.
  • Plan-a-Trip feature: you can show your travel plans.adam4adam-men-gallery


  • Adam4Adam dating app is free to download and join.
  • VIP memberships: US$4.00 per week; US$9.99 per month; US$24.99 per three months; US$44.99 per six months; US$77.99 per year.
  • Please note that VIP members can turn off their publicity, browse secretly with the invisible mode, get listed in the Featured Members section, save 200 conversations, upload more pictures, get unlimited number of favorites and blocks, receive priority customer service and skip ahead of the very long queue.


  • Adam4Adam dating app has 10 million members worldwide, so its large database means you will find a partner in record time here.
  • It’s run by a team with more than 15 years’ experience in the online dating industry.
  • It’s free download and use.
  • Only adults are allowed to join this gay dating app.
  • A4A dating app has many very hot men!adam4adam-billing


  • Although it’s a free gay dating app, it has too many advertisements that may ruin its user experience. Many members are annoyed by so many ads.
  • Sometimes it crashes due to certain technical issues.
  • There are some spammers in the community.
  • Some members’ profiles are suspended for no reason.
  • Though it’s available on iPhone, it’s very difficult to use on iPad because of technical problems.
  • Some users can’t even log in after its recent update. Clearly, A4A dating app has more work to do.

Users’ comments:

“Adam4Adam dating app is the best gay hookup app I’ve ever tried. Men on this app are willing to hook up with me very much because I’m a sexy guy! I’m glad that I’ve joined A4A dating app!” (Anthony D., 22, Washington, D.C.)

“I don’t need to use other gay dating apps anymore because Adam4Adam dating app is the real deal – this is so far my favorite gay dating app because men on this app are so attractive and handsome! I’m super happy!” (Andrew S., 21, Los Angeles)

“I’m a university student in New York City and I use A4A dating app as an add-on, because my main focus is building an active and vibrant social circle at university so that I can get laid easily in real life. Indeed, right now most of my friends are my classmates at university and we hook up regularly. I really enjoy this regular thing going on in my life. Then I also use Adam4Adam dating app to add more fun to my dating life. It works seriously well!” (John A., 19, New York City)

“As a young man in my early 20s, I’d love to try more casual flings when I still have lots of time! I’ve met many cute boys via A4A dating app since last year and I’m very impressed with the results I’ve got so far! I highly recommend Adam4Adam dating app to every gay guy out there!” (Mike H., 24, San Francisco)

“I used to like this gay dating app, but recently, it seems that the quality of its daters has decreased because men on this app aren’t as handsome as they used to be. I guess that’s because the prime time of this dating app is gone already?!” (Michael P., 30, Boston)adam4adam-filter-search

Experts’ comments:

“Adam4Adam dating app is a decent gay dating product on the market. It has a beautiful design and a helpful customer support team. Having said that, its desktop version is very hard to use and many users are complain about it.” (Jade Seashell)

“This is one of the best gay dating apps on iPhone, but recently its technical problems have put some members off.” (Curt Coch)

“There are many gay dating apps out there, but I would recommend A4A dating app because it’s a free gay dating app with optional VIP memberships.” (Serghei)

“If the mainstream establishment is pushing gay dating culture to the mainstream society and young men, how can humans continue reproducing enough offspring in the long term? I don’t have anything against gay men; I’m just concerned and worried about the future of our society and culture.” (Roosh V)adam4adam-app

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is A4A dating app free?
  • It’s free because it shows you many ads. Advertising is their main revenue because most members won’t become VIP members.
  1. Can I meet older men on this gay dating app?
  • Yes, you can. But most daters in this community are younger men.
  1. Is this a gay hookup app?
  • Technically, it’s a dating app for gay men looking for various types of relationships, including casual hook-ups. Having said that, yes, most men on A4A dating app are looking for flings only rather than serious relationships.
  1. Can I meet men who are in the MGTOW sub-culture here?
  • Please note that although men in the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) sub-culture don’t want to build real relationships with women, it doesn’t mean these men are gay. Many of them hire escorts and they are not gay – they just don’t want to deal with women anymore. Therefore, you may or may not meet a guy in the MGTOW community on Adam4Adam dating app.
  1. Are men on this app gay or bisexual?
  • It depends. Most of them should be gay rather than bisexual. But sometimes you will encounter a bisexual guy who is very, very, very, very hot.
  1. Can I meet a gay sugar daddy here?
  • Actually, some gay toy boys have already found their gay sugar daddies via this dating app, so the answer is yes, but you need to work on your skills so that your skills can match your standards – you will need to learn how to identify rich men and know how to meet & get them.

Executive Summary:

A4A dating app is one of the best gay dating apps in the world and it is regarded as the ideal dating community for gay men in 2019. If you are a gay man looking for a fling or some romance, have you tried this gay dating app yet?

Adam4Adam android-downloadAdam4adam download itunes

According to the dictionary, ‘gay’ means ‘happy’ in the past.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Barker says

    locating a child as a gay female or male is sooo challenging like many of us get our first partner whenever we are 20 or something and it’s so unfortunate

  2. Marcus says

    Singles clubs tend to be a little dry and you might not have much of a conversation to talk about if you go out to dinner. In the evening when you are on the prowl for friends, you may not want to walk past the singles club. It could get a little awkward if the other people there know you.

  3. Eric says

    Once you find the right place to use the app, make sure to update the profile with your photo and name. This will help other people find you and eventually have you as a friend.

  4. Joshua says

    in fact grinding machine is definitely the worst gay app ever in my encounter as a person using 2 years all gay app finest is hornet and tinder plus abit scruff

  5. Knight says

    The apps function if you’re physically desirable. Men and women just check out the photos, and in case you’re hot someone would speak to you, if you’re not, they swipe still left

  6. Harriett says

    A4A had been reasonable years back the good news is, it’s the bathroom of the online!

  7. Allen says

    In order to get out and make new friends without spending too much time on the dates and without losing some good dates that you already have, consider a gay dating app. A gay dating app can save you time, money and friendship by having an easier way to meet people.

  8. Terry says

    How are I still single u are a fantastic and decrease deceased gorgeous person that wouldn’t want you I would desire to date you

  9. Emma says

    This is certainly evident that physicality is very important, the first step to fulfill and learn about new possible sweetheart is gender. Initial sex then love and absolutely nothing completely wrong with it.

  10. Allen says

    The first place to look when looking for a gay dating app is in your phone. Get an app for free and see what you think.

  11. Boone says

    I actually have got effective days and hook ups from those apps, but it appears as though once you meet up with track of them once or twice for either a particular date or hook up, we’re both kinda carried out and seeking for the following most sensible thing just like you said lmao. I adored the sarcastic screenshots from Grindr you devote there lmao.

  12. Logan says

    I don’t assess people that utilize these software yet it is not my fashion in any way, so if a lot of people may actually have advantages of this, lucky you

  13. Beulah says

    You should never buy an app or look into it if you have no interest in joining any gay dating app. This is a waste of time and money. Make sure you only buy it when you are seriously interested in joining.

  14. Lydia says

    If you do find a gay dating app that is what you are looking for, make sure you have fun and give it some time. Join a couple of singles clubs to go out with your dates. Find a good place to meet for a drink and make new friends.

  15. Roger says

    Grindr is very good for hookups possessed lots of bam bam adventures on the website in my hoe times! It appeared like the VAST majority of youthful solitary gay men within my place were actually on there. I found plenty of ppl i went along to university with on there plus it was awkward as heck lol. But where I stay, exactly the same ppl on grindr have been the identical ppl on Jack’d.

  16. Carrie says

    I believe I accept your friends standpoint on dates. If they’re decent searching plus they request me over a date Normally i say yes to the free of charge dish. Otherwise in the event the particular date is bad i then get a online dating scary scenario that i believe are entertaining to tell other individuals. If its very good i then continue on more dates. It is a succeed-win.

  17. Lillian says

    If you are interested in the idea of a gay dating app, you need to sign up. There are many places you can sign up to get your first two friends to join you on your way to finding your perfect match. Find the dating app that works for you and get busy on finding your next date.

  18. Kim says

    Any App makes it worth while when most gay men appearance is for the actual physical features… And theze beautiful males whining the do not have appearance. What about everyone else that don’t possess a fitness center variety body or the simple fact of your model? Get over on your own.

  19. Harper says

    I attempted HER and some other dating apps but all I purchased was one terrible day. Even so, I satisfied my sweetheart (or starting conversing with, since we had been inside the exact same area) in the LGBTQ+ group site. Probably you can consider planning to LBTQ+ community web site that are not strictly for courting/connecting? Even when you don’t hire a company you would like to time there, you could achieved new friends.

  20. Parsons says

    Use the local gay community. Ask around the gay community if anyone knows of a gay dating app store. Chances are they know of someone who has used the app and can give you advice about it.

  21. Isabel says

    With a gay dating app, you can avoid the high cost of going out on dates. You can still get some good hits. If you have to pick up a few people at a bar or club then it might be best to go to your favorite hangout.

  22. Buchanan says

    I am the exact same ha I think it is best to satisfy people outside and never on apps

  23. Lydia says

    Grindr is popular to the hookup arena, yeah! Hehe in the “bam bam escapades!”

  24. Craig says

    You realize I would want to just say, never treatment to find a partner only make friends despite the people you imagine you could like make a great deal of friends and find out where it takes you you’ll be very impressed by how many of them close friends will end up a lot more then only a buddy and simply enjoy yourself…

  25. Barton says

    I notice the same exactly like you do. Courting programs create you up and then usually just lead to disappointment. I rarely go on them anymore. It requires a lot in my opinion to go on a time with a person too ?

  26. Romero says

    Hornet is waaaay superior to Grinding machine

  27. Austin says

    When you find an app that you like, it’s time to buy it. You can go to the store and look for the right store to purchase from. After you find the right store, look for specials, discounts and everything else to get the best deal.

  28. Blair says

    adore A4A fulfill my prior 2 longtime son good friends on that internet site

  29. Fannie says

    Totally agree with you nevertheless i think it’s so ingrained in us the only location we are able to find a person now (regardless of what we wish) is dating apps.

  30. Franklin says

    That’s why i don’t rely on them. I would personally rather are living alone forever than fulfill phony folks on the web. All they want is sexual activity, gender, and sexual intercourse. Bullcrap

  31. Randall says

    I do believe if u wish to be solitary that’s your small business. I do believe if u wanted to have a bf you would probably, it is not just a too tricky to have an individual

  32. McCarthy says

    For a short term solution, try out a straight dating app instead of a hookup site. The hookup sites are really more for fun than anything else. They will not help you find your future partner.

  33. Ella says

    There are many places where you can get a gay dating app. This way you can try them out before you decide which one is best for you.

  34. Virgie says

    Hahaha love the blooper!

  35. Rodney says

    I guess i’ve employed all the gay dating software and many of them aren’t romantically bonded but on sexual needs and that gross me. The majority of them favor lust not love.

  36. Joe says

    They’re not “dating” programs plainly. It’s all a whole total waste of time. I don’t feel you can obtain a legitimate experience of a person on the web, particularly in the gay group.

  37. Anonymous says

    my is not working

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