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Wapa dating app review (lesbian dating in 2019)

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Wapa dating app is a leading dating community for lesbian women to find love online. According to iTunes, Wapa is the world’s most popular lesbian dating app in 2019 for lesbian, bisexual and curious women who want to find someone hot here. It’s very user-friendly without hassle and most of its features are totally free (e.g. unlimited chat). As a result, Wapa has become very successful in almost every way.


  • Wapa dating app moderates the community carefully to make sure daters have a safe and secure cyber space for dating and relationships.
  • Wapa team checks every member’s profile to make sure every user is a real person.
  • 1-2-1 support is free for everyone.
  • Tracks: You can see who has viewed your dating profile & even what that person thinks about you.
  • Notifications: push notifications are sent to your phone even when this app is asleep.
  • You can upload 10 photos on your profile.
  • Select other locations to meet ladies before you visit another city. This is the best travel dating app for lesbian
  • You can easily lock this app with a 4-digit passcode for better privacy and security. That means if your mom happens to look at your phone, she can’t open this app and doesn’t know what Wapa means!
  • You can create a private photo album so that you can control who can see your private photos.
  • You are able to send and receive video messages for free.
  • Use filter to see only the type of girls you like. This saves you a lot of time. Statistics show that the average user of a dating app wastes SEVERAL YEARS on the freaking app.
  • When you notice a suspicious dating profile, simply report it to Wapa dating app and they will investigate.
  • You don’t need an email address to create a dating profile. In other words, Wapa doesn’t collect users’ email addresses for email marketing purposes at all. This is unique in the online marketing space.
  • Premium members can enjoy extra features such as uploading 10 photos to a profile, locking face pictures for more privacy, save videos and photos, no ads, send long videos as well as priority customer support & quick photo approval.wapa-login


  • Wapa is free to join and use.
  • Your premium membership starts at $3.99!wapa-billing


  • Wapa dating app has many free features, and its premium membership isn’t expensive.
  • It’s a very supportive, warm and positive  lesbian dating community where women support women.
  • This app has many different languages for users to choose: English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Catalan, Romania, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.


  • This app isn’t very stable. It just keeps crashing on iPhones.
  • It has too many ads for free members, which affects user experience because free members can hardly see any profiles – they just see a lot of annoying and irrelevant ads.
  • Some members claim that they can’t even delete their dating profiles on this app. After deactivating their accounts, their dating profiles are still there.
  • It is reported that a lot of profiles are fake and there are some men in this community. That’s unacceptable. A good lesbian dating app should believe in ‘no man, no worries.’wapa-search

Users’ comments:

“I looked at Wapa dating app’s iPhone screenshot on iTunes and I immediately noticed that a profile photo is definitely a CC0 picture from! What a joke! Can I still trust this dating app for lesbian women if that’s their marketing strategy? I’m a digital marketer, so I know where to find free photos for commercial purposes, but this is a bit too much.” (Krystal D., 28, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

“My best friend has joined this app and she loves it. I’m only 17 years old, so I need to wait until next month when I turn 18 and then I’ll be able to join Wapa dating app. I look forward to it!” (Kerry S., 17, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia)

Experts’ comments:

“Wapa is a popular dating app for lesbian, bisexual and curious ladies who are looking for love and affection on the Internet. It’s a very good place for this vibrant subculture.” (Jade Seashell)

“The theme color of Wapa dating app is black and its secondary theme color is dark purple. That makes this app look very chic and sophisticated. I like its design.” (Curt Coch)


  1. Why do I see so many men on this app?
  • Many men think they can find bisexual women on Wapa for a threesome lifestyle. They are probably married and need to find the third leg so that their marriage can become more colorful and exciting. However, they are probably looking at the wrong place because they should check out threesome dating apps rather than a standard lesbian dating app.
  1. Why can’t I find eligible users in my local area?
  • Because more and more internet marketers are aware of the fact that subcultures always win (the conversion rate in a subculture is always higher), they are developing more and more lesbian dating apps like this one. As a consequence, the market is inundated with similar products that are competing for customers’ attention. That’s why the competition is so stiff and it’s not easy to find a suitable partner on a regular lesbian dating app, especially if you live in a small town where there aren’t enough people nearby.
  1. Is Wapa dating app the only travel dating community for lesbian women?
  • Probably yes. We haven’t seen another pink dating product designed for women to find dates when they are travelling.wapa-profile

Executive summary:

Wapa is a pioneering dating app for lesbians and bisexual women. Even if you are just a curious girl, you can still join this app to expand your outlook and meet new women who will add color and beauty to your life. Wapa dating app is fun and safe.itunes download new

This app doesn’t collect users’ email addresses, so you’ll see more ads on this app – there is always a trade-off.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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