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Cheating Dating App Advice: Why Men Cheat & Why Women Cheat

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These days cheating dating apps’ market share is increasing because more and more people want to cheat on their spouses. Traditionally, men are more likely to cheat, but nowadays it is reported that millennial women are more likely to cheat than millennial men.

  • Habituation happens.

This is a cruel fact of human existence: with enough time, people can become bored with almost anything. Whether it’s a new cat or a new jacket, a fancy car or an expensive lipstick, in the end the initial pleasure disappears. However, it doesn’t always mean we begin to dislike the thing in question; it means we habituate to its initial appeal and just enjoy it much less. Even s*x is not immune.

That’s why both men and women get bored in marriages. There are two ways to stay married according to cheaters that we’ve interviewed on cheating dating apps: 1) you imagine sleeping with other people because to your brain, imagining an action and doing it are not too different – this has been proven by neuroscience – your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined; 2) you actually sleep with other people so that when you go home and see your spouse, you feel less grumpy – you’ve added variety to your life, so now you feel more balanced.

“I had s*x with my co-worker in my car,” says a male cheater from New York City, “It was a very thrilling experience. When I got home and had dinner with my wife, I felt energized, so the night with my wife was perfect.”

“I slept with my boss because I needed a promotion,” says a female cheater from Los Angeles, “I was attracted to my boss for years; therefore, that affair gave me physical and financial satisfaction. My husband didn’t know how I got the promotion, but he is very happy with my income.”

Cheaters on the cheating dating app are very satisfied with their affairs.find real date apps

  • Cheating helps your brain to release dopamine.

Dopamine is not about pleasure; it is about the anticipation of pleasure. When you join a cheating dating app, you are looking for an affair online. This anticipation will help your brain release dopamine which is good for your health and wellbeing.

I remember when I bought the ticket of Dita Von Teese’s burlesque show, I was absolutely thrilled – the anticipation was extremely exciting, so I was excited for two months, and then I went to see Dita Von Teese! I can confirm that the anticipation is the best part, although I absolutely love the burlesque show.

A study indicates that when monkeys received rewards only 50% of the time, dopamine levels skyrocketed even more. Therefore, uncertainty of reward makes dopamine to pour out just like a waterfall over the brain’s circuity. We all love “maybe”. That also explains why flirting with someone who might become your partner is a very nice moment. It is clear that flirting makes our hormones more stable and more balanced.

“Before joining the cheating dating app, I always flirted with other women, I never cheated,” says a male cheater from Michigan, “All of my male friends flirt with other women, no matter they are married or not. Yes, we still love our wives, but we love ourselves more. Flirting with other women is a way to love ourselves. Joining the cheating dating app is a way to spoil ourselves.”Cheating Dating App Advice

  • Since when did cheating become common?

It is said that cheating has become commonplace since 1950s. Indeed, when I was watching the popular TV show Mad Men, I could see that everyone was cheating on everyone in the 1960s. It is a fabulous show that inspired entrepreneur and professional investor Ned R. to create a cheating dating app.

“Don Draper has been the ultimate inspiration,” says Ned R., “He has slept with hundreds of women in his life. Of course, he sleeps with women for professional reasons as well. And he used cheating and alcohol to numb his pain from his past.”

Of all his affairs, the most exciting one is probably the relationship with Sylvia, the woman with a mole who reminded Don Draper of the prostitute that raped him when he was a teenager. When Don was having s*x with Sylvia, his daughter Sally Draper accidentally saw them in the bedroom. That scene was so unforgettable.

Don Draper slept with Dr Miller, Rachel and Bobbie for professional reasons – he needed them for his work, which is understandable. We tend to assume that women may sleep with men for professional reasons, but in reality, many men are sleeping with women for professional reasons as well.

Don slept with his daughter’s teacher for personal reasons – he just wanted to get rid of the boredom and stress in his marriage, his life and his work, which is fair enough. He doesn’t know any other way to improve his life at that time. Hence the dating apps

He obviously slept with some of his secretaries, but I don’t think he did that for professional reasons as those secretaries couldn’t help him with his career anyway – it was more about having some short-term fun when he could.

As I’m typing this article, I suddenly realized that Cleopatra had an affair with Caesar and they even had a baby – Cleopatra’s first child was a son by Caesar. It was a mutually beneficial relationship because Cleopatra needed Caesar’s armies to install her as the ruler of Egypt, and Caesar needed Cleopatra’s wealth (Note that Cleopatra was the wealthiest woman at that time, so she could finance Caesar’s return to power in Rome.) Obviously, cheating was already quite mainstream in ancient times. Maybe cheating is just a natural part of human nature anyway.

In conclusion, there are 4 types of cheating: 1) You cheat because your marriage is too boring. But if you get a divorce, there are consequences that you don’t want to deal with, so you choose to cheat instead. After cheating on your spouse, your marriage will look a bit better (read: less boring), as long as your spouse is not aware of your affair. 2) You cheat because you had a painful past or a traumatic childhood and you need to use cheating to numb the pain. 3) You cheat because you need affairs for professional reasons. 4) You cheat because your brain needs more dopamine.

Having said that, there is something that all cheaters share: they want the pleasure. That is the unpleasant part of human nature – we are biologically programmed to sleep with others and we aren’t truly monogamous by nature. In fact, monogamy is a recent concept; many cultures still have polygamy today & even in countries with a rich culture such as China, monogamy is a new thing – Chinese people started to have monogamous marriages after 1949! That’s only a few decades ago. Statistics on cheating dating apps show that China has the highest cheating rate in the world.

“Almost every Chinese man that I know has cheated on his wife,” says Ned R., founder of a cheating dating app, “When Seeking Arrangement was available in China, it had more members than WeChat, the No. 1 social media platform in China. And I’m pretty sure that at least 50% of sugar daddies on Seeking Arrangement are married men.”

Cheating dating apps are becoming sensational nowadays.

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