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CurvesConnect Review: Prices, Summary, Members’ stories

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The site interface

Premium price and features

Members’ stories


CurvesConnect is a niche dating site for big-and-beautiful women and plus-size men. It’s motto is matching people by who they are, not by how they look from the position of social standards.

The site and app are launched in 2016 by Jerry Miller aiming to fight the so-called Hollywood beauty patterns. The company, however, also owns other niche dating sites like FarmersOnly.

The site interface

On its main page, CurvesConnect repeats the encouraging words about being one’s true self instead of corresponding to others’ stereotypes. The interface is extremely simple and neat.

Although it claims to have a dating blog, there are just a few promoting sections instead. Surprisingly, there are no success stories on the official site at all, the reviews are found on other sources.

Frequently asked questions section, meanwhile, is very detailed yet technical. There are no questions on how to attract other members but many are dedicated to the profile date

Premium price and features

Having so much respect towards plus size singles, CurvesConnect still doesn’t serve them for free. The reasons are described on the site page, the main explanation is a high quality of services.

  • 1 month Premium – 19.95 USD
  • 3 months Premium – 39.95 USD
  • 6 months Premium – 54.95 USD

In comparison to other niche dating sites, CurvesConnect is medium-priced. Traditionally, one saves funds if he pays for 3 or 6 months at once. No trials or credit packs are available.

Basic members cannot do much, they should upgrade to Premium in order to start messaging other members and exchange direct contacts if they choose so. Otherwise, they remain inactive.

Aside from messaging, there are only several helpful features on CurvesConnect, flirts sending and likes list. Flirts are used as ice-breakers and the likes list makes the navigation easier.

Members’ stories

“After some bad luck on Tinder, I have tried CurvesConnect hoping this niche dating site will work better for me. However, I didn’t feel any supportive atmosphere even after a while.

Why, because male members do not seem very active or gallant, the support team is always silent, and the dating blog is simply absent. Me personally I do need some info about BBW dating.

I am still struggling to be self-confident enough with my weight or looks, but this site doesn’t provide the appropriate services or encouragement. I had two meetings but rather accidentally.

None of those men were serious. Moreover, when I tried to cancel my subscription, my credit card has been charged, still. I wrote to their email but received no answer. So, I’m not satisfied.

If I could express myself better on CurvesConnect, things would be different. BBW personals should also be able to position themselves as sugar babies, cougar, MILFs, without being judged.

I came to the conclusion it’s still better to use mainstream dating apps and sites, with a high rating, but with a certain self-confidence and dignity. It works better than low-rated niche sites”.

“I met a woman on CurvesConnect but honestly I have put many efforts for that. I spent weeks weeding out the bots and weird accounts before I found several girls who seemed to be true.

Now I’m dating this woman I liked the most, and we’re thankful to CurvesConnect, but our time there was rather stressful. We paid for the lack of features and had only plain real women

For sure, we’ll leave the site since we are a couple now, but we’d leave it anyway because it’s so boring. There are more promising BBW sources with plenty of interesting features.

We respect ourselves and each other but it’s because of our personalities, not because of the encouragement we received on the site. It seemed rather passive and indifferent towards its users.

I think CurvesConnect deserves a chance as it still can develop its database and options in the future. If it happens, the rating will be raised and people will be happier joining and using it”.

“On other niche dating sites, I used to feel like a big and beautiful queen. But on CurvesConnect, it was challenging for me to find any matches for hookups, I’m not sure why.

Probably because the site is poorly organized and isn’t really moderated. I eventually managed to go out several times with men from there, but I wasn’t as admired as before.

I am more than sure it’s because the developers didn’t turn their product into a social network for singles like me, where we would educate and support each other, along with therapists.

The secrets of healthy diet for BBW, special dating tips, seasoned wardrobe hints, all that could attract millions of users and make the environment there warmer. But it didn’t happen.

There aren’t group chats, for instance, that help to create the winner spirit. There aren’t private photo albums or private videos exchange, although it’s understood we value our privacy.

Maybe I want too much, but I saw such favourable conditions on other platforms and I know it isn’t hard to organize. For today, I’d rate CurvesConnect three stars only and I’m done with it”.

“I had good and bad experiences on CurvesConnect, like anywhere else on the Internet. The worst experience was extra charging of my card, and the best experience was meeting Daniel.

Daniel is a big teddy bear, a submissive man who prefers big and beautiful women. He didn’t succeed finding his perfect match on other BBW apps but we were lucky enough to meet on CC.

Although it wasn’t fun to be there, we enjoyed messaging each other and exchanging private photos. As soon as we could, we left the site and started to communicate directly.

I cannot complain since I have found my best lover, but if I didn’t, I would be terribly bored on CurvesConnect. I am sharing my amazing luck with friends but I’m not recommending this site.

I would change so many things about it, but at least they promote our category of online dating and tell people it’s normal to accept ourselves as we are. Their work should be appreciated”.

“We are a plus-size couple who aimed to meet another couple, for mutual enjoyment and friendship with benefits. Other BBW sites were too conservative for us, and we have tried CurvesConnect.

Surprisingly, it worked out. There were some open-minded people like us, although it isn’t said in the description. We met Sarah and John who became our travel mates and good friends.

We could keep it casual and search for new folks but we all understand each other so well. Although it’s just a happy coincidence, we are grateful to CurvesConnect and all their efforts.

I am a motivational speaker for BBW and I would surely like such online platforms to be more expressive and educative. But, we have what we have and it’s already a big step forward.

I would encourage body-positive singles and couples to join CurvesConnect and similar sites without any fear, being sure they will match well with someone special. Because we did!”CurvesConnect


The CurvesConnect primary idea was perfect and understandable for the modern society, fighting for body-positive people and their rights. This concept attracted a lot of members quickly.

The BBW dating niche is always filled with active seekers especially in the west where people hardly keep model shapes. CurvesConnect isn’t the most popular site among the others.

Yet, it has found its target audience and thankful users. They’re mostly happy with the big choice of potential mates but unhappy about the unfair charges from the bank card and scam alerts.

However, in fact, the team doesn’t provide any great service. Features are only few, there’s no chance for anonymity like on other hookup sites, and the customer support is extremely slow.

The site obviously uses plus-size models pictures for their promotion, not only on the main page or in the ads but also within the database, creating bots and fake profiles for attracting the users.

This strategy is forgiveable for very young platforms with an inefficient member base, but not for CurvesConnect that works since 2016. These years had to be enough for increasing the base naturally.

In general, as dating experts, we do not find CurvesConnect loyal enough to its target audience which belongs to a very sensitive category. The price isn’t affordable for everyone.

While the quality of services or even the list of features doesn’t correspond to a full-fledged dating site. There is actually only messaging and video chatting, no fun ice-breakers or stickers.

Not to mention dating blog that is extremely important to this niche. People want to receive a dating advice that would consider all psychological aspects of being plus-size in a hostile with singles

Such a blog is absent on CurvesConnect. Moreover, the site that seems to fight with celebrity role models, uses big-and-beautiful celebrities for its commercial videos and illustrative materials.

We do not think it’s very tactful or efficient for succeeding on the BBW dating market. It is confirmed by the fact that CurvesConnect app users sound even more disappointed.

Just like the desktop version, the app has very limited and primitive functions while the team never responds in time. There are much friendlier BBW platforms in the market we trust to.

To conclude, use this site and phone application with caution and common sense. Analyze the profiles and do not talk to catfishers or bots, try to detect genuine members basing on your own experience.

Nothing is hopeless if we are full of hope. It should be each sensitive person’s motto and there are no reasons to give up. CurvesConnect and other niche hookup sites can help to find a match.

Create forums and discussions on various networks, share your stories and even your critics. Unite into the teams of positive minded people who fight stereotypes and forced loneliness.

If to do so confidently and always remain careful, even CurvesConnect becomes a great tool in skilled hands, able to bring success in one’s private life. Let it be so, if you want to try.


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