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Valuable Wisdom from Members of iOS dating apps

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This year I’ve interviewed many high-profile members of iOS dating apps who have shared their very valuable wisdom with me. And now I’m happy to share their insights, knowledge and wisdom with you as well.

In order to protect the privacy of these kind individuals’, their real names are not revealed in this article. (These people have given me the permission to share their comments, but I’d like to protect their privacy by not using their real names in this article).

  • How these people become high-profile celebrities:

Yes, there are a lot of celebrities on iOS dating apps these days because Internet dating is so mainstream now. I’ve asked these individuals how they became celebrities & here’s their answers.

“I always multitask in the right way,” says Katherine A., an 8-figure business owner from Australia, “Although I have a multi-million-dollar company, I still go to work by bus because I want to work for 50 minutes on the bus every morning and 50 minutes on the bus every night. That’s 8.3 extra hours per week.”women on the app

Alexander Z. is another high-profile dater on the iOS dating app and he agrees with Katherine in this regard. “Whenever I’m working out in the gym, I am listening to an audiobook. Also, when I drive to work every morning, I listen to a podcast,” says Alexander Z., “I’m a well-known CEO, and I know how to multitask in the right ways.”

Alexander says he goes to the gym every other day. Every morning when he wakes up, he asks himself whether he went to the gym yesterday. If the answer is yes, he directly goes to work; if the answer is no, he goes to the gym first thing in the morning.

Since he is the owner of his company, he can control his schedule in a very flexible way.

Furthermore, high-profile daters on iOS dating apps know how to take care of themselves. “Instead of working constantly, I take breaks throughout the day,” says Ashley B., a celebrity from Canada, “Usually, I take a dance break every 50 minutes when I’m working on a big project at home.”

“When I say taking regular breaks, I mean actually leaving my desk and doing something else such as eating my yogurt,” says Tegan S., a high-profile dater on an iOS dating app, “That’s why my productivity is tremendous every single day.”

Moreover, many successful members on iOS dating apps use magnesium oil spray. “I learned this from a podcast last year and I find this method very helpful,” says Shawn W., a 7-figure business owner from New Zealand, “Now I buy magnesium oil spay online and I think using topical magnesium is really the best thing I’ve ever done because it helps me sleep well at night.”ios apps dating text

Last but not least, a lot of successful daters on iOS dating apps have leveraged their previous relationships with rich men and rich women.

“I was a sugar baby when I was in my 20s,” says Madison F., a successful businesswoman from the United States, “At that time, I was able to use sugar daddy dating apps on iPhone, so I met several rich guys who helped me with my career.”

“I was a male sugar baby a few years ago when sugar momma dating apps were available on iPhone,” says Thomas I., a famous businessman from the United Kingdom, “My sugar momma financially supported me at that time and helped me to start my own business. Without her help, I wouldn’t have become who I am today.”

I’m grateful to these honest people who have shared their personal stories with me and allow me to share their stories in this article.

  • Successful daters’ views on Law of Attraction:

When I asked these high-profile daters about their opinions on Law of Attraction, some of them told me that the effectiveness of this law has been exaggerated by books such as The Secret, and some of them argue that it’s the corniest law in the world.

Yet several high-profile members on iOS dating apps have shared their highly valuable insights recently.

“After watching Abraham Hicks’ videos on YouTube, I’ve learned that Law of Attraction is about feeling good before good things happen to me rather than wishful thinking,” says Rhonda N., a high six-figure woman from the United Kingdom, “Now I’m all about conditioning my emotions so that positive things can happen to me.”

Rhonda N. has printed many photos from her peak experiences – a beautiful Sunday morning on the beach, memorable trips overseas, etc. These photos are on her desks where she can see them every day. She states that these photos are emotional buttons which remind her of those positive emotions.sugar daddy dating apps on iPhone

“Of course, I’m a creator; I’m not a waiter. I never wait until things happen, so I always happen to things,” says Rhonda N., “In my opinion, the universe only wants to work with me when I’m cooperating with the universe. Therefore, I have decided to implement my daily rituals that can make my dreams come true.”

Rhonda’s dream is to find a high-quality partner, so her daily rituals include sending 10 messages to 10 different men on iOS dating apps every morning, going out at least twice per week to meet new men and saying yes to party invitations whenever she can.

Jordan M. is a successful entrepreneur from New York City. He says feeling good is his full-time job because that’s how he achieved his success within a short period of time.

“I studied Law of Attraction in 2009 and during these ten years, I’ve been implementing what I’ve learned in this regard,” says Jordan M., “Now I have a very successful business that generates 9 figures a year. I think most people have underestimated the power of luck, so I don’t take this for granted. Meanwhile, I think Law of Attraction is a way to create good luck.”

Jordan M. is an active member of an iOS dating app. A lot of women on the app don’t know his success, yet he doesn’t want to use his financial success to impress women, because in his opinion, only women who can have a genuine connection with him are the right candidates.

“Only insecure men who have small d*cks want to show off their wealth and achievements on the first date,” says Jordan M., “Unfortunately, I’ve met many women in New York who want to show off their good jobs on the first date – they are a bit like those insecure men. Personally, I think a woman’s value is her beauty and fertility. I’m not impressed by masculine women who value career success.”

I actually think Jordan M. is right. Of course, you can disagree with me. But it doesn’t mean my belief is a crime.

  • How these daters meet people offline:

Apart from using iOS dating apps, these individuals are very switched-on – they also meet a lot of people offline in order to maximize their opportunities in the dating department.

Michelle O. is a hot model from Los Angeles. She says her No. 1 strategy is going to events alone.

“I always go to events alone because if I go out with my friends, men would feel intimidated by my friends – they don’t want to be rejected in front of my friends,” says Michelle O., “Another reason is I used to go out with a girlfriend of mine, but whenever I was talking to a guy, she would ask me to talk to her instead. She was a terrible wing woman. And now we are not hanging out anymore.”

Natalie R. is a movie star from Hollywood. She maintains that her best strategy is to be approachable.

“I never wear headphones when I’m jogging in the neighborhood because if I wear headphones, nobody would initiate a conversation with me,” says Natalie R., “Because I always look approachable, many high-value men in the neighborhood have asked me out.”iOS dating apps

Tim P. is a celebrity makeup artist from Sydney. He says his strategy is to stay ready, so he doesn’t have to get ready.

“I always dress well because I’d like to stay ready,” says Tim P., “Many people only wear their best clothes when they expect to meet someone awesome, but nobody knows when they can meet the love of their life, so it’s better to always look great.”

Pat H. is an Instagram influencer from London. Apart from using iOS dating apps, he also participates in a lot of activities offline.

“My strategy is to do the group version of existing activities that I already do,” says Pat H., “For example, I like playing guitar, so instead of playing guitar at home, I actually join a guitar class in London where I’ve met a lot of hot girls.”

Most importantly, none of these successful people fear rejection. They believe that if they are doing it right, they should be rejected.

“If I’m never rejected, that means I’m only reaching for the low-hanging fruit,” says Andy L., a social media influencer from America, “So, when I’m rejected by the hottest woman in the room, at least I know I’ve done my best.”

Compared with rejection, I fear regret even more.

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