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SugarD – #1 Sugar Daddy Dating app review

SugarD sugar daddy dating app review

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Welcome to the sugar bowl. Now we are going to present an honest review about the Internet’s No. 1 sugar daddy dating app – SugarD.


  • Quick Match: Swipe left to pass someone or swipe right to like someone. When both players like each other’s profile, that’s an instant match.
  • Moments: Use this feature to show others what you are doing now. This is a sugar daddy dating app combined with social media elements! This is such a fun feature that helps you showcase your glamorous lifestyle and promote your profile in the community, so that more potential sugar daddies/sugar babies will notice you, thereby increasing your chance to get a sugar daddy/sugar baby quickly.
  • Income verification: Sugar daddies with an annual income higher than $200K can apply for their Diamond Certification, which is a real token for success and wealth. Because of this feature, sugar daddies can win sugar babies’ trust quickly.
  • Beauty verification: These days women wear heavy makeup. But if you want to see a sugar baby’s face without makeup, you can do it before meeting her in person! This feature allows sugar babies to verify their real beauty: They can upload their no-makeup photos and submit to verify. When a sugar baby’s no-makeup photo is verified by SugarD, she receives a Beauty verification token. This is a unique feature that you can’t find anywhere else.



  • 1 month auto renewal premium membership: $69.99. By purchasing this service, your subscription renews automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • 3 months premium membership: $179.99.
  • 6 months premium membership: $299.99.


  • Looking for an arrangement directly without playing games. This app helps sugar daddies to date hot girls & helps sugar babies who need assistance with their travel, education, shopping, etc.
  • Unique features that you can’t find on other sugar daddy dating apps.
  • A beautiful design which looks upscale and classy.


  • Sugar mommas and male sugar babies can’t use this app.
  • People who are looking for a rich husband/wife can’t use this app (this is not a mainstream dating app because this app is only for arrangements.)


Only SugarD has this unique feature – Beauty Verification.

Users’ comments:

“Thanks to SugarD, my tuition fee is paid by my sugar daddy. And I’m going to Paris next month with my sugar daddy. Using SugarD is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! I’m very grateful for that!” (Sara, New York City)

“SugarD is the best sugar daddy dating app in the world because only on this app can I see verified beauties. Now I can date with confidence, knowing that sugar babies I date are actually beautiful without makeup.” (Richard, Los Angeles)

Experts’ comments:

“SugarD is a unique sugar daddy dating app which has a lot of cutting-edge and creative functionalities. It’s more than a dating app. In fact, it also includes some features of Instagram, which is seriously perfect.” (Curt Coch)

“I like SugarD because this sugar daddy dating app really works.” (Svaxa)


Are you still wondering which sugar daddy dating app you should download? Try SugarD if you are a truly gorgeous sugar baby. If you aren’t confident without makeup, you’d better avoid this app and try another app! As for sugar daddies, you can join this app if your annual income is over $200,000!  Otherwise, you won’t have any competitive edge in this community because other sugar daddies with Income Verification token will get the hottest sugar babies in record time.

  • Design
  • Value for Money
  • Popularity
  1. Daniela says

    WOW! really good features! I think the verifications are really what makes it worth it, although it is kind of like an expensive expense, so the girls should be sure before joining. I know it will depend on how you set your profile, but I wonder how long will it take to find a match. Maybe someday I will know haha!

  2. Karen says

    Hi to everybody! I don’t know by my own experience, but I friend was really happy and excited about using this app, just wanted to say, as I told her, to be careful with everyone! But anyways, it looks like the most serious app for this. Good luck to everybody!

  3. Chara P says

    Nice app! I’m looking for a sugar daddy right now, and this app is just the best. I don’t have to worry whether a sugar daddy is worth my time or not, because there is this income verification thing. I always just filter men by their income and choose only between those with the diamond status. That’s perfectly fair because I have to verify my no-makeup photos too. Of course, SugarD is much more expensive than any other app I’ve seen but it’s not a problem, because there are always some sugar daddies willing to pay for me.

  4. Theresa S. Mauldin says

    This app is so much fun. I just swipe everyone right and then choose from all the matches. It’s so much easier, and there is also this diamond status that allows you to see the richest men instantly. I guess that status is not something they can fake, so it’s pretty trustworthy. The app also has some social media features, like moments that help you to show your lifestyle and become more attractive for potential sugar daddies. Overall, SugarD is just great, and I recommend it to everyone I know.

  5. Elaine W says

    Very cool features, nice design. I’ve been using SugarD for a few months now, and it’s been a lot of fun. Like many other apps, it has this swipe mechanism that helps you to get a lot of quick matches without wasting too much time on looking through profiles and sorting your inbox. You like somebody, that somebody likes you back, and then you can start messaging right away. While I’m still looking for the right man, it doesn’t bother me because the app is just like social media. You can show what you do in your life and watch what others do as well. And that also helps you promote your profile, so it’s a win-win situation.

  6. Donald T. Doyle says

    SugarD is one of the best apps in the niche as it really has a lot of cute sugar babies. You can easily tell which of the girls are the most beautiful by looking for a verification token. That thing simply proves the girl is still beautiful even without makeup, and that can prevent many unpleasant surprises. The app isn’t too expensive, I mean, if $600 for a year of premium membership with all features available to you is a lot of money for you, what are you doing here at all? Most men here have this wealth token, so if you don’t make that much money, don’t even bother creating an account.

  7. Lisa J says

    Used the app for a while, but without any result. The no-makeup verification mechanism is nonsense, and the Instagram-like features are pretty boring. Guess I’ll have to try something less classy, because sugar daddies don’t seem to pay me much attention without a beauty token.

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