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Match™ – #1 Dating App review

Match dating app review

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Match is the Internet’s biggest dating app. No matter which key word you search on Google, you will find Match as long as the key word is about dating and relationships. That indiciates the popularity of Match dating app. This app has the best search functions due to its advanced matching technology.


  • Success guarantee: Match promises that every user will certainly find a partner within 6 months after joining the app. If you can’t find a good partner on Match dating app, you will get another 6 months’ free service on Match app.
  • Instant emails and messages.
  • Rating other users’ profiles.
  • Keywords-based search function: e.g. if you would like to find someone who likes travelling, you can search “travel” and you’ll find dating profiles that indicate they like travelling, too.
  • Premium members can use their match-making service, i.e. the app introduces another user to you.
  • Match dating app organises many offline events for people to meet new friends in real life.
  • You can pay $3 to appear in the top position of search results for 1 hour.
  • A blog with free articles for you to enjoy and learn!


  • 1 month: $24.99
  • 3 months: $22.99/month
  • 6 months: $19.99/month
  • 12 months: $16.47/month

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match dating app


A fantastic dating app in modern-day society!

Users’ comments:

“I joined Match last year and met my currrent girlfriend. Now we are going to be engaged soon.” (Gareth, 31, Perth, Australia)

“I joined Match dating app last week. Although there are many single men on this app, they are so ugly! Maybe only awkward men use online dating apps? I guess good-looking men don’t need to join Match!” (Katie, 32, Auckland, New Zealand)

“This is the most useful dating app I’ve ever used. I got laid within 1 week because women on Match are desperate!” (Sonny, 29, NYC, the United States)

Experts’ comments:

“Match dating app is a mainstream dating service for everyone to join. As long as you are looking for a partner, you can join Match. The advantage of this dating app is anyone can join it & the problem of this dating app is also anyone can join it – there is no filter.” (Jade Seashell)

“Match is a good dating app if you are looking for a traditional long-term relationship/marriage. But if you are looking for something different, you’d better avoid this app because it may waste your time.” (Curt Coch)


  • The most popular dating app guarantees your dating success.
  • This is a great app for people looking for serious relationships.
  • A reliable dating service with advanced technology.
  • It is run by a reputable company.


Executive summary:

Match is an extremely popular dating app online. With millions of members worldwide, Match can guarantee your success in dating and relationships on their app. Also, its subscription fee is reasonable and affordable, so it has a huge database for you to choose. With its advanced search technology, you will surely find someone suitable quickly. The most important part in the dynamics isn’t whether this app is good enough or not; the most important part is whether you actually spend time on this app to proactively look for your partner because your action brings you results.


  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for Money
  1. Morris P says

    The application is normal. But there is one thing. Why are you holding people? First, I wrote that the account can be deleted in a day and 11 hours. Then okay, I waited, there were 11 hours, then after a long period of time I went to delete the account again, and I wrote that after 16 hours. …

  2. Mary says

    Very good Dating app. Its functions are carried out on all hundred! It works very fast. Many interesting services and do not ask for money. Just like that there is no advertising in other applications. I really like it! Attention from men is guaranteed, only sit and choose, and those who n…

  3. Charles says

    all class, girls only weakly gregarious, they have to learn at least to say no if you don’t want to chat, and then sit down and think what they have in mind!!!!!

  4. William says

    after updating the app it often just became why? and requires to run again

  5. Vernon says

    small limit likes, there is no opportunities translation albums with photos from closed password in “for friends”, sometimes occur flights…

  6. Pauline says

    the application of the norms. but the latest update does not work, nothing loads… previous versions worked, I tried to turn on the VPN and worked. in General, it does not work in Ukraine. fix. The only thing I would add is to search the questionnaire was not a list, and mosaics, and Thu…

  7. John32 says

    Very high quality Dating service, which told me a friend. The friend he met here with the man I love. I have had previous experience using Dating apps and so I can compare Tabor with others fairly objectively. In this application, really a lot of people at once…
    the worst Dating app ever. if on mamba or Badoo I write 25-30 girls a day, in this application for a week did not write any. only some Scarecrow likes it. all 5-star ratings are paid for. collective farm interface. cheap. I bot the bot will be different somehow…
    all well and good, but the restriction in the feed and in the comments is annoying… sometimes buggy with sound, the message is open but it monotonously finishes call, tried to disable the application, turns on again… you have to turn off the sound on your phone… Now, on the ribbon: from time to time after the moderation normal Zama…

  8. David says

    The bad thing is you can’t send each other pictures. To look at the interlocutor, you need to give him your phone number, to communicate through another application, which is extremely reluctant to do. But even worse, when people who aren’t interested send you a message, you can’t delete it without reading it.

  9. Hector says

    This is the best Dating app I have seen to date. I am surprised by those people who for years sit on the website where there are no advertising and don’t spend kopeks, and still criticize that there are any paid services. You yourself would want to go to work not just for free, but also to pay for it

  10. Joe Dirt says

    This app is absolutely trash, after a year spent, over a dozen photos posted, active daily, thousands of emails sent with unique personalized messages, not one single response. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Even match gave me 6 more months free but when its a scam, its a scam. Avoid at all costs.

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