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Xmeets Review (is xmeeting a legit site or app?)

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Real hot personals and going out

Safety and anonymity

Girls’ profiles quality

What kind of women seek hookups on Xmeets?

How to get laid on Xmeets

Top ways to find a real girl online

How to behave on a casual date

Pricing and bonuses

Real users’ stories

Expert’s conclusion



Xmeets is a new adult dating site that is growing popular. Is it good or bad, legit or fraudulent? To answer these questions, we need to clear it up first, what people actually expect from the hookup site.

Real hot personals and going out

No doubt someone is entering the platforms for casual sex seeking online flirting only. It might be a person’s choice due to being very shy, very busy, or married/taken. But it’s rather an exception.

The majority of adult dating site users are focused on the real meeting. This is what they crave, and this result interests them in the first place. Does Xmeets guarantee the real meeting?

Taking that its response rate is 46 percent only, and the success rate is around 23 percent, it cannot be said Xmeetscares much about the final result. There’s still a lot to improve.Beautiful woman with sexy long legs in shirt using a notebook in

Safety and anonymity

Adult dating sites require stronger safety than classical romantic platforms, since the users risk more. They meet complete strangers, sometimes without much chatting in advance, for very brief encounters.

These meetings always involve intimacy which may be an issue for introverted persons. Not to mention public figures who care about their reputation. Safety and anonymity are crucial for such platforms.

Xmeets is technically safe, as it’s a modern Internet source with contemporary policies and data. Yet, the customer team doesn’t react in the most rapid manner and happens to leave the members without help.

As a result, users’ safety remains their own duty. They should follow the common sense and weed out the fraudulent accounts that are trying to contact them. It takes place on a regular basis.Young beautiful blonde woman standing in sunflower field. Sunset background. Sexy sensual portrait of girl in straw hat and white summer dress.

There are no particular features on Xmeets that provide anonymity to the end users. The photos aren’t blurred, no private album option is available, nor messages disappear after 24 hours.

However, those users who value privacy, find their own ways to keep it. The photos of celebrities mentioned above, is a way to keep private as well, although not the best one.

Each dialogue in the chat can be deleted manually, in case someone wants to remain secretive. There isn’t a panic button, but the main page of the site looks decent and trendy so it shouldn’t be a problem.

xmeets app review

Girls’ profiles quality

The Internet sources are filled with sexy women’s photos. Our eye got used to that, and we are rather selective about the visual quality of those alluring pictures. How about that on Xmeets?

There are two opposite categories of female photos on this site, suspiciously professional ones and amateur nude ones. It means, nor photos neither the profiles in general are pre-moderated.

It’s surely natural for the horny girls to attract potential lovers this way, placing the hottest photos not even theirs at times. But it’s not what men typically desire, so be aware and xmeets safe

The first danger lays in the less aesthetic look of the site due to the overly erotic photos. So, it cannot be used in the office full of people or in front of one’s family. It’s rather secretive.

The second danger is that most of sportive celebrities you see in the gallery, are catfishers who taken these photos from other sources. Use checking programs and search systems to detect them.

On another hand, these kinds of profile photos are common for medium-quality hookup sites and apps, male members use them as well. So, it’s not a particular reason for complaining.

What kind of women seek hookups on Xmeets?

As psychologists analyze, the general portrait of females on Xmeets is less diverse than on Tinder. Women who present themselves in such a frank way, with very naughty photos, aren’t of high fashion.

Those can be bored single mothers, bar girls, simple workers who are tired after work and need to have fun. Some of them do not hide on the photos they’re under the alcohol influence.

There are categories of men who find this so-so quality sufficient for enjoying the Friday evening, while the others want models and refined sugar babies even for very casual affairs.

So, it’s basically up to you whether you’re ok with average girls on Xmeets, or you are going to search further for more qualitative options. Decent, educated, and good-looking girls happen on Xmeets too.

How to get laid on Xmeets

It’s easy to pickup a girl if she shows initiative as well. It’s exactly the case with Xmeets female users. They typically do not hide their intentions and express themselves as frankly as possible.

Therefore, all one needs for getting laid on Xmeets is detecting who’s a real person with a trustworthy personality and setting up the date. It’s that simple, no special strategies are required.Time for relaxing for sexy woman

Top ways to find a real girl online

Experts on hookups admit real personals online are pretty easy to detect. First of all, they are recognizable by normal casual photos and selfies that you intuitively mark as reliable ones.

Secondly, the chatting itself can be very informative. Just make sure the introductory message or invite isn’t too trivial, automatic, or commercial-minded. If it’s fine, keep on analyzing further messages.

Remember it’s completely normal when a girl is sex-positive and open-minded enough for joining the hookup app or site, when she is straightforward about her intentions in the profile and chat.

The main thing is to avoid the fraudulent or suspicious personals who make hints about the money, strange places for the meeting, or the practices you do not desire like threesomes and BDSM.

Be confident, direct, and determined when setting up the real meeting. Prepare all details of it in advance and re-think your actions before you proceed. Do not hesitate since the competition can be big.

How to behave on a casual date

Some singles still aren’t sure how to act on a casual date opposing to romantic one. If it’s an issue for you, do not oppose them at all. Make your casual date romantic as well, nobody stops you.

The most experienced hookupers admit that rose petals on a bed and a candlelight dinner make the intimacy extremely enriching and satisfying, since the woman’s mood affects it in the first hand.

Since not all people are old-fashioned nowadays, it also works to relax and be yourself, without the unnecessary foreplay. Contemporary hookup culture simplifies all the process for men and women.Portrait of beautiful sexy young woman with glamorous face

Pricing and bonuses

Unfortunately, Xmeets isn’t a free hookup site nor a cheap one. 1-month VIP membership costs $29.95 and includes the full access to the database, messaging pack and all extra features.

As for the dating site, this price is above average, as to the hookup platform, it’s a medium price. On a good note, there’s no complex system of credits or memberships, all is transparent and simple.

Real users’ stories

“Xmeets isn’t my first casual sex site, I am using them for years. This time, I got curious because of its novelty and frankness. I like when girls do not even hide their naughty mood and intentions.

At first, I was a bit disappointed as a part of profiles seemed fake. However, in a week or so, I succeeded in finding real women on Xmeets and meeting some of them. All went great, and I’m happy.

No one expected expensive restaurants or profound relationships, we simply met in bars and hostels to then get laid without any complications. This is what I always wanted from hookup apps.

Although this particular site isn’t well-developed yet and there are obvious flaws, I got the best results. This is what matters to me. I will be recommending this source to my male friends”.

“This year became the year of breakup for me since my boyfriend left me. I decided to hookup online without mutual obligations until I get ready for something serious again, if I ever will.

Xmeets is a good solution as it keeps things clear from the beginning. We all know why we are joining it and what we want. Me personally, I am very passionate and straightforward with my desires.

This is how I found two casual partners in turn and spent two amazing weekends. One of them took me to his summer house next to the lake and it was my best casual experience ever.Handsome businessman with young sexy glamorous girl in lingerie

I realize it’s rather a coincidence, but I am grateful to Xmeets, still. I’m not sure I will keep on finding such great options in future though. If yes, I will certainly continue my hookuping therapy.

This adult dating site is new, and my other buddies haven’t heard of it. But I will gladly share my positive experience with some of them and encourage them to take a chance on Xmeets as well”.

“I am very critical thinking and it’s hard to please me, especially when it comes to online dating and hookups. I think only a few platforms really serve people well and provide them with what they need.

Xmeets is on its way to perfection, it seems too raw and inexperienced for good results. But I must admit, I met new personals through it sooner than expected. Maybe it’s because I live in Miami.

It’s a popular area and it’s never a problem to go out with someone here. Yet I enjoyed the quality of chatting and the girls’ sexiness on Xmeets, we indeed spent marvelous evenings together.

For now, it isn’t in my top five dating site list, but it can be there one day. If its team wants further development and serving their customers well, not just the money for VIP subscription”.

Expert’s conclusion

Xmeets is adult dating site that doesn’t restrict its users from any experiments or search purposes. Even kinky singles can meet online on its basis once they state their preferences in the profiles.

However, it’s mostly meant for classical hookups between a man and a woman, as a logical result of their frank chatting and private photos exchange. No LGBTQ hookups are practiced there.

It cannot be called the casual sex site for youngsters only, nor for mature singles only. The audience is mixed, and it’s noticed that users in their 30s prevail. Teens usually need trendier platforms.

To be fair, Xmeets is also used for virtual sex and masturbation, not only for real meetings. This purpose makes sense for taken people limited in their adventures, or for introverted folks.

At the same time, girls on Xmeets are way too active for entertaining men online, they demand the real thing. Very often, they make the first contact and suggest the time and place of the meeting.

Some of them are the party girls who want some sexy bonus to their fun weekends, the others are busy bees who only have a few spare hours after work for letting off steam and relaxation.

In any case, these real options exist, and any experienced online user can enjoy them. He just needs to follow the common sense and be as careful as the modern Internet life requires.

We rate Xmeets above average, taking that it still needs to improve its work and organize its team in a better way. When it’s done, the site will be able to compete with adult dating giants in the market.

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