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Chance Dating App Review: Gay bear dating app

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As a gay bear dating app, Chance dating app is the top gay dating app in this niche. Those who are looking for romantic dates with attractive men must try it at some stage in their love life.Chance Dating App Review


  • Sexy guys are online 24/7 and guys only.
  • It has more than 3 million gay men in the community.
  • Quickly plan a date on Chance dating app.
  • Sign up as a new member without any phone verification so that nobody will know your phone number unless you tell them.
  • Very safe and secure because your private conversations and dating profile are protected by advanced technology.
  • GPS locates where you are and introduce local cute gay men and bisexual men to you.
  • Men who haven’t come out of the closet can join Chance dating app as well.


  • This gay dating app is free to download and join.
  • Additional subscription options: US$7.49 for seven days; US$20.49 for one month; US$39.99 for three months.Chance dating app biling


  • The database of Chance dating app is growing very rapidly recently with over 40,000 downloads on iTunes per month. Obviously, this gay dating app is doing well these days and there are more and more gay men in modern-day society.
  • This gay dating community has a fun, friendly and fabulous ambience.
  • It has a large Chinese gay dating community because its most popular country is China. Clearly, there is a growing number of gay men in China in this day and age.
  • Men on this gay dating app is extremely hot, hot, hot!date on Chance dating app.


  • If its most popular country is China, why do they only show White men’s photos in their promotion materials?
  • Although this dating app for gay men has a big database, most of its members in western countries are in big cities; therefore, if you live in a small town, maybe this app isn’t for you – you won’t be able to meet enough people in this community.
  • Though it’s a free dating app for gay men, you can’t do much with a free membership. If you really want to get a guy, you probably have to become a VIP member and pay a membership fee regularly in order to enjoy the benefits and advanced features.
  • Some members’ photos were deleted with no reason – they didn’t post any nude photos, but their photos were still deleted with no explanation, even though they have contacted the customer support team – they just never hear from Chance dating app. So, what’s the chance of getting a real date with a hot guy here? (No pun intended).Chance settings app

Users’ comments:

“I’m a mature gay man in my early 30s and I’ve been playing the field for more than one decade. Now I’m interested in settling down with a nice guy and start a family together, so I joined Chance dating app. Honestly, I find the single days quite lonely and boring, and fortunately, this gay dating app has changed my life forever – I met my dream guy via this app within one month & now we are engaged. We decide to mix our semen and create a baby with the help of modern technology and science. In this case, we won’t know who is the actual biological father of our child, but we don’t care! That will still be our baby! Anyway, we are still looking for the right biological mother/donor. God bless us!” (Henry J., 33, Miami, Florida)

“I joined Chance dating app some time ago and didn’t enjoy it. It doesn’t have enough people in my local area, but that is probably because I live in a small town in Florida with a small population. Maybe I should move to a big city to maximize my chance? I do find people in big cities are more ambitious when I visited New York and Los Angeles, whereas most people in my hometown are lazy and visionless.” (Kevin D., 28, Hollywood, Florida)

“I’m an older gay man looking for a male sugar baby on Chance dating app. Because I’m filthy rich, I can become a sugar daddy any time. That’s why I’m quite popular on this gay dating app. By the way, I’m not a handsome man, so maybe my wealth can compensate for that? Anyway, there are many toy boys for me to choose in this community and I’m spoilt by so many options. I think beauty is more common than wealth in today’s day and age.” (Barry S., 50, Chicago)Chance search

Experts’ comments:

“Chance dating app makes US$20,000 per month on iTunes alone, so financially it’s doing pretty well. Sub-cultures always win.” (Jade Seashell)

“Many men on this gay dating app are actually from Manosphere sub-culture – they are red-pilled men.So, if you are a blue-pilled gay man, maybe this dating app isn’t for you.” (Curt Coch)

“Chance is an ideal gay bear dating app on the market.” (Serghei)

“Being a straight man in America is tough because dating American women isn’t fun. That’s probably why many straight men in the United States have decided that they are actually gay.” (Roosh V)Chance profile

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are there so many gay dating apps nowadays?
  • That’s because there are many more gay men in contemporary society, especially in western countries – the mainstream institution wants to promote gay dating and homosexuality these days.
  1. Does your website agree with every expert’s comment or quote?
  • No, we don’t. Our website publishes various dating experts’ comments and quotes, but those experts can only represent themselves and cannot represent the viewpoint of; therefore, we don’t necessarily agree with what they say. You should think for yourself.
  1. Is Chance dating app suitable for older gay men looking for younger guys?
  • Actually, there are many more youngsters than older gay men on almost every gay dating app, so if you are an older gay guy, it means you will have many options and less competition online.
  1. Who is this gay dating app for?
  • Chance is for gay bear dating.
  1. Who isn’t this app for?
  • It’s not for women. It’s also not for anyone who is under 18 years old.Chance meet gay

Executive Summary:

Chance dating app is a wonderful gay bear dating platform for gay men around the world and it’s especially popular in China where homosexuality was almost a taboo topic a few years ago. But there is a saying in Mainland China which goes like this, “If a big city doesn’t have older single women and gay men, it’s not a big city.” It is clear that China has already become a rich, vibrant and inclusive country, especially its eastern area around Shanghai, as evidenced by the fact that gay dating is a popular activity in major Chinese cities currently. Hence, if you are interested in travel dating, you may want to join this gay dating app to find a Chinese lover before you arrive the Far East for some exotic, sexy and adventurous action.

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Gay dating is more common in big cities than in small cities.

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  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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