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Uniform dating app review (Your love in a uniform is looking for you)

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Uniform dating app is a unique dating product for people who wear uniforms at work. Perhaps you wear a uniform in your job or you love people in uniform, this app is designed specifically for you!


  • You’ll meet firemen (the sexiest of all), firewomen, soldiers, military singles, air force personnel, police officers, doctors, nurses, civilian air crew and pilots on uniform dating app.
  • People on this app look very attractive! Do you have a fetish?
  • Registration takes one minute only. You can create a dating profile for free.
  • Quick search helps you to find a match in your local area instantly.
  • Advanced search allows you to search by profession.
  • Chats and private chats.
  • Send gifts to people you are interested in.
  • Use a variety of communication tools to meet new people.
  • See who’s viewed your dating profile, added you as a friend on uniform dating app, or winked at you.
  • A very user-friendly interface with a classy design.


  • 7-day subscription: $18.99;
  • 1-month subscription: $38.99;
  • 3-month subscription: $59.99.


  • Uniform dating app has the hottest professional singles on the planet. For instance, in Australia, there is an annual calendar which features Australian firefighters (extremely hot/half naked men) & some of them have joined this dating app to meet women.
  • It has attracted many professional singles as well as their admirers who have such a uniform fetish.
  • The quality of its daters is high.


  • Some users have complained that a lot of its users aren’t in uniform at all. Maybe that’s because many members are the admirers of uniform singles who want to date people in uniforms.
  • It is not very user-friendly for blind users.
  • Even if you just want to try a free dating profile and see how it goes, you won’t be able to delete your profile when you decide to leave this platform. You literally can’t find a button which says deleting your profile now. That means anyone can see your dating profile forever.
  • Some members have found that uniform dating app has the same database as Love Again dating app, which is bizarre. Perhaps that’s because they are run by the same company that shares the same dating profiles on two different platforms, which is indeed a bit creepy. However, nowadays many dating products operate like this – they all have clone apps/sites that have the exactly same dating profiles of their main apps/sites, which is quite disappointing.Uniform-date-app

Users’ comments:

Uniform dating app is a legitimate dating product for professional singles who wear uniforms. I’m a firefighter and I’ve joined this app. Now I’m dating the woman of my dreams – she adores me and my profession. She just loves my entire package, which makes me very confident and glad.” (Stephen, 25, NYC)

“I don’t like uniform dating app because it’s not the most user-friendly dating app in the world – as a blind man, I find it very hard to use its photos feature.” (George, 50, LA)

“I met my boyfriend on uniform dating app. He is a doctor. This app is much better than those luxury dating apps which promote doctors and lawyers who are arrogant and only want to look for sugar babies. I think most doctors on uniform dating app are looking for genuine connection with real women.” (Alice, 29, Hollywood, Florida)

Uniform dating app doesn’t work for me. I haven’t met anyone suitable on this app yet & I’ve been on this app for more than two years! What a joke!” (Jennifer, 38, Portland)

Experts’ comments:

Uniform dating app has a good idea – Indeed, there are many professional singles who wear uniforms and would like to meet like-minded people online. Also, there are many people who want to date these professional singles these days. But I don’t know whether this app actually works or not.” (Jade Seashell)

Uniform dating app sounds like a fetish app to me, but it doesn’t say it’s a fetish app, so I don’t know if it’s actually good or not.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

As a popular dating app in the uniform dating niche, uniform dating app has gained some traction in the dating department. Having said that, if its database is exactly the same as the database in Love Again dating app, then we fail to see why it’s called uniform dating – most people on this app aren’t wearing uniforms anyway. So, what’s the point of having two different apps with the same dating profiles? Maybe it’s a part of the hype? We all know that small niches and sub-cultures always win (as the conversion rate is always higher in these sub-cultures and small niches). As a result, we believe that uniform dating is actually a good idea. Yet it seems that making such an app a fetish dating app is probably a better idea/niche that will generate more revenue for such a company.

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Australian firefighters are the hottest men alive!

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Aaron L. Cox says

    Always thought Dating online outright Scam. But when behind two divorces, because of work no time for real communication and relationship I want… well, signed up on application. Passed a long (at least half an hour) testing, flooded the photo and waited. Soon I got “smile” from the unknown to me Andrew, I “smiled” back. Answered 5 of his questions, asked his. And then a bummer – his answers I could not see due to the fact that I am not a premium user! Read reviews about the site, decided to try to pay-hooked Andrew with their questions. With Andrew it didn’t work, but I wrote Steve, with whom, I think, the case goes to the wedding! 🙂

  2. Stacey says

    A good site, only Premium need to buy)

  3. Chris says

    I personally think that the site deserves the highest ratings. looks great, convenient messages, a lot of profiles. posted a couple of times girls really. Premium but, Ivan, I appeal to you, worth it I think. I like the site

  4. Casey says

    Got on the “bait” called “automatic renewal” ((I ADVISE EVERYONE not to contact this office: the sense of almost no, but the money will not charge frail ((

  5. Willie says

    Mike, automatic renewal is quite a useful thing if you plan to buy VIP in the long term. If you planned to buy it only once, you should not have activated this service.

  6. Alice says

    But I never hooked up the auto payment. And how to disable it and the account can not be deleted, it does not work.

  7. Melissa says

    I wanted to say that he somehow automatically connected.

  8. Veronica says

    You can always disable auto-payment by following this instruction

  9. Robert M says

    Terrible website, such a Scam, the money is automatically removed from the map, threatening fines, send letters. Don’t get fooled. Do not register. Swindlers. Pulling money in a deceptive way. No happiness from the organizers of this Scam will not.

  10. Leif says

    So I just go there now and then, if I have free time and swipe.

  11. Cynthia says

    So premium is a Scam for dummies?

    1. Rick L says

      Vic, what a great app, I found everything I’ve wanted!!!!!!!!

  12. Robert says

    The website is useless!!! Paid account does not save. There is no binding to the area i.e. candidates including from other cities, nonsense are offered. Moscow in a radius of over 100 km And more obscure stuff on the website very cute little girls one gray mouse (no offense). I haven’t found anyone in a year.

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